1/2 Two Steps Back

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I got laid off today. Again.

Even though I had expressed interest in the permanent version of the temporary position I’ve been filling, and even though my boss genuinely seemed to like me, and even though I was told they wouldn’t even consider hiring until after new years…. I came home from break to find myself jobless without warning.

Apparently they filled it internally. I always knew an internal employee would get preference (which does make sense) but the timing is what boggles my mind. And the inconvenient absence of warning. To think, I finally allowed myself to buy a few new shirts….

Hunter is still in Santa Fe with his family until tomorrow. I’ve seen him for 3 days over the past 3 weeks, and the absence is killing me. Paco’s comfort is only worth so many kisses, you see.

The job market in LA is just miserable. I’ve already begun applying, but the pickin’s are slim.

I have to believe there is a higher reason for this. There must be, right? I’m being made available for some amazing greatness that will sweep us all off our feet. Right?

Yep. That’s what I must believe. I’ll clap and clap until it bleeds, Tinkerbell.

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