10/20 Wedding Inspiration: The “Traditional” Halloween Wedding

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Halloween is right around the corner and I can hardly contain my excitement! First of all because I bought a totally awesome costume for my dog, secondly because we bought a house and will have trick-or-treaters this year, and last but not least because I LOVE a good theme wedding.

Now, I know you can go all traditional halloween colors, but orange is just not for me. How does a little coral and black sound instead? Gotta love a new take on an old classic, right? I think this color combo is a nice update and when you add some gold metallic hues and glitter? Well, gold and glitter make everything better in my opinion.

I’m also pretty in love with the idea of a black wedding dress (really, at any wedding, but especially at a Halloween wedding!)

As for decor? It couldn’t be easier. Forget carving pumpkins. That’s hard work. Glittery pumpkins are simple and sparkly! Clean off your pumpkin and dry it off, paint it with glue (Elmer’s works fine) and dust with glitter. The perfect DIY, non floral, cheap and easy centerpiece.

Anyone here doing a halloween wedding? Are you going classic orange and black or will you change it up? Let us know!