12/23 {Wedding Inspiration} Peacock addiction!

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I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with peacock. I’m a peacock addict. I love all of the richness in the colors of a peacock feather and I think all of the colors are perfect for a wedding inspiration post. I love the texture of it. And, I would love to plan a wedding around it! Items on this inspiration board on no longer for sale. If you do some hunting though, you might be able to track down that to die for Diane Von Furstenburg dress in a sale section somewhere. Isn’t it kick-ass?! If I were having a peacock wedding, I might go with a wedding invitation like this one from paper olive.


I’m kind of in love with this floral arrangement. It’s so funky and modern. It looks like art!


Now that you have your peacock inspired florals and invites, what do you think about a peacock inspired dress? Would you be daring enough to walk down the aisle in this?


What do you think of this colorful wedding? Are you having a themed wedding? Let us know! If you want an inspiration post created for yourself, just write in and let us know. I’d love to create something for you!

  • Amber W.

    I love the colors of a peacock wedding theme. However, I couldn't do the crazy colored dress. I did a dress like that for prom though, so maybe I'm biased towards having a white dress. 🙂

  • cbjenn

    This is spectacular! Peacock was my favorite trend this year! Thanks for sharing!

  • WOWOOWEEWA!!! Your Benga and Blood Dragon are absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Wow beautiful pictures!!! Its amazing.
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  • OMG! That flower arrangement with orchids and peacock feathers is just amazing! it is most beautiful ever! I'm a great fun of peacocks myself and on myy wedding i would love to have those birds running around, in hudreds! It is so impressive! Thanks for posting!

  • We're not having a peacock themed wedding per-say, but it is peacock accented. I LOVE fiddle head ferns (pictured as the swirly ones in the arrangement) and are having them in my bouquet!

  • crap, grammar error.. instead of "are having them" should be "am".
    I'm a teacher. can't let that stuff happen 🙂

  • Bridal Pixie

    your images are broken. Would love to see what your ideas were