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Nerd Alert: Consumer Reports is my favorite magazine. It has been for as long as I can remember — even back in middle school, when Teen People (RIP) and Seventeen were popular among my friends. Don’t get me wrong, I read thos, too, and I still read a trashy tabloid from time to time, but Consumer Reports is my jam, and that will never change. My stepdad got me a subscription a few months ago, because instead of buying it for myself like a normal person, I just dropped hints for a solid decade that I wanted one. I have to give myself credit for my persistence, really.

I am now Billy Madison one day a month … only way less dirty, and way more nerdy.


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As jazzed as I get every month, I was suuuuper excited about the June issue that arrived last week. There were several wedding-related articles about cheap nuptials, getting more for your money while planning, etc. CR meets a Broke-Ass wedding? Amazing.

I really enjoyed the test they performed about spotting a $10,000 wedding gown. As someone who just purchased her dress (yes, I procrastinated until the very last possible minute), it was timely and relatable. They used five gowns ranging in price from $500 to $10,000, and asked 143 men and women to match the gowns with their retail value.


Turns out, people aren’t very good at figuring out how much various gowns cost. Yes, over half the people were able to pick out the least expensive option, but that was after they got to look at and touch all of them. I am guessing that other than a quick hug, most people at your wedding won’t be feeling up the material of your dress, and they also won’t have four other gowns in front of them to compare it to. The gowns priced in the middle, at $1,100, $3,200 and $6,500, had them all confused. After studying the picture, I did nail the cheapest and most expensive dresses, but I had no idea on the remaining three. And this is coming from someone who just spent a few hours getting up close and personal with gowns very recently. So if you can’t afford a $10,000+ gown? Definitely get over it! Your guests won’t know the difference, and if there is one thing BAB’s most popular column has shown me week after week, it’s that there are tons of gorgeous and amazing dresses available at a very reasonable cost. Yay!

There were also some articles that offered ways to save on popular wedding items, along with advice from planners and other professionals in the industry. One takeaway: Many vendors will charge you more just because your event is a wedding. The same catering or limo package could cost less for an anniversary celebration than for a wedding, even though they are providing the same service. This isn’t earth-shattering news or anything, but what a rage-inducing sham. It just makes it even more important to ask questions and negotiate whenever possible.

We are a year into the planning process, so a lot of their tips were stuff we are already doing or already knew about, but I think it could definitely be helpful for newly engaged couples. It was also fun showing my very budget-conscious fiance, Russel, the articles and saying, “Seeeeeee … we, are totally doing like 27 of the 31 things Consumer Reports says to do!” So that was nice. Hopefully some of their tips will save other Broke-Asses some cash!

Basically, this whole post was me stanning for CR, but they’ve never done me wrong! I am so excited to research every single thing we plan to register for in the very near future.

Have you found any out-of-the-box resources to help with your wedding planning sanity? Share the below!



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    Jane B. Writes Disclaimer

    Real Wedding: A Sweet and Sentimental Family Affair || Photo by Andie Freeman Photography

    Credit: Andie Freeman Photography

    You’re about to take one of life’s most important steps with the person you love. You want your wedding day to be a perfect celebration, and a joyful starting point for your marriage. But, the truth is nothing is ever perfect. Whatever can go wrong, probably will go wrong. Avoid becoming so stressed out you don’t enjoy your big day by employing a few stress-relief techniques. If you follow this guide, you’ll be a much happier bride on the big day.

    Delegate Certain Parts of the Day

    For some couples, it can be difficult to relinquish control over each aspect of the wedding, especially if you’ve been envisioning this day since you were young. For others, planning might feel totally overwhelming, and it can be tempting to outsource every task to friends and families. By giving careful thought to which tasks you delegate to your wedding party, you will ensure a smooth wedding day without you or anyone else being overburdened.

    Wedding Wire suggests delegating some of the small, manageable items on your To Do list, such as organizing place cards, greeting arrivals, or rounding up guests for photos after the ceremony. Think of yourself as a manager, and have a team ready to help realize your vision. Be fair with your delegations, and spread chores evenly around so no one feels too overwhelmed.

    Pay Attention To Your Body

    With so much to do at the start of your wedding day, it might seem unwise to take extra time for something unrelated. However, by tackling your beauty regimen you’ll feel more grounded as the day unfolds, and more equipped to handle any problems.

    Be sure to schedule your hair appointment far in advance. Your nails, waxing, and exfoliating should all be done a few days before the wedding. For guys, consider any shaving, trimming or nail care of your own that needs to be done. If you schedule these activities, you’ll be less stressed and it will ensure you didn’t miss anything. You wouldn’t want to show up unshaven to your honeymoon suite.

    A great idea is to make this an activity you share with your brigade. Kill two birds with one stone by making your bridal shower an at-home spa day. Do some mud masks, and take turns waxing each other’s eyebrows. Make sure you choose the best wax kit you can purchase for a special occasion.

    It can also be helpful to pamper yourself as stress starts to build. You’ll be busy and filled with adrenaline; take some time for a hot shower, a facial or a manicure. Not only will this give you time to calm down and take stock of the day, you’ll feel fresh and beautiful walking down the aisle. Bridal coach Jeri Kadison tells Martha Stewart Weddings, “when times get tough, don’t think of these as indulgences. Think of them as necessities for staying well-balanced and on task.”

    Take Things As They Come

    There will be glitches on the big day. Your makeup might take longer than expected, your parents’ car might break down, the weather might not cooperate … Accepting early on that not everything will go exactly as planned will help you handle the hiccups calmly and gracefully when they do happen.

    Don’t let schedules, mishaps and outside events determine your happiness on your wedding day. By working with your wedding party, taking care of your body and being flexible throughout the day, you will ensure a happy wedding day, no matter what happens. By committing to these stress relief practices, you’ll be able to focus on the important aspects of the big day: your future spouse, and the life you’ll build together.


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    Got a question for Liz? Go to the Contact page and let us know what's up! Dear Liz, I really like the idea of asking a friend to be a stage manager for the wedding, or possibly hiring a professional as a day-of coordinator. The venue where we're getting married has their person, who is the one managing both the catering and the venue logistics.…

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    I came across this article, written by Tyler Roth for Relevant Magazine, and it resonated deep within my soul. It's always refreshing to hear from a male perspective on the topic of marriage, and this article provides some lovely insight on the subject. His observations are very simple, yet powerful, and I think that the efforts he put into testing solutions and improvements for his…

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    Got a question for Liz (Coopersmith)? Go to the Contact page and let us know what's up! So, last week, the crew here at BAB  was offered an interview with Lizzie Post, the Great-Great Granddaughter of Emily Post. Yes, that Emily Post. Lizzie has put her famous last name to good use, tackling taboo etiquette topics on TV, radio, in magazines and online. She's also authored…

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    Got a question for Liz? Go to the Contact page, and let us know what's up! Dear Liz,  We're getting married in December at a  "bare" venue, and we have to bring all of our plates and silverware in ourselves. The rental companies we've talked to told us we need to get at least three of everything, since we're having 100 guests and a buffet.…

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