2/19 Waiting Is So Last Year

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This video makes me itch with wonder. In the years I was ready for Hunter to propose, my advances were rarely subtle. But oh, would that I was as creative in my expression of that desire, or as curiously compelling in my statement, as this lovely, charming and fresh “hey, over here… let’s do this already” video.

I Am Ready from Shelby Falk on Vimeo.

A friend alerted me to this and I knew it was made for sharing. I adore it – the girl, the style, the music, the honesty.

Shelby, (the miss in question) who happens to write a pretty rad blog, has this to say about her video:
I don’t think it’s completely fair that men get to do the whole proposal thing…so I decided I would make a fairly grand and cheesy gesture to show Joe that I am ready.

Filmed by my friend Audre, who is a great photographer

Music is ‘Wonder-Dummied’ by Brooke Waggoner”

And I have this to say:
“BAD-ASSSSSSSSSS, SHELBS!” Affordably adorable. Memorably emotional. Perfectly Perfect.

What say you?

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  • This is so sweet! It feels empowering to her, and yet still leaves the door open for the Mister do get his act together and come up with a lovely proposal. Love it!

  • Aw shucks Dana, thanks for reposting and for the lovely feedback! Check my blog for the engagement story… and for a new video I'll be putting out in the next few weeks- this time starring my fiance as well!
    – Shelby

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  • That is totally adorable!

  • Jillian

    I think this is a cool idea, but I wonder about empowerment and think- she doesn't need to tell him she's ready, she can propose herself!

  • That brought a tear for sure. How utterly adorable? As to Jillian's comment – I agree that Shelby could do it on her own but I find that most men want to have that moment. It is a manly thing and though I don't think the world needs to be divided by men vs. women completely I still think a little bit of that is nice and needed. just my opinion.

  • Tessa

    It's so funny, because that is exactly what I am going to do for my boyfriend! Not make a video like this awesome girl's, I mean, but let him know in a cute way when I'm ready to get married. I also think it's a little silly for the girl to just sit around and wait for a proposal, but at the same time I want him to propose :). So I told him that once I'm ready to get married (we already know that we want to), I'll find a way to let him know, and then he has the green light to propose whenever he wants. I'm gonna do something special for him, and maybe give him his own little version of an engagement ring 🙂
    Props to Shelby for coming up with this idea! It's an amazing video!