Sponsored Post Disclaimerbasic_invite_26Finding wedding stationery that suits you and your partner’s style while not costing an arm and a leg can be one helluva daunting task, especially as stationery is the first taste your guests will get of your wedding style. With options ranging from huge mass-printing sites to small bespoke boutiques, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not even know where to begin.

Vintage-Botanical-1000Which is why we turn to Basic Invite to help us get the invitations and announcements we want without pulling our hair out. With nearly unlimited color options and instant previews on their website, you can easily choose the paper goods that best match your wedding style. Throwing the “what you see is what you get” trope out the window, Basic Invite allows you to customize each element of your design with more than 160 different color options, allowing you to get exactly what you want out of your wedding stationery.

Simple-Wreath-1000Need even more customization? They got you, boo. Basic Invite will even pony up a printed sample of your custom design so you can see it, touch it and make sure it’s really what you want — which is pretty reassuring when you’re about to place an order for 150 invitations and save the dates. And the fun doesn’t stop at the cards themselves — Basic Invite gussies up the outside of your stationery, too, offering over 40 different envelope colors and ensuring your wedding paper goods truly stand out among the crowd.

basic_invite_46With a stock of over 200 designs — and invitations that are all part of a set, so you can seamlessly transition from save the date to bridal shower to invitation suite to day-of paper goods and thank you cards — Basic Invite helps ensure your stationery are as one-of-a-kind as your love.

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  • 8/29

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewEtsy BluePoppyGallery It's Not Flesh and Blood Stepson Print
    Print available from Etsy seller BluePoppyGallery
    I’ve previously written about ways to include my soon-to-be stepson in our planning process, but now that the big day is almost here, I’m trying to find ways to include him in our ceremony, too.
    He’s at an in-between age where he is too old to be the cute little ring bearer, and would probably think it was babyish, but he is not quite old enough to take on a groomsman-type role, giving a speech or a reading. I was thinking that, rather than give him a formal role, I would give him a keepsake on the day of. It seems like a popular custom in recent years for the bride to send the groom a little gift the morning of, like a watch or fun socks, along with a little note. I bought special cufflinks for my groom, so I was thinking of having something that his son would open, too. The question is what would that be.
    I took to the Internet to get some inspiration, and actually found more naysayers than helpful hints. Many people felt as if this came across as trying to “buy” the child, which I disagree with. Others suggested getting him something he likes, like a toy or video game, but that’s not the type of thing I was going for.
    I thought about getting him a nice watch and engraving something on the back, but it is 2016 and I don’t know if the younger generation will even care about watches anymore, with smart watches everywhere now and many people using their phones for time. I’m stuck on other ideas!  There are so many nice jewelry options for a girl that offer the sentiment and will stand the test of time, but for boys, it’s hard!

    I need your help, fellow BABs!  What would you do?

  • 8/25

    Mikaella by Paloma Blanca Style 1961 back

    Hey BABs! You ready for a double-header? Reader Maggie asked if we had any ideas for budget-friendly versions of either the Mikaella's 1961 dress or the Maggie Sottero's Brecia gown. Both are lace fit and flare gowns with stunning keyhole, low back detailing and sweep / chapel trains. :DROOL: Maggie, the answer is YES! I've got ideas! That way-low open back detail is a toughie to find, but…

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    Real Bride Danielle...and Mike

    Exactly 14 seconds after you announce your engagement, you will get bombarded with questions. Have you set a date? Where? Theme? Colors? If you are anything like me, you kind of wanted to scream at everyone. “CHILL OUT YO, the ring hasn’t even gotten warm on my finger yet, I’ll let you know as soon as I know!!!” Confession time: We only got to share…

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    agate geode DIY display

    If you're anything like me, you've been mad crushing on all the gorgeous agate and geode details popping up in wedding and home decor lately. With a little investigation, you probably found that lots of these pieces aim to break your budget super-fast, so that's why I'm hear to share the fruit of my trial-and-error labors. A word of warning: this project calls for Mod…

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  • 8/19

    Personalized Hand Fans by ModParty

    Personalized Hand Fans - Set of 24, $36 by Etsy seller ModParty If you're anywhere in the U.S. right now, chances are it's crazy hot. I'm talking sweating-while-you-dry-your-freshly-showered-hair kind of hot, coconut-oil-is-a-clear-liquid kind of hot, AC-on-full-blast-is-still-too-hot kind of hot. PSA, guys: HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! But that brings me to today's Broke-Ass Advice topic: How to keep cool at an outdoor wedding. Whether you're a guest, a bridesmaid or a bride,…

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    Prospere Gown from BHLDN

    Today's CAI/GOI request is for a lovely French gown from designer Delphine Manivet. Reader Colette wrote in on this post asking us for some help. She loves the Prospere gown, a tea-length satin-cotton dress with half sleeves. The Prospere features a deep v-neck and side pockets (aka, flask caddies!), but is otherwise simple and sophisticated. It's classic, yet modern. Colette says: "It's so stunning, but…

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    TLNFunctionalArt Dollar Sign Marquee

    Dollar Sign Lighted Marquee available from Etsy seller TLNFunctionalArt Russel says I should start and end this post with "Everything." I'm not gonna do that, but I will confess that the title should probably say "Things *I* Am Spending Too Much Money On." Several of our wedding elements that are super important to me happen to be somewhat pricey. I knew that going in, and…

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  • 8/16


    Over the course of my engagement, I had a lot of different ideas on who I wanted to be in my wedding but I held off until I had my date and venue at least to ask anyone. Being engaged for four years meant people came in and out of importance in my life and I knew that was the way things went sometimes. I'm…

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