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While I’m always going to be the biggest advocate of black white and gold glitter, I have a lot of love for bright colors. Cobalt blue has been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember — my mother used to collect cobalt glass — and I love the way it pops next to a bright, rich berry color. Add in some pink-tinged rose gold for a little accent and you’ve got a gorgeous color palette perfect for any time of year. All of these finds clock in at under $150, and some of them are even on deep sale right now.

Get Inspired Berry, Rose Gold and Cobalt


Top Row, from left: BHLDN Multi-Colored Wheels,  $22.00 $12.00 || Dashington Flat Cobalt Blue Marbles from Amazon $9.95 for 250-300 marbles || LunaBazaar Tall Fuchsia Pink Capiz Candle Holder $12.80

Middle Row, from left: Lulu’s Sweepstakes Winner Royal Blue Skater Dress $95 || BHLDN Rosalie Dress $200.00 $120.00 || Ann Taylor Jacquard Strapless Wedding Dress $795 || BHLDN Candence Gown $1,950.00, $1,200.00 || Express Pleated Keyhole Fit and Flare Dress $79.90 $39.95 || ModCloth Sapphire and Ice Dress $129.99 $90.99 || ModCloth Bright Where It Belongs Dress$79.99

Bottom Row: BaubleBar Starlight Ear Set $34 || BaubleBar Violet Flounce Collar $44 || ModCloth Never Too Elated Heel in Garnet $59.99 || Zappos Madden Girl KopyKat $49.50 || Angara Solitaire Bezel Round Blue Sapphire Promise Ring $599 $359

What are your wedding colors? Do you have any Get Inspired color requests?


  • 11/25


    Real Bride Elissa Don't Skip Out on Engagement Photos, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About My Hair

    When we first got engaged, my parents asked my fiancé and I what our “must haves” were for our wedding. His criteria included good food, great wine and an outdoor ceremony. But, knowing those were givens, my priorities were (in no particular order):

    1. All of the twinkle lights
    2. Gorgeous, ethereal photographs that left everyone in awe for years to come

    With the knowledge that I could buy twinkle lights in all shapes and sizes for a few bucks a box when the holidays rolled around, I was confident that dream was within reach. But the other … I wasn’t so sure. I heard time and time again how much of a blur your wedding day is, so I knew that photography is pretty essential to the whole thing. Plus, you know, the Wedding Industrial Complex handbook that requires you to be the Most Beautiful You Will Ever Look in Your Life on your wedding day, the only proof of which must be a soft-focus backlit portrait in a field.

    I can definitely call BS on most WIC requirements, but I couldn’t let go of this one. I decided that I wanted to allot a decent percentage of my budget to really great photography, but once I started researching packages, I decided right off the bat that I would try and negotiate any included engagement photos out of the price. They seemed superfluous; I felt that “e-sessions” are products of WIC, and thought of them like extended warranties that they try to sell you at Best Buy. As much as I vainly loved the idea of more softly-lit photos of myself in a field, I felt good about this solution for a number of practical reasons. First, I had found a way to get what I wanted within my budget. Second, my friends who hadn’t done engagement photos had engagements that continued on normally and happily with no regrets. Third, I always make the same stupid face in photos, so the less time I needed to be front of the camera, the better. I also assumed that because I will be The Most Beautiful I Will Ever Look in My Life on my wedding day that I’d have no problem posing like a pro with my beloved.

    When we finally found our awesome photographer, he strongly encouraged that we still do an engagement session, generously offering to work with us on price. He reasoned that it’s important for us to get to know each other so the wedding day flows smoothly, and for us to get comfortable with the idea of cameras in our faces for a few hours. We agreed and I spent the next few weeks trying to figure out what outfits were both a perfect blend of casual and fancy, complemented my skin tone and were field-at-sunset-appropriate. (Pro tip: lighter colors against your face, offset by a darker jacket or bold accessory.) And I am now SO GLAD we listened to the photographer and scheduled that session, but not for the reason I expected.

    Even if you have to walk around a park for a few hours with your friend who takes really good Instagram photos, DO IT. Seriously. Turns out that even though I had done my makeup up just right, I was still waaaay out of my comfort zone. Get used to PDA, if you’re not a PDA person. Chances are the poses you do with your friends on the weekend are not the same ones you want in your wedding photos, so this is a great time to practice! Find out what angles look good on camera, and the ways in which you really don’t want your upper arm to be memorialized for all time. This is NOT the big day, these are NOT the photos everyone will ask to see, so use the session as a time to learn how to look natural, but on purpose.

    And an added bonus? It’s a great time to reconnect with your partner. Wedding planning is stressful, and there may have been times over the last few months that you’ve fought over some stupid detail. But going to a fun and/or beautiful location, looking into your partner’s eyes as they pull you close, and collapsing into laughter at how ridiculous it feels to hold a half-kiss for over two minutes turns out to be a great way to remember why you’re getting married.

    A few days after the session we got a teaser shot back. My first instinct was to look straight at the hair I’d worked so hard to style – it was windblown and my curls were kinked, and for a minute I dreaded seeing the rest of the photos. But the longer I looked at it, the more I saw the real Most Beautiful thing. No one else was looking at my hair, they were looking at the love that radiated out of the shot. I want my wedding photos to capture feeling, softly back-lit, perfectly coiffed or not. In the end, not only were my engagement photos great practice for the Big Day, they helped me learn how to get over myself. I realize now that weddings aren’t about celebrating how you look — they’re about celebrating how you love.

    Photo credit: A Sight of Love Photography

    Did you take engagement photos? Do you think they helped prepare you for your wedding day, in terms of feeling more relaxed in front of the camera or reconnecting with your person? Tell us in the comments!

    Elissa Stooker
  • 11/24

    2014 Gift Guide: Office Accessories for the Workaholic

    We all have that person in our lives — I, personally, AM that person — who just puts their all into work. She works well past the 5 o’clock cutoff time, and is often busted answering work emails while ordering the next round for happy hour. She loves her job, and …

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    Lethal Rhythms, Atlanta DJ

    Lethal Rhythms, Atlanta DJ

    Hey everyone! I may be a Mrs. now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look back and help guide y’all on your bride-to-be journeys. And one major component of any wedding is … the music!

    When Jersey and I began looking for an Atlanta DJ, …

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    Fab.com Unicorn Corkscrew and Record Coasters

    Happy Friday, BABs! As we’re rolling into Thanksgiving Week, the deals are getting really good. Dessy is offering a great discount off their entire site, ModCloth is skimming a bit off the top of their selection of new arrivals and Fanatics has a great sale on autographed memorabilia. Oh, and …

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  • 11/21

    Five for Friday- The BubbleIsta's Favorite Bubbly on A Budget

    As of next week, the holidays are officially here. And you know what goes great with the holidays? Bubbly! (#duh) I love, love, love bubbles. Gimme a mimosa bar or even just a cheap bottle of Andre and I’ll be stoked. I live for it. So when my girl Davon …

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    Hey Nearlywed That Wedding Nightmare It

    There is one wedding-related recurring nightmare that I hear about over and over and over. Yes, more than the one where you look awful, despite hours of hair and make-up. Yes, more often than your groom/bride not showing up. Or the one the one where you can’t show up because you’ve locked

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    Hey BABs! This week we’re helping Sara get over a lovely lace Allure Bridals gown. Allure started as a retail store in 1998 and and has since expanded into a bridal manufacturer. Women go crazy for the meticulous attention to detail that make up these elegant gowns. We are helping Sara …

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  • 11/20

    LaRue to You How to Cook the Perfect Holiday Turkey in Only One Hour

    Now that she’s back from her crazy honeymoon tour, Dana’s cooking up some awesomeness over at her personal blog, LaRue … like literally. Since Turkey Day is like, literally around the corner, it’s a pretty perfect time to show you how to make that big ol’ bird in no time …

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