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Wedding days are full of crying, kissing, hugging, dancing, sweating and other makeup-ruining activities, so it’s really important to have makeup that will last through it all! Here are some of my favorite long-wearing products!

Always start with a primer. There are lots of choices, depending on your skin type. If you’re more oily or tend to get shiny throughout the day, look for a mattifying primer. If you have reddness or uneven tone, look for something color correcting. Makeup Forever offers many different Step 1 primers for every type of skin or concern.

I love the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation. It’s truly waterproof, and provides great coverage with a natural finish. It also comes in a large range of shade.

If you also need a concealer for under-eyes, blemishes, etc., the Kat von D Lock It Concealer Creme. Again, there is a huge shade range here. It also has amazing coverage, and, as the name implies, super long wear. The whole Lock It line is actually great. If you’re looking for super full coverage, the Lock it Liquid Foundation is a great choice.

One of my all-time favorite eyeliners is the Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner. It’s a bargain at only $12, and stays on all day long!

I’m not a huge fan of waterproof mascaras as they can be rough on your lashes, but for special cry-fest occasions, they are necessary. Since it’s not something I use all the time, I grab a cheaper option so I don’t feel bad if I toss it. One of my favorites is L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara.

Lips are one of the hardest things to keep on all day. Lip primers and lip liner can help color stick, but definitely carry a tube to touch up. You can also go for a lip stain which will do just that: Stains give your lips a more natural color that stays on. A word of caution on stains: they can be drying. I found the YSL Vinyl Cream Stain for my wedding that hydrates and gives great color payoff. It’s a little bit of a splurge, but was worth it.

Finally, top it off with a makeup setting spray. I like L’Oreal Infallible Pro Spray, which you can find in your local Target.

Plus, it’s a great time to try some of these since Sephora is having their VIB discount this week!




  • 9/16


    I’m sitting here as I type, enjoying the delightfully foreign sensation of dramatically long lashes and a super-duper-moisturized face. You guys, I wish I had a Gatsby-caliber party to attend tonight, because I LOOK HOT.

    What just happened? My wedding makeup trial session!

    Being a runner/CrossFit freak, you wouldn’t think that I have a girly side but let me tell you, I can throw down at some Sephora with the best of the divas.  However, when you get past the basic Naked 2 palette and some fabulous Buxom lip gloss, I’m worthless. Contouring, blending, falsh lashes… yeah, they and I are not on speaking terms. So when it came time to try out my wedding face, I made the personal choice to not go it alone. I needed to call in some help.

    Lucky gal that I am, I befriended Andrea of Andrea Carter Artistry last year and we’ve been talking about doing a trial sitting ever since.  To brag on my girl a little, Andrea has seriously impressive bridal and editorial makeup artistry credentials (think Style Me Pretty, Huffington Post, 100 Layer Cake, The Wedding Chicks) and was also featured on Pottery Barn’s blog for her DIY champagne bottles! Talk about some BAB badassery!

    Today was the day where our busy schedules aligned and I couldn’t be happier with the results!! We spent a few hours doing all the magical pampering you’d expect, along with trying several different looks to make sure I absolutely got the look I wanted. As she lovingly fussed over my face, I managed to pick her brain a little bit. For you my friends, I wanted to share some words of wisdom from Andrea, along with some things I learned, too.

    1. Have a vision. But make it realistic.

    I almost ruined Andrea’s work, crying laughing about her description brides who ask for “a natural and smoky eye”. That, in and of itself, is like asking for a dry shower. It’s an oxymoron. A smoky eye will not, never has been and will never be natural looking. And hi, if you wake up looking artistically smudged to perfection, then I want to be you. Ladies. Natural or smoky. Pick one. Andrea really appreciated my communication so that she could see the whole vision – I showed her pictures of the venue, pictures of the dress, told her the vibe and let her see my accessories. I knew what I wanted (and didn’t want) for my face and was able to convey it to her. As she said, “you have to know how to speak the language” of the artist. And surprisingly enough, the language isn’t too difficult. Just remember, too… If it’s hard to verbalize, there are always gazillions of images online to choose from. Just remember that you should still look like YOU. But a wowza version of it.

    2. Be vocal!

    Not only do you need to know what you want, you need to be able to speak up if something isn’t quite right. I wasn’t too shy to ask about wonky eyebrow hairs or a wayward clump in my lashes. We tried two very different eye looks and she had zero issue with spending the time to adjust my look to make me happy. And when the lip color was just good, but didn’t have the “AH-HAAA YES!” I was after, we kept trying until we found it. By the time she left, I wanted to do nothing but sit and stare at myself in the mirror because, DAMN.  That is a really great feeling, both for her and for me. I’m so glad Andrea was patient, open to my feedback and kind enough to guide me through the process smoothly.

    3. Budget for it.

    I  would be a crappy Broke-Ass Bride if I didn’t mention the reality – makeup, the trials and sessions do cost. So I will say loudly, that it is a matter of personal preference as to whether you want to engage an outside resource. But with careful planning, you can easily budget for the expert help. In the Atlanta area, they range anywhere from $50 to $100 per trial session, with top artists around the $150 to $200 range for the day of. Me personally, it would be a hot mess disaster if I tried to do my own wedding day makeup no matter how many Pinterest boards/links I scoured. I’d probably be so nervous the morning of that I’d stick a false eyelash into my eyeball and wind up in tears, pissed off or both. Or completely sweat it all off on the dance floor. My belief is that some things are worth the investment for the quality of the work. And any makeup artist worth their salt will come with full ammunition to make you the most beautiful version of yourself possible, for the entire day. So if there is room in the budget, why not sit back and let a professional help you?

    4. Words of wisdom

    From Andrea herself – “You want your makeup artist to feel like one of two things: either your very good friend who puts you at ease OR a no-nonsense professional who you trust implicitly to do the job. But if you run into anyone who doesn’t listen to you, who refuses to try something differently at your request, or in any way makes you feel uncomfortable? Walk the other way, with a quickness.” Lucky for me, Andrea simply flew into the first category. The session was easy, fun and we reached a collective “hell yes!” on my look. BOOM. Then we made plans to have coffee soon, because she’s just that awesome.

    From me – Be relaxed and be open to trying new things, even if they put you out of your comfort zone. Remember that bridal makeup does need to be a bit more amped than your everyday look to photograph well. Don’t worry too much if you have a little out of body experience when you see the final outcome. Because with your clear vision and with an experienced makeup artist in your arsenal, you’ll look stunning both in person and in photos.

    Till next time,

  • 11/27

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