2/26 Twice the Awesome: Reuse Your Wedding Things as Home Décor

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So now that you’re starting to get into the nitty gritty of the wedding planning, I’m sure you’re starting to think about and look at the details. And OMG. There’s soooo much to do, so much to make, so much to buy! All the deets have to be perfect!

Chill, darling.

While there are a bajillion and a half amazeballz pics of wedding details strewn across the internetz (yes, even I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the little thangs), they don’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, there are a lot of little things you can do to ensure you aren’t wasting your dollaz on a one-time-only, use-it-or-lose-it kind of décor purchase:

1. Inject a good amount of YOU into your purchases.

You know how all of Weddingland says that your wedding should still represent you, just a shinier/more colorful/more expensive/more dressy/etc., version of you? Well, kinda. Definitely keep you, your partner and your life in mind when deciding on your wedding theme. And if you’re looking to stretch your budget, keep in mind the kind of décor you like to look at, over and over again. I mean, if you’re uber into color and disco balls (ahem, moi), then find colorful, sparkly objects to surround yourself with.

These Disco Ball String Lights from Luna Bazaar shoot off cool beams of light, which make them perfect to illuminate table centerpieces or for a little sexy accent above your bed.

Yeah, that’s right. I keep a Wyoming license plate and a badass unicorn poster over my bed.

Can you feel the sexytime mooooood?

2. Go timeless, but in a way that excites you.

Now, I’m not saying stick to all white or don’t pick something new and funky-fresh, just make sure it’s something that makes you happy. Chinese lanterns are a pretty go-to pick for wedding decor. They add a little oomph and are oh, soooo cheap to pick up by the many. Obviously all white is classic and elegant, but you’d be surprised what a mix of colors can do. Whether you go monochromatic or have a colorsplosion, Luna Bazaar offers a RIDICULOUS range of sizes and shapes, to mix up the fun. And when the party’s over, hang them from your ceiling for a little extra decor oomph. Since they assemble and disassemble super easily, they’re a no-brainer when you have to move or redecorate.

BONUS: If you have a feline friend, it will be captivated by the moving globules above. Which, for you, is wildly entertaining.

3. Go for functionality.

You know what the best kind of decoration purchase is? The one that can be used for a holy buttload of things. Candle holders can go from sweet centerpiece accents to the source of seductive lowlight around your living room. Baskets can hold programs or favors and later, your stack of Real Simple magazines. And vases of all sizes and shapes are useful for pretty much anything, from change jars to pasta containers to a pretty way to stash cotton balls.

This Turquoise Blue Frosted Glass Vase decorates my kitchen table, often with a single daisy in it.

And this Vintage Green Glass Vase operates as my office supply wrangler. So much better than one of those weird office store caddies.

So, really, what it comes down to is cost per use. And since we here at The Broke-Ass Bride are all about making the most out of every dolla dolla bill, we want to make sure our skrilla is spent wisely. That means finding multifunctional items that can easily translate from the fantastic fête that is your wedding over to your cozy abode. It also means shopping at places, like Luna Bazaar, that won’t rob you blind and offers a whole helluva lot of choices. And when all is said and done, and you spy those fun disco ball lights out of the corner of your eye, you’ll remember dancing the night away with your love and all your posse around you. Who wouldn’t want to remember that?

Do you have any burning decor questions? Need help on how to stretch those dollars and find multiple uses for one item? Let us know in the comments!

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