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I am not one of those women who get excited about baby showers or bridal showers. A bunch of women mingling about the hors d’oeuvres and mimosas and how they know the bride or mother-to-be has never been my forte. I can’t say as I’ve been to a single shower that I wasn’t dying to leave by the end. And don’t get me started on the games.

We are not having a bridal party, so there’s no Maid of Honor to help plan a bridal shower, and I was actually totally fine with that. I was prepared just to skip the whole thing. My mom, the darling woman she is, Googled who’s responsible for the bridal shower when there is no Maid of Honor and she was elated to learn that modern etiquette indicated that it was her responsibility.

The idea of a bunch of women crammed into my mother’s living room, sitting uncomfortably on folding chairs and drinking mimosas while I awkwardly open gifts that I already knew I was receiving (registry, duh) made my stomach turn. I’m not a fan of the decorations, the themes and on top of that, the games. Ugh.

I am relieved to find out that my mother really does know me as well as I thought she did. It may have helped that I was pretty vocal about how much I hate bridal showers. There is no potluck, no living room, no folding chairs. There are games, but they are at an absolute bare minimum.

My mom and I went to check out Motor Bar and Restaurant at the Harley-Davidson Museum this past week. Motorcycles, the Milwaukee River, amazing outdoor seating, plenty of space for everyone — WIN. It was perfect. I am not a motorcycle rider, but it’s significantly cooler than my mom’s living room or the banquet hall at your local Italian restaurant chain.

The bridal shower was totally one of those things I was dreading, but my mom’s managed to find a place that isn’t hokey, or ordinary. I will deal with Bridal Bingo or whatever if I have good food, a good bar and a good atmosphere in return. It might actually be … sort of … fun?

Did you end up having a bridal shower against your better judgment? How did it turn out?

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    Previously, I posted about scoring a great deal (AKA free) on a venue for our wedding. One of my closest friends had offered to let us use her property for our wedding day celebration. Turns out that as the housing market begins to rebound in this area, she is going to start the process of getting her house ready to sell. This is going to be a great move for her, and I couldn’t be more supportive of her decision to sell. This does put a little hiccup in our wedding planning though, and now the quest for a venue must commence. Along with that, a new budget.

    We are still hoping to keep the total amount spent down, but now we are looking at some extra expenses, so some other things will have to be modified as well. Here are some things that are now important in finding our new location to say I DO:

    • Ability to bring in our own alcohol
    • Being able to chose our own vendors
    • A reasonable rental fee (hopefully with tables and chairs included)
    • Enough time for set up and break down in the rental agreement

    I have found some really beautiful state parks that have great rates for full day rentals, a lot of them have tables and chairs included, AND you can bring in your own alcohol as well as vendors. Most of them are really far away from the Metro-Atlanta area that we live in though. This is a concern for us because we want our guests to have choices for lodging or to cabs or Uber if we are a significant distance from home. Most of these don’t seem to have much of ANYTHING near them. They are still on the table, but it is a downside.

    We are going to look at a beach venue next week that, while still in our state, is five hours away. This would make it into more of a destination wedding. Originally, we had talked about getting married on the beach or on a cruise, so this is really exciting for me to think that we may end up with a beach wedding. However, we both feel a little guilty if we choose something so far away because we know that it will be more of a hassle for others to attend since it is five hours from home. UGHH …What’s a girl to do?

    We are now back to square one since we have no idea where we are going to do this thang, and that is a little panic inducing. We do still have a year, but because we no longer have a date or location set, we are starting over. I am starting to feel like I am wandering around this wedding world like, “Can we just go to the courthouse and not spend like 10-20k on one day?” I’m over here thinking that I could use some hardwood flooring in my house to replace the stained builder grade carpet we walk on everyday. I’m thinking, I could pay off my car loan and then some for what most places want! Pretty sure that I’m just getting anxious because we haven’t made tons of wedding day progress. We have made tons of “married life” progress, which I think is more important. We have had some hard discussions, worked very hard on building a strong foundation for our future, as well as learning how to effectively communicate with each other, but we have no firm date, no venue and no clue how we are going to pull this off. I do have faith that we will work it all out and not break the dang bank doing it. I just wish a wedding fairy would show up and do it all for us though.

    Have you had to start from square one at all during your wedding planning? How did you get through it?

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    Clutches are one of my very favorite wedding day accessories for a few reasons -- I think they're super cute, they're totally versatile (like, use it for all the pre-wedding parties and events well after the day) and look amazingly chic with your wedding day ensemble. Not to mention they carry the shit you'll find yourself wanting -- lipstick, tissues, vows, bobby pins, mints ...…

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    DIY or DIE 3D Geometric Paper Garland

    I cooked this fun little geometric garland project up for Little Wedding Extras, but this has all the makings of a great DIY or DIE project: A.) It's super easy. You trace, cut, fold and glue or tape. Painting is totally optional. B.) It doesn't have to be wedding-specific. I love a project that can be recycled for home use later. (Christen is using this for #babything's…

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    Don't buy them. Brilliant advice, right? Lol, or not. Obviously it's possible to have a wedding sans flowers, but I can't think of many brides who go with that option. I am not a flower lover in general (they cost money and then they die ... so just buy me something else), but even I have always known that they would be included in my…

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    Tuft & Needle Product05

    When I made a Huge Life Choice four years ago and uprooted my life from Jackson, Wyo., and moved to Louisville, Ky., I had to get all new things for my first adventure living completely by myself (and I wasn't entirely sad to leave all my old shit with my ex). One of the things I was really, really excited about was buying a whole…

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    One thing you may or may not know about me from my writing is that I do my very best to have a positive attitude in all parts of my life. It's something I adopted at a time in my life when I was particularly miserable in a former job and it surprisingly has been making my life happier ever since. This is far from…

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