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Happy Friday, darlings! Since you’re in the midst of wedding planning, I’m sure you know Etsy is a dearth of amazing handmade goodness, often for fairly broke-ass friendly prices. From a fun guest book to a gorgeous gown to a wine-lover’s way to commemorate marriage milestones, this week’s Five for Friday is chock-full of great Etsy finds.

Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses, $98+ by RenzRags

I know BABs are into having their brigade choose their own style of dress, because one style doesn’t always work for everyone. These gorgeous dresses can come in different lengths and a whole swath of colors, and have a pretty nice price tag to boot.

Etsy EKG Heart Necklace

Heartbeat Necklace, $26 by HalalMill

Your partner makes your heart go pitter-patter, so why not show that on your wedding day? This necklace would make a gorgeous day-of accessory.

Etsy Drop Top Guest Book

DropTop Wedding Guest Book, $145+ by ACFCustoms

Yes, this one is a little spendy, but it’s an idea I have yet to see for a wedding guest book. Considering it reminds me of Connect Four (remember that game?) and will make a gorgeous piece of wall art after the big day, I’d say it’s worth a bit of a splurge.

Bohemian Lace dress

Bohemian Lace Wedding Dress, $470 by PolinaIvanova

This dress caught my eye and I’m totally digging it. The lace detail is gorgeous, it looks soft and flowy, it has built-in bra cups and it’s under $500. That’s a lot of awesome for one dress.

Etsy Marriage Milestone Wine Labels

6 Custom Married First Wine Labels, $26.99 by LabelWithLove

Calling all oenophiles! This is such a great idea — even better if the wine comes from friends and family in the form of engagement / wedding presents. Then you have a special bottle from a special person to celebrate those special milestones during your marriage.

What do you think of these Etsy finds BABs?

  • 7/23

    GUYS. This happens sometimes, but not very often. Our partners at Gloss Jewelry are trying to make way for new stuff and hollered at BAB to see if we wanted to give you guys an exclusive code.

    I mean, DUH. Of COURSE we do.

    So, today only, head on over to Gloss Jewelry and pick up something, anything, for 80% off. This is not a joke. 80-freaking-percent. That’s like thisclose to being free!

    I’m loving this multistrand pearl necklace for any wedding or wedding party.

    Girl With The Pearls Necklace – $35.00
     from Gloss Jewelry

    And at $35 – 80% … guys, this is $7. SEVEN. DOLLARS.

    So head on over to Gloss and see what you can snag with code JEWEL80!

    Then come back and tell us what you got at an amazing deal!

  • 12/26

    While national chains have made shopping for mass manufactured goods easy, one of best things about the internet age is the unprecedented access to the work of artisans worldwide; artisans like Friedasophie Jewelry. The jewelry at Friedasophie is balanced beautifully: earthy with polish, chunky with delicate, natural with (wo)man-made, making them wonderful works of art that you can wear; and while Friedasophie Jewelry makes a…

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    Every girl needs a little bit of bling, right? Today we look at the finishing touches any bride might consider - a little frosting for your hair that adds a sparkle whether it’s styled up or down. Adding something shiny doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag. Using the $150 Nina ‘Cece’ Crystal Ribbon Head Wrap as our inspiration, we’re going to look…

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    No matter what you wear on your wedding day, you'll radiate love and beauty--that's just how this wedding gig works. With that said, however, there's nothing wrong with stepping up your game with a fabulous hair accessory from Bella & Beya! Bella & Beya make affordable accessories for the modern bride that don't skimp on the glamour factor, but remain tasteful--the idea is to draw…

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    Cassie wants some jewelry that makes a statement. She's found the piece she loves but she hates the price.  Here's what Cassie's got to say: I have a LOVE IT but can't afford it situation. I love the "Break-of- Day" necklace from BHLDN.  I love the twisted, off-white pearls... Plus the enamel brooch accent. It's not too much, but just enough. Unfortunately, it's $675!!!! That's…

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    I hope you're ready for some serious bling because this week, Rachel B. wrote in with a challenge to find a CAI/GOI engagement ring! Check out what she had to say: Hey, I'm not actually engaged yet, but my boyfriend and I are saving up for a wedding some time next year. I'm hoping you can help me with a "Can't Afford It/Get Over It"…

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    Editor's note: This is the very first post from our brand new contributor Heather! Let's all give her a big ol' broke-ass welcome. Happy to have you aboard, Heather!  Finishing a look requires paying attention to every detail, especially when it comes to jewelry! Recently, I fell in love with this Vera Wang necklace worn by a bride showcased on Style Me Pretty. First problem:…

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    Looking to add a fun handmade touch to your wedding? Shopping for sweet gifts for your maids? Look no further: Pulp Sushi has you covered with their wedding-ready, gift-ready jewelry! Started in 2006 as a hobby, Pulp Sushi has bloomed into a business for creative powerhouse Marilyn Sushi. All of the jewelry sold at Pulp Sushi is handmade by Marilyn, and she caters to ladies…

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