Hello, BABs! This week we’re going to be looking at SHOESIES again, and of course, Jimmy Choos because … duh. Liz wrote to us about these Jimmy Choo flats that are so fabulous you could wear them with some skinny jeans OR on your wedding day and they would just WORK. Liz is my kind of gal. I have never really been a heel wearing girl and I definitely can’t imagine trying to run around on one of the most important days of my life with sore feet just for the sake of fashion. No way Jose!! I love these flats because the slight heel adds a bit of sophistication so it’s not just your typical flat. So let’s help Liz out!



Can't Afford It

OriginalChoo Jimmy Choo Finlay Square-Toe Flat In Silver (Style: #86966077) $236 at Nieman Marcus

Get Over It

6pm2 Blue Bridal Collection By Betsey Johnson (Style: #8347807) $24 at 6pm.com

6pm Man-Made Reptile-Embossed Flats (Style: 8330462) $27.99 at 6pm.com

Modcloth Dessert Dash Flat In Silver $30 at ModCloth

TBDress2 Silver Fish Print Point Toe Flats (Style: 10970842) $44 at TBDress.com

UniqueVintage Silver Glitter Mila Flats (Style: P1411) $52 at Unique Vintage

BestBridalPrices Touch Up Shoes (Style: Tamara 415/416) $54 at BestBridalPrices.com

There come in gold, too!

TBDress Sexy Ballet Dance Flats (Style: 10543365) $61 at TBDress.com


 Silver Leather Metallic Finish Ballet Flats (Style: 323134402) $75 at BlueFly

So, whaddya think, Liz? I hope this helps you out. I know the right shoes can pull an entire look together. Let us know if you need help getting over any other awesome accessories for your special day. Until next week, BABs!

Got a gown that you just can’t get off your mind? We’re happy to help you get over it! Just tell us in the comments below! Please remember to include the budget you’re working with so we can find you the best alternative for you.

*As always, please do your own research before buying a gown online. Team Broke-Ass is here to provide you with inspiration and resources, but it is up to the consumer to know what they’re purchasing.
Elaine Michalek
  • 7/24

    Throughout this wedding planning process, the most frequently asked question people have for me is, “Is Nessie going to be in the wedding???” I’m serious, so many people want to know if our 16 pound West Highland White Terrier will be gracing everyone with her presence on August 9th.

    Now, to be fair, Bryce and I do really like our dog. We’re those people that will take her anywhere dogs are allowed. She goes to doggy daycare, has a dog park she frequents and even flew to North Carolina with us. I do tend to spoil her rotten, and will talk about her to anyone any chance I get.


    I am also all for animals participating in weddings! If you cruise Pinterest, there are some adorable pictures of mutts in tuxes and tiaras, happy for their humans to be joined in holy matrimony. And it makes sense: If your dog is a part of your family, why wouldn’t you want to involve it?

    The problem I have with all those shenanigans? The logistics of it. I am getting married in a theatre, and although my little nugget is housebroken, sometimes she gets confused when she’s in a location. I would be more than a little mortified if she decided to, er, relieve herself on the vintage carpeting.


    Nessie loves people, but she gets a little crazy when she’s around lots of them. She also does not like to see Bryce and I, and not be able to be glued to us. I can just imagine her getting all whipped up and start whining in the middle of the vows. That’s not cute.

    We would also need someone to be the dog-keeper. Obviously, Bryce, myself, our families and wedding party are going to be a bit occupied throughout the whole day, so we would have to designate someone to watch over her, take her out and make sure she gets food and water. I would feel weird asking someone invited to the wedding to be on puppy duty all day.


    In short, it looks like Nessie will be enjoying a relaxing day at Greensboro’s premier doggy spa, and I doubt she is going to be torn up about missing the festivities. We’ll be sure to show her pictures.

    For all of you pup parents, do you think your dog will be able to handle the big day? 

  • 7/23

    GUYS. This happens sometimes, but not very often. Our partners at Gloss Jewelry are trying to make way for new stuff and hollered at BAB to see if we wanted to give you guys an exclusive code.

    I mean, DUH. Of COURSE we do.

    So, today only, head on …

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    One of the things I notice about wedding planning is the amazing accrual of stuff – from planners to printouts to swatches, you have stuff that you’re toting around to various meetings, fittings and brunch with the ladies. It would certainly be nice to have a place designated just for …

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    Wedding Guest Fashion: What Not to Wear

    As a wedding guest, the dress code has a tendency to be tricky. You want to read between the lines and give it your best go without having to consult a fellow nuptial-goer for fashion advice, but sometimes it can just be plain confusing. BAB tackled this issue way back

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  • 7/22

    DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland.jpg

    I’m a big lover of garlands and bunting for weddings, as they add a festive vibe without crashing your cash stash. And this year, especially, I’ve seen tassel garlands take over — a couple years ago it was polka dot and/or striped bunting, and then there was burlap and flowers.

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    OK, as promised I shall tell you all about the music I have lined up.

    So far we have only gotten as far as booking the evening stuff, but I am already very excited about that. Music is a big thing for both me and Mike, and we wanted to …

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    Couples by Attila Acs

    1sac·ri·fice noun \ˈsa-krə-ˌfīs, also -fəs or -ˌfīz\

    : the act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone

    So often when a person talks of making a sacrifice for another, it can

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  • 7/21

    hedgehog ring bears via wedbook

    Of the 9,000 wedding trends I have discovered in the past year, animals at weddings is one of my favorites. And one that I am most jealous of. Like this one for example …

    Via Wedbook

    Excuse me though, A HEDGEHOG RINGBEARER? I have all the jealousy in the world.…

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