2/10 That’s Metal: Tungsten World Makes Wedding Bands Your Way

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While we’re on the subject of rings this week, we should totes shift the attention from the high-octane bling to that little circle that takes center stage on your wedding day.

That's Metal: Tungsten World Makes Wedding Bands Your Way

Now, when it comes to bands, especially wedding bands for the mensfolk, there are a huge variety of options. — gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, palladium, tungsten, cobalt chrome, ceramic … I mean, whoa. And people have a lot of opinions about which metal is the “best” for rings … but as with all things wedding at The Broke-Ass Bride, we say do what you want and what makes you happy. And damnit, not all rings fit a broke-ass groom’s budget.

But, at Tungsten World, you can find a pretty huge range of alternative metal wedding bands at prices that make broke-asses smile. No, you’re not getting some cheapo ring that’ll turn your finger green or shatter with the slightest hint of breeze. Nope. These guys have the real McCoy, which means you get all the steeze and quality without spending a bajillion bucks.

That's Metal: Tungsten World Makes Wedding Bands Your Way

Gold and platinum may be classic, but it kind of sucks when your ring gets all dinged and scuffed after only wearing it for a bit. But that’s soft metals for you. Alternative metal bands? They’ve got the real toughness. They’ll stand up to scratches and they’ll do it with style, yo.

But don’t think you’ll be stuck with the run-of-the-mill, same ol’ tungsten bands: Tungsten World has the ability to customize your rings the way you’d like — think gemstones, elaborate colors and even custom imaging. Because shouldn’t your wedding band be how you want it? I mean you will be (hopefully) wearing the thing for the rest of forever.

That's Metal: Tungsten World Makes Wedding Bands Your Way

The coolest option, though? Fingerprint wedding bands. It really doesn’t get much more personalized or sweet than that. You send in your fingerprint, Tungsten World laser engraves the pattern on your wedding band and now you have the ultimate customization. And that’s pretty freaking rad.

And, of course with Valentine’s right around the corner, Tungsten World is running a super rad sale right now, with many handsome rings clocking in at well under $200. So grab your partner and get your booty over to their site to find your very own preciouses.

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