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I’ve always been at odds with trends. There’s just something about looking like everyone else or having something that everyone wants that never really appealed to me. And trends? Well, there all over Weddingland.

I’ve always had a style that was fairly well accepted. Call it classic or timeless or whatever you like; I just feel pretty good about my ability to pull an ensemble together, fashion or otherwise.

But y’all, I didn’t know where to begin when this whole idea of a wedding got here (even though I’m super-happy it did)!

Almost immediately, I started checking out blogs and websites and signing up for ALLLLLL the newsletters. Gradually, I started coming up with a cohesive image of what I wanted the event to look like.

I knew I wanted navy blue for the menswear and that I didn’t want the whole thing to look too … girly (?), so I shied away from pinks and lavenders. Eventually I settled on coral and peach tones because, yay, complementary colors!

And then navy and coral were everywhere.


I started pinning and dog-earring magazines, and then the Wedding Industrial Complex (who now had all of my contact information) started getting me down. All of those newsletters had a lot to say about how I was making my decisions and I wasn’t particularly happy. In just under two months of wedding planning, this was my new attitude:

Screen shot 2015-04-21 at 1.53.54 PM

Undeterred by the banality of my selection, I soldiered on. I designed custom artwork for our wedding website. I sent out invitations to our engagement party that I put together in the color scheme. I kept looking at it and it all felt so trendy.

So. Many. Trends.

So. Many. Trends.

Far more importantly, it began to stop feeling like me, so I’m going to tell you a little secret …

It’s totally OK to change your mind!

The neat part for me was the fact that I came up with coral and navy on my own, but we changed our mind as a couple on our anniversary. Rather than buying me a bouquet, Woody took me to buy bunches of flowers so we could experiment a little with wedding decor in mind. The thing is, all those pretty peachy flowers I envisioned were missing from the selection. We started pulling shades of purple from the buckets until we had a big arm full. We headed back to his apartment to sip champagne and watch Doctor Who on DVR while we sat in the floor and played with flowers. It was heaven, as far as I’m concerned.


As we admired our work he noted that he really liked the burgundy lilies, and with the lighter purple roses, it looked really good with navy. We figured that the only coral anything we had bought was for pre-wedding festivities that had already happened and that chances were, no one would even remember, so just like that, we changed our wedding colors five months into a 16 month engagement.

Play with your own wedding palette at Magnet Street. It's fun!
Play with your own wedding palette at Magnet Street. It’s fun!

Even though our chosen colors weren’t dominating the Pinterest boards, there are still a whole lot of trends to muddle through. The first time I met you, I was showing off my DIY mercury glass bowls. Super trendy. Watercolor stationery and signage are having a moment in the bridal blogs. Don’t care. Stealing that idea. Watercolor is and has long been my favorite medium. Midcentury modern has been HUGE since Mad Men became a thing. I channeled Joan Holloway like a champ in our engagement pictures.

Engagement Session by Shaina Sheaff, Shaina Sheaff Photography, Denton, TX
Engagement Session by Shaina Sheaff Photography

The point is, don’t let the idea of a trend dominate your thinking, whether it’s following every one or working overtime to keep your big day cliche-free. When something is popular, it means it’s a hell of a lot easier to find in stores or as online tutorials. What you want and what you do should be a reflection of who you and your betrothed are as individuals and as a couple. No matter what you choose, it’s always going to be your unique and special day.

Have you been swayed one way or another by the popularity of something? How did you regroup? Let us know in the comments!

  • 3/31

    I’ve been waiting for a new tally on the average cost of a wedding, but I don’t know if I was ready for this.


    For 2012, the national average was $28,427. This past year? Yep, nosing right up to $30K — $29,858, to be specific. That’s a helluva jump and makes this Broke-Ass shudder.

    Here is what the XO Group Inc., survey has to say about this “trend”:

    Couples are spending more on their weddings than ever. Following the trend of growing budgets for the past two years, wedding budgets are at an all-time high with the average wedding cost hitting $29,858, the highest level ever. Less couples (20%) say the economy affected their wedding budget – a statistic that has continually decreased year over year, since reaching an all-time high of 34% in 2009. Wedding standards also continue to rise, in fact, about 1 in 8 couples (14%) spent more than $40,000 on their nuptials, and nearly 1 in 4 (24%) didn’t even have a budget.

    You guys, this is just straight frightening. At least it is to me, a person of little to no disposable income, and I would imagine it would be about the same to you, BABs. According to our reader survey conducted at the end of 2013, about 42% of The Broke-Ass Bride readers have an annual household income of about $60,000 but 59% of BABs are budgeting $15,000 or less for your big day. That’s HUGE and savvy.

    Now, Team Broke-Ass isn’t about to tell you to not spend the cash-money, if that’s what you really want to do. If so? Then, baby, have at it! Go wild! But if you’re on a budget, or are setting a budget for yourself because you’re also trying to buy a house/pay student loans/travel the world on a G6 (really, if this is the case, holler at me), then we’re really happy to help.

    In addition to our ridiculous archives of real stories and snippets of advice on how and where to cut costs without sacrificing the overall vision of your day, we’ve added this great Resources for the Newly Engaged page, which gives you the lowdown on some of our favorite books that help keep purse strings and sanity intact, points you toward awesome registry sites that ha
    ndle cash and gifts and hooks you up with places to set up free wed-sites.

    Being a Broke-Ass Bride isn’t necessarily just about having very little skrilla to toss around; it’s also about being smart with your spending and making sure you’re making the right choices for you and your love. Because it’s not how much you spend, it’s about how you spend it!

    So, BABs, how can we help you? Are you struggling with one aspect of your wedding day budget? Are you fighting to find ways to get your wedding day vision accomplished? We’re here, and we’re ready to help!

  • 12/30

    So, 2011 got out of here in a hurry, didn't it? Yeah it did. Did any of my predictions for 2011 come true? Well, I was totally wrong about email invitations - not so big. A lot of my brides met me half-way and had their guests RSVP online. This year was completely the rise and evolution of wedding websites, that was for sure. Online…

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    Happy Hump Day, BABs! It's time to announce our weekly giveaways - BUT FIRST - we wanted to draw your attention to two sweet giveaway opportunities over at Eco-Beautiful Weddings! You could win a Chevy Cruze for a week (ideal if you're keeping it domestic on your honeymoon) OR you could win one of three beautiful gowns from The Cotton Bride! Huzzah!!! Ok, now it's time…

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    The photos are still trickling in and we couldn't be more excited! This batch is from Richelle Dante, who we only shot with briefly, but she was very sweet and obviously has some hot talent - just look at these beauties!Check out my fly birdcage veil, courtesy of Amy-Jo Tatum's gorgeousness.Runaway brideYou come to this engine often, baby?The other day, we were driving along, just…

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    You've been asking... I've been wishing.... we've all been waiting... and finally, my first "batch" of Trash the Dress pics were blogged! I'm really excited that these are the first we're seeing, because it was with our favorite photographer of the day: the adorably sweet and fun Jordana Taylor Hazel of Hazelnut Photography!Jordana and her similarly swoonable hubby Chris (aka her bad-ass assistant) found us late…

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    Well well well..... What a hot little couple we have here! But I must say, they look a bit familiar.... (click to enlarge. Care of Hazelnut Photography, aka my new bff Jordana - who we had the most fun shooting with)

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    Ask and ye shall receive! The law of attraction is in full effect, yo! The day after I posted about my longing to get down and dirty in a fluffy gown, I found out that the illustrious and talented Chris Austin (aka TTD guru of SoCal) is organizing a Trash-the-Dress Bash in late October! Lo and behold, he is still seeking models and photographers.... its…

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    I'm obsessed with Trash-the-Dress photo shoots. I think they're such a beautiful, sensual, and exciting development in wedding photography and I luuuuurve them for their unexpected beauty, glamour and edge. Trash-the-Dress sessions usually involve either beach or urban/industrial landscapes... They can be: Gritty! (image via weddingbee) Sweet! (image source) Sexy! (image source via weddingbee) And then there's THIS gem - tidbits of a breathtaking Japanese…

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