10/31 {Win This} Make Your Guests Smile With Custom Cookies From Smiley Cookie!

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I love to see your smile!

When you think Pittsburgh, you may think of Iron City Beer or the Steelers and their terrible towels–something you may not be aware of is the Pittsburgh tradition of the cookie table at weddings. No one’s really sure where the tradition came from, but Pittsburgh area weddings aren’t complete without piles and piles of cookies for their guests, with family members baking for days (sometimes weeks) in advance to make certain that there is a tastebud-dazzling array of delights available. Just think of it: vast tables overflowing with delicious cookie morsels…it’s so beautiful I could cry. Based in Pittsburgh, Smiley Cookie wants to help bring this tradition to your wedding!

Smiley Cookie is known for their soft iced sugar cookies with a friendly expression, but they also make gourmet chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies to please everyone at your party–and because they never use nuts, you don’t have to worry about nut allergens that could make your guests sick; instead, you’ll make them smile with the cookie that’s been making the greater Pittsburgh area smile for the last twenty years!

Best of all, Smiley Cookies can be iced in a wide variety of colors and shapes (like stars, hearts, and flowers) so you can match your color scheme while pleasing your guests’ palates…now that’s something to smile about!
This week, one lucky BAB will win cookies from Smiley Cookie!

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  • Zippy

    These are so cute and would be perfect for our cake and punch reception!