5/15 Wedding Inspiration: Foodie Tips for a Brunch Wedding

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One of my favorite summer activities is watching the huzface cook up a frittata, sipping on a mimosa and enjoying the summer sun and the company around me. There are few things that make me feel more glamorous. So I figured, if this makes me feel all “I can be amazing and light and airy and graceful and comfortable and free,” why not translate it into a wedding? The plus side: Brunches can be done on the super cheap, whether it’s actually at brunch time (which saves you money on the whole Saturday night deal) or it can be held at night and be a whimsical escape into morning loveliness.


Credit: The Purple Pebble

Whether you decide to have your brunch-themed wedding at the standard brunch time or shift it into the evening for a quirky twist, there’s some amazing, brunch-tastic wedding inspiration out there.

I perused my own (and, let’s admit it, EVERYONE’S) Pinterest feed and came up with some pretty snazzy ideas.

OBVIOUSLY, since it’s a brunch, you’ll need mimosas. No brunch is complete without.

But why not also do a bloody mary bar? Save on bartending costs (if your venue will allow) and buy bulk bottles of vodka, big old jugs of tomato juice and stock up on some Tabasco sauce. Arrange with platters of celery, pickled asparagus, limes, lemons and whatever else you deem necessary and let the guests mix up their red bevs to their own desire.

Since you have all that tomato juice, why not get some cheap beer (or a keg?) and do red beer? Heck, you also have some orange juice, so brass monkeys (equal part beer and OJ) could also be on the menu.

But what about noms? Well for brunch, quiche and fritattas are the smack-you-in-the-face answer. Some of my personal favesies recipes come from Epicurious.com. And they’re great because you can make them a couple of days ahead of time. Get your whole brigade to chip in and you could feed ALL THE PEOPLE!

But, um, you’re going to have some DUDES at your shindig. Chances are you’ll need MEAT. So … how about some bacon cups? These would need to be made soon before consumption, but I can tell you from experience: Soooo goooood.

Once I started rolling with the idea of personal servings, the options became endless.

A muffin bar would give your guests a plethora of options. Put them in nifty cupcake wrappers, and advertise the options with sweet little signs.

Take any of your favorite foods and make it mini! Little French toast corners served in a cup with maple syrup. Same goes with pancakes and waffles. Stick a toothpick in ’em and eat up!

Speaking of France, you could set up a crepe station. Have a stack of crepes and spread out an array of fillings — onion, bacon, berries, you name it. Make sure you have a canister of powdered sugar to top it all off!

Of course you never want to leave out sausage. It’s a breakfast and brunch staple. Enter pigs in a blanket: Easy, cheap, and always a favorite.

For the more health-conscious, fill small mason jars with fruit, yogurt and granola for an individual parfait. Decorate the jars and they can double as wedding favors.

To get more ideas and inspiration, feel free to check out my Pinterest board.

What theme ideas do you have in mind? Would you be down for doing a brunch wedding?

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