9/26 Taggy Goodness

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I got tagged by Introverted Bride. I’m super excited, cuz now I can be completely gratuitous and share irrelevant  information about myself with the blogosphere. (oh wait, don’t I already do this at my whim?) Enjoy!

4 things I did today:
  1. Went to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market for a bountiful harvest.  We got a whole flat of heirloom tomatoes for $10 – major score – and the most illicitly sweet and sumptuous dates you ever laid lip on.
  2. Had a writing meeting with my partners in crime. We’re thisclose to a final draft!  Its been a process 2 years in the making.  Its very exciting to near a finished product.
  3. Watched TrueBlood with some friends. I love it more each week.  Its so quirky and sultry.
  4. Danced to Bob Marley in my living room with Hunter in the late afternoon sun.  Moments like this are as close to perfection as they come.

4 things on my to do list:

  1. Meet with the jeweler about a wedding ring
  2. Take Bollywood and Hip Hop dance lessons
  3. Make anniversary plans – its coming up next week!
  4. Bathe the puppy.  He’s a filthy mongrel.

4 of my guiltiest pleasures:

  1. Cookie Dough. ’nuff said.
  2. Watching Law & Order SVU marathons.
  3. Steamed Artichokes drenched in melted, salty butter.  The most decadent, succulent food on earth.
  4. Inappropriate humor.  From poop jokes to Chappelle’s show, I have an indecent mind and a filthy mouth.  Sorry, mom 🙂

4 random facts about me:

  1. I knocked out my front left tooth over 5 times growing up. Now all 4 fronts are fake.
  2. I’m a bit of a lipstick tomboy: Was the only girl on all the teams growing up, and I’ve always had more male friends than female friends.
  3. I can burp on command and win any belching contest.  Guess that explains the answer above 🙂
  4. I learned to read at age 3. I was tutoring 1st graders in reading while I was in kindergarten. I was a smart kid…..  Then everyone caught up.

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Keep it going, gals!

The Broke-Ass Bride
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  • redframe

    aw, danced with hunter in the late afternoon sun… i can see it! love love love those perfect moments when you can just float away on a cloud of perfect content… yay.

  • bmommy

    Just found your blog throught your tag on the lucky nest…Really like it so far and looking forward to looking around a little more!!