5/26 Wedding Inspiration: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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You guys, I can’t let this rainbow trend die quite yet. I’m obsessed. It’s a sickness. If I show my boyfriend one more rainbow inspired wedding detail I’m certain that he’ll projectile vomit skittles until he explodes. I loooove color and so of course, I love a colorful wedding. There are so many fun ways to do it too. Have all your bridemaids pick out their favorite black dress and accessorize it with pops of color. Cardigans, tights, jewelry, shoes…however you would like to add color. Then, personalize bouquets too. Make them all different. The girl who wears yellow can carry a bunch of daffodils while the girl who wears purple can orchids. It will add a lot of great color and texture and your girls will feel special if they all get their own personalized look.

See what I mean? All of these looks are totally different, but they actually go together very well. So cute and fun!

Of course you can’t skip out on the rainbow trend when it comes to the cake! Instead of having a bold, colorful, in your face sort of cake, yours can have a more subtle look to it like this. Add some pizzaz with colorful sugar flowers and blow your guests away when you cut into this! (Side note: I also think it would be super awesome to have a funfetti wedding cake because it’s funfetti and seriously….who doesn’t love that?!)


I’m as much in love with these rainbow fruit kabobs as I am with the cake!


And of course I love me some rainbow flowers! This would be so easy to DIY! Just pick your favorite colorful florals, arrange by color, and place in the vase. Voila! You have a fantastic centerpiece.


What do you think about a rainbow inspired wedding? Are you having trouble committing to just one or two colors? Do you have to have them all? I think I might! What would you do for a rainbow themed big day?


  • Beth

    My mom is making my wedding cake, and I requested that one of the layers be Funfetti.

  • Jennifer

    One of my very best friends had a Funfetti wedding cake and cupcakes. The wedding cake was topped with star shaped sparklers. hehe

  • I love this post. What a fun wedding especially in the summertime! Those flowers in the picture are just spectacular!

  • I love this! My mom had a rainbow wedding, each bridesmaid wore a different pastel colored dress. Not as bold as these ideas but it still looked good for 30+ years ago. 🙂

  • lululay

    That is a really cute easy idea for the fruit kabobs! I want to try it!

  • hollenbrau

    LOVE rainbow weddings. I had a rainbow-ish color scheme, well not a traditional rainbow, but many many colors were included and I loved it. Lots of variety is always good (and cheaper and easier to manage)

  • mrszunicorn

    Where is the black dress with the red accessories from??? I…must…have…now lol

  • Jen

    My friend had a funfetti wedding cake too! No longer are we restrained by the shackles of just vanilla and chocolate.

  • Sharbear

    Thank you so much for posting this!! I realllly wanted a rainbow wedding (i actually was thinking of the black dress and colored accessories idea) but i thought people would think it was weird and kinda cheesy. So i've been trying to come up with another color scheme but my heart has always been set on the rainbow. Now that i see how cute and not cheesy it can be (and how many other people have done it!), I'm gonna go for it!!

  • I have already blogged about that cake as my potential wedding cake!


  • prettydaydream

    can you please list the source for the dresses, shoes, & accessories?

  • Stephanie

    THAT'S WHAT MY BRIDESMAIDS ARE DOING!!! Black dress, each with their own color out of Blue, green, orange and yellow. It's not a full rainbow, but very tropical, summery and fun feeling. Instead of bouquets, they each ahave a parasol in their color to caryr down the aisle. To make sure that the wedding party doesn't start looking too heavy or funerally, we're putting the guys in grey tuxes to lighten it up!

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