5/24 The Snug Life: A Mattress to Fall in Love With

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The Snug Life: A Mattress to Fall in Love WithWhen I made a Huge Life Choice four years ago and uprooted my life from Jackson, Wyo., and moved to Louisville, Ky., I had to get all new things for my first adventure living completely by myself (and I wasn’t entirely sad to leave all my old shit with my ex). One of the things I was really, really excited about was buying a whole new bed setup. I had my heart set on getting a grown-up bed frame and a fancy (ish) foam mattress and living like a damned adult. I logged hours on Ikea’s website researching frames and mattresses that would best suit my aesthetic and newly-independent self. I fell in love with a faux wrought-iron frame that was just a hint of old-school and totally romantic. They also had a foam mattress that was a few hundred bucks — so firmly within my price range — and totally comfs (as I discovered once I got to the actual store). Sold, yo!

Fast forward four years to my current newlywed, knocked-up state and that same foam mattress is still kickin’ it in my casa. It’s made the move from Louisville to Denton, Texas, to Jacksonville, Fla., and back to Denton. It’s been my comfy little sanctuary in three apartments, a house and a duplex — and for a short time, the floor of a friend’s spare room. Our three cats have all been caught in various states of cute upon it. But, the wear and tear is starting to get real, and as any pregnant ladies know: Sleeping is a bitch when you’re knocked up. Hip pain, insomnia, boob discomfort … you name it, it’s a thing.

The Snug Life: A Mattress to Fall in Love WithSee, I know sleep is important. I know that I’m a total asshole if I don’t log enough Zzzs, and that when I’m feeling any kind of anxious or depressed, it’s my bed that makes me feel the best. It’s where I relax, where I binge watch “Nashville” (RIP) and “Scandal,” where I contemplate and where I get frisky. I know it’s been said that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, but that’s just sleeping. What about all the other superfuntimez we have in bed? And while a pretty bed frame and generally wonderful aesthetic help make the room that much better, the cornerstone of a bedroom sanctuary is the mattress.

But mattress shopping itself is a total pain in the ass. Sure, you can go down to the Goodwill and pick up a “pillowtop” (lies!) for cheap, but I can pretty much guarantee you’re gonna have a hard time finding any legit comfort there. You can mosey on down to the nearest legit mattress shop, where you’ll be faced with a huge showroom of options and try to mimic “sleeping” under the glare of flourescent lights and the salesperson who knows you’re just here to price out options.

Tuft & NeedleOr you can say fuck it all and make the right choice the first time and go with Tuft & Needle. A few weeks ago, Tuft & Needle reached out to me to see if I’d be willing to test drive one of their mattresses, which — duh. Of course I would. I’m pregnant. I’ll try anything to get more sleep. And OhMyFuckingGod I’m so glad I did. After four years on my li’l old Ikea mattress, this thing is like a dream.

As I waited for it to arrive (because it comes right to your door, which means no having to find a homie with a truck to bribe into helping you pick it up), I researched how these bad boys are made, and realized it’s a total match made in Broke-Ass slumber heaven. A mattress could typically run you in the thousands for a boatload of “features” (mainly foam and latex and marketing magic), but Tuft & Needle throws that out the window and delivers its own technology for literally a fraction of the price — as in my queen-size mattress runs a pretty breezy $600, and the prices top out at $750 for a California King.

Speaking of breezy, as someone who typically runs at least 10 degrees hotter than the normal human (double that with baby incubating), staying cool when I’m sleeping is akin to battling in The Hunger Games. Fans, AC, cooling pillow inserts, the thinnest sheets imaginable and I’m still just barely reaching stasis … except with my schmancy new mattress that magically — er, strategically — draws heat away from my body and manages to make me find my chill.

The Snug Life: A Mattress to Fall in Love WithOther cool things? It comes in a small-ish box (this is relative — as a 5’2″ human, it was just about my size), is super easy to “assemble” and you don’t have to wait for it to expand for many hours because it’s pretty much instantaneous. A 10-year warranty ensures you’re stoked and a 100 day return policy makes it easy to change your mind (you won’t). Tuft & Needle’s mattresses are made in the U.S. and their production cuts out the middle man, which means they cut out the costs associated with said middle man.

In your first year of marriage, you’ll log about 3,000 hours of sleep (and other, ahem, funtimez), so you should probz make sure you’re the comfiest you can be. Treat yo-self without killing your wallet and check out Tuft & Needle.

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  • Julie

    You have no idea how badly I needed this blog post/promise of an awesome bed…although you probably do because you’re also pregnant. I will be checking this out for sure 🙂 Thank you!

    • Julie, I can’t even tell you how much I love this mattress. And not just because they’re one of our partners. Getting into bed is seriously the best part of my day, and my hip pain has gone away almost completely.