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Affiliate Disclaimer NewPersonalized Beer Cooler from Etsy seller HeritageWedding
Personalized Beer Cooler, $30 from Etsy seller HeritageWedding

Gifting is hard. Gifting on a budget is really hard.

Especially when it’s for your favorite dudes. You want to get your groomsmen something awesome, yet thoughtful — but holy crap everything always seems so expensive. While it would be nice to be able to get them all big screen TVs or spring for a dudes’ trip to Vegas, that’s just not always something your bank account can muster. Have no fear, fellas! Even under a tight budget, you can find a wide variety of gift items that are perfect for groomsmen, whether they’re techies, foodies or just love lookin’ good. Here’s our list of gift ideas for your best buds so you can show ’em you love ’em without breaking the bank!
Personalized Pocket Square by Etsy seller DVKzKrafts

Personalized Pocket Square, $10 from Etsy seller DVKzKrafts

Engraved Cuff Bracelet by Etsy seller Braceletshomme

Engraved Cuff Bracelet, $39.95 from Etsy seller Braceletshomme
Tie Bar Set from The Tie Bar

Tie Bar Set, $45 from The Tie Bar

Cigar Box Shave Kit from Etsy seller OrangeFuzz

Cigar Box Shave Kit with Beer Shaving Soap, $48 from Etsy seller OrangeFuzz

Monogrammed Wallet from J. Crew

Monogrammed Wallet, $45 from J. Crew

iPhone Projector from urbann outfitters

Smartphone Projector, $30 from Urban Outfitters

There you have it, our list of gift ideas for the groom on a budget. You can share your gift ideas with us on Instagram or in the comments below!

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    Affiliate Disclaimer NewJumping Groomsmen

    Credit: Amy Shea for Imaginative Studios
    The groomsmen, you chose them for a reason. They’ve helped you through some rough spots and they make sure you’re gloriously plastered for every birthday. When it comes to your wedding, they’re the ones that are gonna help get you through all the stress and help make it a great day. So, you should properly thank them with an awesome gift. There are so many gift ideas out there, but I’m gonna simplify this list to five.Southern Hospitality Beard Co Starter Kit Southern Hospitality Beard Company Starter Kit, $35

    The well-groomed beard aficionado will appreciate this handsome beard starter kit. It comes with a Mud Scrub, packed with avocado oil and shea butter to keep everything soft and conditioned, orange peels to bring some of the energy back into your skin, and scented with rosemary, lavender and a bit of cedarwood for a crisp, earthy, manly smell. It also comes with the Heritage Beard Oil, to keep it conditioned and healthy, and a boar’s hair bristle brush.

    Engraved Beer Growler
    Engraved Beer Growlers, $82 for five

    Here’s a great way to not break the bank. These glass growlers are awesome for the guys, even if they’re not quite the beer-drinker type. They could be used in a number of other ways and can be engraved with almost anything you want.

    Hang Loose Silver Cufflinks
    Cufflinks, Tie Bars, Bottle Openers, and Money Clips, $35–$4000 is a great option for a variety of budgets. Plus, you can get special team cufflinks, fancy sets, or something fun and themed.

    Personalized Wood Cigar Box
    Personalized Wood Cigar Box, $28

    Here’s an idea: Hand your favorite guys a personalized cigar box filled with some Nicaraguans (like these). The presentation is so nice and would be a great thing to enjoy during the reception (outside, please).

    SWIG Flask Gift Set
    SWIG Flask Gift Set, $95.50

    SWIG makes some of the best flasks we’ve ever seen. Get them one of these gift sets and they’ll be floored with just the incredible gift packaging alone. Each one comes with a flask and funnel, and they can be engraved as well. I recommend checking out their site and seeing all the different sets they have to offer. Seriously, you might just pick one up for yourself, too. (Christen did.)

    What cool ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments.

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    Thanks to the wonders of Pinterest, I often convince myself that I can create ANYTHING. Even though my brain and my severe lack of patience tell me otherwise. Even so, my wedding crafting to-do list reached about 10 items too many. To resolve this problem, I turned to my best Internet friend, Etsy. BABs, if you are unfamiliar with Etsy, get outta town! But keep…

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    If you're shopping for unique wedding wedding accessories like ring bearer pillows, table decorations, cake accessories, or thank you gifts, Bride & Groom Weddings has an exquisite range of affordable products that will add unique flair to your wedding day. This UK retailer is a premier vendor of wedding invitations, stationery, and fab little flourishes for your special day. You can grab everything from elegant…

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