7/26 {Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} Full-skirted & Cap-sleeved

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For this week’s CAI/GOI post, I’m doing two brides at one time…  *bow-chicka-bow-wow*  What can I say?  I got skillz.  Let’s see what brides Marie & Maddie (aka my ‘bitches’) had to say:

I hella love your blog. So refreshing from all those blogs that assume you have 1,000 dollars to spend. I fell in love with this gown, and thought you could find the affordable version before I have a bridezilla meltdown?  It’s called Julianna by Christos.



Can’t Afford It, Dress #1:


I wrote to you about this dress about four months ago and I don’t think you ever posted it on Broke Ass Bride (I check almost every day!), but I could have missed it. I’m finally engaged and STILL can’t stop thinking about this dress– it’s the only one that’s caught my eye in over a year of browsing, but I can’t find anything remotely similar in a reasonable price range. I’m about to give in and get it custom made or order from one of those weird Chinese websites, but I thought I would ask you again to see if you can work some of your magic for me, pretty please?
Again, it’s Elie Saab for Pronovias and the name of the dress is “Caelum.” I attached front and back pics. What I love, love, love about it is the lace (especially the full skirt), the sweetheart neckline, the sleeves (A MUST), and the plunging back. At this point, anything under $1,000 would be wonderful!
Can’t Afford It, Dress #2:
Since Maddie’s and Marie’s dream dresses look so similar, I thought I would help both ladies out at the same time… you know, kill two birds (or brides? yikes, morbid) with one stone.

Get Over It:

1. Bonny Bridal.  About $1000.

2. Karolina Sposa. About $1000.

3. Mon Cheri.  About $1000.

4. Sincerity Bridal.  About $1000.

5. Love, Yu. $1500.

6. Sincerity Bridal. About $750.

7. Jasmine Collection. About $750.

8. Impression Bridal. About $750.

9. Demetrios. About $1250.

10. Songi. About $1250.

11. Demetrios. About $1250.

12. Demetrios. About $1250.

13. Demetrios. About $1250.

14. David’s Bridal. $724.

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  • Miss Mignonette

    Hi – If either of those brides is still looking for a version of their dream dress, I might be able to help, depending on where they are located. I'm a bridal gown designer specializing in gowns under $1000 and I am always looking for more brides! I can be reached at kkofibru@gmail.com, and yes, I have a website, references, and a bunch of weddings under my (satin, bejeweled) belt. Thanks!

    • I live in Montreal Canada… which makes borders an issue if you are in the US.

  • The Cristos dress reminded me of this etsy wedding dress (originally posted on Bowie Bride, guest post by Hunter Style).

    It doesn't have the cap sleeves, but other than that it's pretty much spot on. Since she's an independent designer on etsy, I bet she'd add sleeves if you asked reeeeeally nice.

  • THANK YOU!!!

    You are awesome! Miss Mignonette, I will be contacting you. I really actually love the
    6. Sincerity Bridal. About $750. and it's really within budget!


  • Maddie

    Dana, you are amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Karelina Sposa is an almost exact match, I LOVE it! I'm telling all my newly-engaged friends all about your magical dress finding skills! THANK YOU 🙂

  • #14 is my wedding dress!!! 🙂

  • That Mon Cheri dress is gorgeous. I wish I had tried on some on these less expensive gowns when I went shopping. They are certainly equally as beautiful as what I ended up with for twice the price. This list would be helpful for other brides. 🙂

  • There is a woman on etsy who designed a dress with the Julianna as inspiration, but without sleeves. I bet you she could do it with sleeves too if you asked. 🙂

  • Usually, I shop online. However, with this, I want to try it on to know if it's the right dress. hence the issue with online only dresses such as JCrew (which has some great finds for not too much $). If I lived in the US (I'm in Canada) I would definitely order a few from Jcrew and try them all on and send back the ones I don't like, but it could get more complicated to do that across a border!

    Have any of you gotten your wedding online without trying it on?

  • Lindsey
  • Really fabulous suggestions here, love it!

  • Catrina

    I love this series!

  • Courtney

    I am adoring that Bonny Bridal. Gorgeous.

  • These gowns are beautiful and the price is perfect:) I think overspeding on the dress is a huge waste since you only get ot wair the dress once. Bonny Bridal had gorgeous dresses that are elegant, classy and look like they would cost a fortune. I love the back of the first dress…I think its my favorite dress!!

  • sarahfutureG

    I too fell in love with the Christos Julianna! I purchased an all tulle ivory gown from Alfred Angelos for $500! http://www.alfredangelo.com/collections/productdi… picture this with a chapel train in ivory. It comes with optional spaghetti straps that I'm sewing sleeves on to.

    I'm having the sleeves made. Hire a good seamstress (if you're not super crafty) to construct simple tulle sleeves and purchase some beading on your own (Beadfx.com–search for rose montee crystals, 50 for $18.00) and purchase pearl beads (0.02-0.60 per bead at local bead stores). Also include some tiny seed beads for extra effect ($3 for a bottle of hundreds).

    I'm getting married 11/10/12 and this is my game plan 🙂 I hope it works out for you!