‘Sup BABs!

I’m back once again with a bibbity, boobbity blog, and this time I am super excited to be able to give a massive shout out to Miss Harriet de Winton.

I am very lucky to have this lady in my life, and even more lucky to have so much help from her with wedding stuff. She’s been super supportive from day one, and has said “yes, absolutely” to everything I’ve asked of her.

And more! She has recently gone one step further and has HAND DRAWN our invitations.

OMIGOD you guys, I cannot tell you how gorgeous these invitations are. I won’t pop them on here, as I want our guests to see them for the first time in real-life. BUT, she does has a website chock full of other designs she has done.

I’m just gonna leave these here:
Harriet Rococo


Credit: Dewinton Paper Co.

I’m so pleased that our invitations will be unique to us. It feels so incredibly decadent to have something so fancy and bespoke. They set the tone for all the individual little touches we want on our day, and hopefully will get people really excited about our wedding.

As a BAB, however, I will say that the concession we are making to budget (and the environment) is that only day guests will get the printed version. Evening guests (bar a few who may not be tech savvy enough to have email) will get a lovely virtual version. Same design, same tender care, just less tree-death.

And if you’re looking for a stationer for your wedding, I can’t recommend Harriet highly enough. She is super efficient, incredibly talented, and I know she’d take the same care over your invitations as she did for one of her oldest friends. She’s just like that.

Am Dram Bride – out.

Emma Watkins
  • 7/28

    The last week has been the first test of our vows — our ability to look beyond our own sphere of stress and lighten the burden for the other. The wedding took up so much of our life for over a year, and after our honeymoon, we had to figure out what to do with our spare time and how to fill in the newly empty gaps. Exactly a month after the wedding, we found ourselves adopting a second dog. A dog that wasn’t trained; she has taken up every single minute of time and ounce of patience we both have. She’s already a fantastic little girl (and is fast asleep at my feet as I write), but the first few days were pretty touch-and-go. The dog we adopted together before the wedding was a little older, and already pretty much trained, so he took significantly less work. It’s been so interesting to take a step back and observe our differing parenting styles, and learn from the other person’s strengths and mistakes. It’s also been really nice to have those vows to reflect on, when things get a little insane.


    So what does this really have to do with weddings, you ask? Well, my advice is to make some solid plans for yourself, once it’s all over. The post-wedding blues were REAL. It took me at least two weeks to feel back to my normal self, but I still haven’t fully relaxed into every day life. If you take a honeymoon right after (or even if you don’t), try to take an extra day or two to just be at home together before you have to go back to work. I think that would have helped center us before we had to dive back into real life. But after that, you gotta get right back on that horse.

    My biggest regret so far is thinking that I could take some time off from my exercise routine. I was so excited to not have to worry about my dress that I gained back the few pounds I lost right away, and I lost my progress in my endurance and strength-training. My parents also asked me last weekend what my hobbies are now that I’m done with the wedding, and I honestly didn’t have an answer for them. Granted, between working full-time and grad school part-time, friends, pets and blogging, there’s not much actual free time left over, but I wish I’d not let wedding planning become my hobby. I definitely feel a little adrift, on top of not feeling physically on top of my game anymore.

    Instead of rediscovering the little things that made me happy and whole, I dove right back in to a big project — the dog. While I’m so thrilled about her, and her training progress in the last week, I just wish I’d thought a little more about my post-wedding plans, and actually scheduled some things to look forward to upon our return to everyday life. Maybe then I wouldn’t have felt as big of a gap? I haven’t even seen but one of my bridesmaids since we got back from our honeymoon! So a few weeks before your wedding, take some time out and think about what you love to do. Buy tickets for a show, plan a girls’ weekend, schedule guitar lessons or dance classes — something to get you back to feeling like YOU, instead of just BRIDE. You’re Bride You for a very short period of time, compared to the rest of your life. And if you do decide to get that pet, adopt, don’t shop!


    Our first family portrait, courtesy of the continuous self-timer on our camera.

    For those married BABs out there, did you find yourselves in a similar spot? How did you cope? Tell us in the comments below!

    Elissa Stooker
  • 7/27

    Real Bride Katie: Making the Most of Our Wedding Registry

    With our wedding day fast approaching, we’ve started to pay more serious attention to our registries. As a second time bride, I can’t emphasize the following enough:


    From bridal websites and magazines to the consultants in the stores who take advantage of your excitement …

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    Dual Stone Ring Onyx || Five for Friday: Accessories that are Simply Fab

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    Yes, “Ask Liz” is back for the rest of the summer. If you have a burning wedding question, send it to info@brokeassbride.com. The team knows where to find me.

    Photo: Lucky Photographer

    Dear Liz:

    We had a small ceremony a few weeks ago, and we’re sending out our

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  • 7/23

    julie vino style 603b a line corset top

    Happy Thursday, folks! It is hot, hot, hot and humid in my neck of the woods these days, but you know what else is hot? Today’s CAI/GOI gown request from bride Catie. She commented on this post with the following:

    “I have been in love with Julie Vino for quite …

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    Sometimes, I feel like pulling out my hair when it comes to wedding planning. There are days, or even just hours at a time where the whole thing feels insurmountable and like I can’t get it all done in the time I’ve allotted myself. Other times, I feel a complete …

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    That’s the sound I made when we stepped off the plane and the Caribbean air hit my face. It’s the noise my new husband had mentioned two weeks before when he said, “I can’t wait until I hear you sigh in relief on our honeymoon and finally get to …

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  • 7/21

    Gown WG3532, Headpiece 35986C001, Bracelet 9721|| David's Bridal Busts Out A Big Ol' Heaping of Savings

    It’s Christmas in July! No, not really, but pretty damn close, y’all.

    David’s Bridal is having their hugest sale of the season. And by huge, we mean RIDICULOUS. For serious. From wedding dresses to styles for your entourage to all those pretty little sparkly adornments, prices are slashed across the …

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