10/24 {Win This} Wow Your Guests With Digital Invitations From Greenvelope!

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Invitations can be a tough issue to tackle when you’re trying to save money on your wedding. On one hand, your invitation sets the tone for the event. On the other, the costs for all that fancy paper add up quickly, and the only people likely to save them after the big day are you, your parents, and maybe your besties–everyone else, no matter how lovely they found your invitations to be, will end up throwing them away. This can be especially painful to think of when you’re a green bride, because not only did your money go in the trash, but so did some lovely trees. What if you could have both visual impact AND eco-friendliness for a reasonable price? A genie must be granting wishes somewhere because you get all of that and more with Greenvelope!

With Greenvelope, you can send electronic invitations that wow your guests for a fraction of the cost of purchasing and mailing physical invitation suites…and with some distinct advantages over sending paper invitations as well. Not only will you save money, you’ll also save time and trees. You’ll save money by not paying for papers and postage two ways. You’ll save time by not having to deal with print shops, track down mailing addresses, deal with lost mail, and keep track of physical RSVPS. You’ll save trees by not using the paper it takes to create invitations AND a significant percentage of each sale is donated to Mountains to Sound, a nonprofit group which is dedicated to conserving and restoring the greenway along the I-90 corridor in the Pacific Northwest!

Don’t be misled by preconceived notions you may have about digital invitations: with Greenvelope, neither you nor your guests will ever see any form of advertising on or around your invitation, and your guest lists are kept private–they’ll never send your guests unsolicited mailings. Plus, Greenvelope‘s invitations can be just as personal as one delivered in a physical mailbox–you can work from one of their templates, upload your own background designs, photographs, and logos, or even work with one of their designers to get your invitations exactly the way you want them!

Greenvelope makes managing your guest list easy, too, by importing email addresses from Excel or your email client, and then you can sort, filter, and group your contacts as desired. You’ll be able to watch as guests open your invitations, and when they respond, your guest list will update accordingly. You’ll also be notified if one of your messages failed to deliver due to an incorrect email address. All of this means you’ll never have to play the “did they get my invitation or was it lost in the mail” guessing game, which is FANTASTIC, because that is a terrible game that can leave you feeling frustrated and some important guests feeling snubbed. So Greenvelope helps you save on stress, too!

Save money, save time, save stress, and save trees with Greenvelope: an elegant, modern, eco-friendly solution to your invitation needs.

This week, one lucky BAB will win an entire design suite (300 save the dates, 300 invitations, 300 thank you notes) from Greenvelope!

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  • jill

    I love the idea of paperless invitations!! Such a good idea to save money too. Love it!