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Shoes are a personal weakness of mine. Finding the perfect pair of glittery heels for my own wedding was one of my favorite online searches  – ever. This week, I was once again searching for glittery dancing shoes.

I am in love with the Kate Spade Krysta multi-colored shoes. The $328 dollars is definitely not in my price range so I was hoping you could help me find something similar for less than that. I do love the bow, actually it’s basically my favorite part!

Payless Budget

Given your Payless Budget sign-off, I set the budget at $55 and under. What do you think about these sole sisters?


Kate Spade ($328 at Piperlime)



Madden Girl Jassper ($49 at Lulu’s)

Love Glitter Pump by Carlos Santana ($49.95 at DSW)


Lulu Townsend Illene Multicolor pump ($49.95 at DSW)

Type Z Darla Multi ($48.99 at Zappos)

Madden Girl Tiarah ($46.99 at Zappos)

Blink’s Gold Baileyy ($54.99 from

My Delicious Idol Oatmeal Bow Peep Toe ($28 at Lulus)


Kitsch Couture Gina Glitter Heels (£35 at Bank Fashion)

J. Renee Rosina ($79.95 at

As you can see, the most similar pair are undoubtedly the  J. Renee Rosina slingbacks. They’re a little pricier than the rest of the lot at almost $80, but look the closest in spirit to the Kate Spades you’re lusting for. In my self-imposed price range, I had trouble finding both the bow and the right glitter color combination. However, there are a number of options that are definitely inspired by your favorite shoes. Any BABs out there have tips about adding glitter to a pair of heels? Or maybe a bow could be added to shoes that already have the perfect glitter? All crafting tips welcome ladies. Please share.

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    Reader Request

    Hi fellow broke-asses! I’ve got a cry for help. Basically, I need some shoes for my wedding. Not too hard, but I’m vegan, so I need them to be all man-made materials. Additionally, my groom is not much taller than me, so while I’d like a small heel or wedge, I need it to be 2″ or less. I’d prefer something with a vintage-y flair, but I’m open to just about anything. Can you help? Thank you!

    Of course we can help! Here are some low-heeled, animal-friendly shoes for you.

    Anthropologie, $68:

    BC, $69:

    Alternative Outfitters, $23:

    Bouquets, $69:

    (also available in white, silver and purple)

    Bandolino, $48:

    White House Black Market, $40:

    Modcloth, $65:

    Olsenhaus, $50:

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    ***Hunter, there are details in here about my rehearsal dinner outfit. For the love of surprises, I command you to avert your eyes! Thanks, baby :)**** __________ Um, people, my rehearsal shoes are like whoa. Super cute, unique wedding rehearsal shoes that'll make ya drool! Has your love for a pair of shoes ever creeped up on you? You know, when you look at a…

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    'Memba when I fell in love with the unattainable Pradas? (potayto) Well, guess who's knocking them off for $69?!? Piperlime, yo! (potahto) Even though I've got my shoes for the big day (these wouldn't go anyway), I still kinda want them because 1) they're cute and 2) just to spite prada. Yeeeeeeeah, boyyyyyy.

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