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You guys, I think it’s time for a sweet ‘n’ savvy e-sesh. Don’t you? Kristal and Justin returned to a spot that was uber special to them –  with photographers and a videographer in tow – to snuggle, frolic and dance in the rain.

Our engagement session was inspired by a couple of things: One, being our first mini getaway; two, our love of nature; and three, a “Save the Date” video I saw on a wedding blog.

Our first mini getaway consisted of us spontaneously packing up the car with camping gear in the middle of October and driving to Kettle Moraine State Forest about 30 minutes from our house.  There we found a beautiful, secluded, “hike in” camp site in which we ended up sitting by the fire until wee hours of the night talking about life and love.  This site was #28.  Why do I know this?  Because that date was so incredibly special to us that we kept a copy of the map with our site number highlighted, now in our keepsake box.

Two years had passed and it was time to plan our engagement photo session.  All of this was done very last minute as we decided, “who needs a year to plan? We can do this in 3 months!”  Our engagement session & video was actually done just 2 weeks before our wedding in which our photographers so graciously pumped them out in time for us to print and add to our wedding slideshow.

We contacted Woodnote Photography based on my random Google searching, trying to find a photographer that wasn’t the norm in the wedding industry, stepped outside the box in creativity and really meshed with our personal style.  How could you say no to a hilarious and witty husband/wife duo, with a passion for music, travel, art & photography? Um, hello … I know right? Their enthusiasm for creating something personal and unique was inspiring.

We had just days prior to the shoot to discuss via email ideas for both the photos and video, which were shot simultaneously.  We knew we wanted them to be extremely personal to us so my first thought was our camping weekend at Kettle Moraine State Forest — how beautiful, lush and green the sites were.

We wanted the video to be styled similar to the “Save the Date” video I had seen, but knowing that the video would only be shown ON our wedding day to guests, kind of defeated the purpose of a save the date! We trusted Robert Ingraham (videographer, who is the brother of the Woodnote duo) to be able to make it applicable to us and our day.  I listed out some of our hobbies and interests, as well as some songs/artists that Justin & I both loved, and they were able to take it from there.

We arrived at the state park and it had just begun to rain, driving up and down the paths trying to find a good spot to start shooting. Just then, Justin yelled out “wait, stop!  I think that was our old camp site right ahead of us!”  We didn’t necessarily know where we were going, but managed to stumble upon OUR site … #28.  After shooting the portion in the woods, we realized we needed more light before the sun went down and found an abandoned farm shed by a field with a GLORIOUS tree.  Perfection!  A tree has been very symbolic to us over the years … how the roots grow deeper over time, which makes you stronger.  We chose our wedding venue based on the fact that we could be married under a huge catalpa tree, so we figured this beautiful old tree in the field was meant to be a part of our engagement shoot.  The rain stopped, the field was misty, quiet, & peaceful and we danced, laughed, climbed trees and gave piggy-back rides until the sun went down.  It was our perfect engagement shoot and the video was a testament to how much fun we truly had.

The photography and video for the engagement shoot totaled $475, which was a pretty crazy deal, really.

And check out their video by Robert Ingraham:

Kristal+Justin: 24 Sept. 2011 from Robert Ingraham on Vimeo.

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