9/30 Get Inspired: Colorful Wedding Ideas We Love

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Today, the wedding inspiration is just random. No real true theme, just a mixture of things that I love. I think it’s important to not limit yourself in terms of your wedding. You don’t need to go all “traditional” or choose a theme or limit yourself to only a few colors. Why not pump up the volume and make it funky-fresh, yo?!

Colorful wedding inspirationI love this inspiration. It’s hipster, funky, and fun!

Find short wedding dresses here ♥ sequined shoes here ♥ the lace up shoes here

Instead of serving traditional cake or cupcakes at the wedding, why not serve up some funky colored donuts? Super bonus if they have pretty sprinkles in ALL the colors!

Vegan Sprinkle Mini Donuts from Etsy seller SweetSpotMinis
Vegan Sprinkle Mini Donuts from Etsy seller SweetSpotMinis

When it comes to shopping for your wedding decor, I’ve learned that ETSY IS YOUR BEST FRIEND FOREVER! Seriously, buy it a friendship bracelet and never ever break up with it! It’s like the Costco of the handcrafted world lately, and your secret weapon for cheap wedding goodies. Here are some stellar goodies:

Vintage handkerchiefs can be bought in bulk and used for a number of things during a weddingYou can buy vintage handkerchiefs in bulk. You can use them as napkins, make a bunting, fabric flowers, or even your invitations!

There are a number of sellers who offer vintage handkerchiefs, but be sure you get details about the lot you’ll be purchasing and check on the return policy, just in case.

Blue Mason Jars for Wedding Decor || Get Inspired: Favorite Etsy FindsYou can buy blue vintage mason jars all over Etsy for cheap. Use them as a vase or stick some tea lights in them!

These mason jars are all over Etsy! The best part of these mason jars is that you can always re-purpose them after a wedding and use them in your home or you can just turn around and sell them again!

Decorate your wedding with inexpensive party poms || Get Inspired: Favorite Etsy FindsThese pom poms are so fun! Place them on tables, hang them from a ceiling or tent, or make an archway out of them!

You can score 45 of these pom poms in any colors you like for $120. Not too shabby for some ultra fun and funky decor! Find them here.

Have you scored any awesome loot on etsy? Share with us! We’d love to check it out!

  • Hi! I am a huge fan of you blog!
    I just wanted to comment on etsy. I love esty and have bought a lot from very talented sellers!
    However, I think the vintage finds are way overpriced! You can get a lot of things at a fraction of the price at antique barns and yard sales. Now, I realize scavenging takes time, but if people have time, they should do it! If you are on an immediate time crunch, etsy is great, even though shipping is painfully expensive.
    Once my vintage garden wedding is over next summer, I plan on opening a vintage shop on etsy and I have a feeling I'll make a killing. For example, I have found over 90 milkglass vases and have paid no more than $30 from various sales. I have seen posts on etsy selling 20 milkglass vases for $80. Whoa!!!
    Thanks for letting me share my opinion with you!

  • I love that dress in the inspiration board. I agree that you don't have to have a wedding cake or cupcakes. Every couple and every wedding has their own style. Do what suits you…and those Donuts look tasty and even better that they are baked…I bet they are great! Fun finds!

  • Shannon

    Great post! I am a huge fan of Etsy for wedding stuff. I plan on getting my hairpiece and wedding jewelry, there. I also found these adorable little clutches that I will most likely end up buying for my bridemaids! Also, my fiance purchased my engagement ring from a jeweler on Etsy. AND we are most likely purchasing our wedding bands there too! I love it because it is more affordable, but more importantly, I know my wedding stuff is unique. AND I love the warm fuzzy feeling I get from supporting crafters and artists! You can't go wrong!

  • Amy

    We are getting married in 5 (5??) weeks and I have bought so much of our stuff on Etsy… including our wedding invitations, my veil, pom decorations, jewelry for my bridesmaids and probably some more things before the day gets here. I love the idea and the look of handmade things but I often don't have the time or talent to pull it off and I love that we are supporting independent crafters.

  • I am so so so so glad i found this blog, great ideas, great tips, and just good reading. I visit almost everyday now, it inspires me to keep going on my own blog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • I love the vintage napkins! I just favorated the etsy shop. they would be great to include with the ceremony program and leave on each seat for each guest. I think I might just do that! I love your blog btw! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • maria

    where can i find 60 hankys for under $100? Please help.

  • Racq

    i need about 100 hankies – do you recommend another seller?

  • SSbride

    Me too, looking for about 100 hankies- can't find them, anyone know where to look?!

  • Lauren
  • Love the wedding handkerchief invite. I love all things wedding, especially custom hankies for such a momentous occasion. https://www.etsy.com/shop/CoutureWeddingHankie