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Hey everyone! Sorry for the week off, I was dealing with some family issues but I’m back! So when we went to the bridal expo a few months back, we signed up to do our wedding registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even know if we were going to do a registry, but they tempted me with the lure of free stuff.

I can’t say no to a free coffee mug!

So I signed up for a day a few months in the future. Unfortunately, I thought we were going to have to cancel or postpone it because Chris had Army stuff that weekend, but he ended up getting back in time, so we packed the kids up and off we went.

Now, I know I say this a lot, but taking my kids was not ideal. I adore my children, but their idea of a good time is not walking around a big store where they can’t touch anything and hearing me whisper/hiss “stoptouchingthatdon’ttouchyoursistersohelpme … ” We’re going to have to go back at some point, just Chris and I, but we did get a lot of the basics onto our list.

I was hesitant about making a registry — we already live together and have everything we need — but after talking to a few of my married friends who also lived together and had registries, it makes sense to have one. So we put down a lot of things that we could upgrade. New dishes, cups and silverware; upgraded kitchen supplies; upgraded bedding sets … it was kind of fun to go through everything and decide what we would really like to have.

The process was pretty simple.

We met with the lady in charge and she briefly explained everything to us, gave us a few pamphlets (and the mugs!) and sent us on our merry way with the cool scanner gun thing that I couldn’t get to work. Obviously user error, since Chris started showing off how he could scan things upside down, behind the back … the girls were at least amused!

So now we have a registry that hopefully we remember to go back and update at some point.

It was fun to pick things that we’d have to start our married life together. I think I’d also like to do an Amazon registry, I had a baby registry through them and it was great, and I also love me some Amazon. I feel like things will start snowballing soon — we have less than five months to go until the big day and I’m trying to hold off the impending freakout!

  • 2/22

    Share Your Love Story with LovebookI’m a total sucker for those “just because” gestures — and not just being on the receiving end of them. My husband is the very most fun person to surprise with little whimsies, whether it’s a photo book of our elopement or commissioning awesome family artwork. So when I found out about Lovebook and got the chance to create one just for him, I dove in head first. Because nothing makes happier than seeing my husband get misty over a gift I give him.

    And guys, he was stupid excited about it.

    The small hardcover book featured a little story of our stick figure alter egos that detailed many (but far from all) of the reasons why I love him … and was aptly titled “Everything’s Better With You.” Though I found the customization options a tad limited, I was able to create our likenesses enough that they bore enough of a resemblance to us — down to his side-part hair. Luckily, with stick figures, there isn’t much you can do in the way of effing up someone’s features, so you def. can’t offend them with your rendition of them. (My super non-artsy self sees this as a maj. bonus.)

    Lovebook reasons whyIf you’re lacking in overall creative juices, as I’ve been (apparently sleeplessness and infants go hand-in-hand), Lovebook has a huge variety of templates to choose from, which allows you to craft a cute story without having to wring your creativity dry. You can edit text and add images as you see fit or you can build the whole damn thing from scratch. I opted to add likenesses of our cats into a couple of the scenes, but otherwise went with prefabbed pages. Of course I toiled over what order to put them in, whether it was sweet enough or too cheesy, etc. I finally — realizing I’d have to just DO IT at some point — decided it was done and sent it off for printing. After a relatively quick turnaround — like a couple weeks, max! — it was in my mailbox and ready for my husband.

    Lovebook cuddling with kittiesHe loved it, and I love that he did.

    We tend not to do things like celebrate Valentine’s Day or get overly standardly romantical, instead opting for fun and meaningful gifts at unexpected times, and my Lovebook creation was perfect for exactly this.

    Lovebook end pageAt around $40 for a 5.5″x8.5″ glossy hardcover, it’s a lasting gift that won’t break the bank and can be revisited often. I love this idea as a gift for your partner on your wedding day, for your anniversary or just because. I also think it would make for a fun present for a ring bearer or flower girl, and be something of a keepsake for those littlest wedding crew members.

    Get started with your first Lovebook and score 10% off with code LOVEALWAYS10 at checkout!

  • 9/2

    Gift Boxes available from Etsy seller PenandFavor So you've broken down and started a registry -- or two -- but now you're not sure what to add. Maybe you're all adult-like and already have the basics like bedding and cookware. Maybe you've never lived on your own and have no idea what you might want or need right now ... and don't really care. Or maybe…

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    Aside from determining the guest list, registering was one of the most uncomfortable and awkward parts of the wedding process for Matt and I. When I was younger, I would write up page-long Christmas lists and distribute them to family members. I did this in part for the obvious reason, which was the fact that I was hoping to find the items off the list…

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    Gift Box available from Etsy seller BeforetheGown You may have seen a the story circulating in the media recently about a UK couple who contacted guests from their wedding because they weren't satisfied with their gift. According to the story, a couple wasn’t happy with the value of a gift they received from one of their wedding guests, and they sent them a note telling them so.…

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    Amidst all the hustle, bustle and must-dos on your list now that you're in the throes of wedding planning sits one single little nugget of awesome -- your registry! Now, of course it's not "proper etiquette" to discuss gifts, but you're "supposed" to inconspicuously set one of these bad boys up then let it be discovered by your guests through word of mouth. Everyone knows…

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    While our Black Friday post was a hodge-podge in the truest sense, we try to focus our Cyber Monday efforts specifically on wedding-y deals, so you can get the most bang for your buck while planning your badass wedding. Being that we are The Broke-Ass Bride, we understand the too legit value of getting the v. best deal possible, and what better way to do so…

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    Confession: I suck at writing thank you notes. It wasn't something that was a thing, really, as I was growing up -- I suspect my mother wrote them for me. Though, admittedly, this is NO excuse for not extending appreciation for someone else's graciousness. I've recently been trying to change my stubborn ol' ways (30 does that to you, y'all) and I found that if…

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    So, here you are. Ready to dive deep into the world of wedding planning and frothy dresses and parties and cake tastings and registries! While so many other parts of the whole wedding planning process can be stressful and frustrating and aggravating, the registry is (almost universally) the superfun part. If you are just starting to nest, the registry is where you can delightfully request…

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