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stickitI want to talk about body image. The pressure to look “perfect” in your dress on your big day. Bridal boot camps! Shredding for the wedding! Your 28-day pre-wedding detox diet! Finally drop those last 5/10/20 pounds for your big day! Blah blah blah.

I’m going to get real with you for a sec. I have more than my fair share of body image issues. I struggled with disordered eating as a teen because I hated the way my body looked compared to the images I saw in magazines and on TV. Over the years I wasted time, money and endless mental energy on my pursuit of the socially acceptable thin body. By my mid-20s, I recognized it as the oppressive crap it really was and I began to reject it. Therapy helped. Yoga helped. Getting really angry at the system helped. Then, I began body-building several years ago as a means of re-evaluating my relationship with exercise, as I still really enjoyed the positive impact on my sleep and mental health. I began focusing on getting stronger, not skinnier, and I began to look at eating as a way of nourishing my body rather than constantly trying to trick it into burning fat for fuel. This was my recovery – for many others it can look different.

However, when I got engaged, things changed.  I couldn’t help the nagging feeling that my dress would sit nicer on my hips and upper arms if I lost some fat there. I started upping the cardio and cutting the carbs. I started staring critically at myself in the mirror again. I got irritable and started snapping at my partner, sort of taking away from the romance of it all.  Then, I had a conversation that not only alerted me to what was happening to me (that I was beginning to relapse), but also, how much of a money-suck I was about to buy into.

I’d been attending a bootcamp class for about a year. I really enjoyed the fast pace, it got my heart pounding, released anxiety and got me thisclose to being able to do an unassisted pull up. Then, one night, I accidentally drop the f-word while I was chatting with the instructor – “fiancé”. I’m pretty sure the moment he realized I was getting married, I transformed from a person into one of those brown sacks with a giant dollar sign on it that cartoon robbers steal from banks. He started pushing personal training on me, dropping comments about “getting ready for the big day.” In the moment, I briefly considered it – he was a really good guy, and I liked the idea. Then the comments got more personal – how much weight do you want to lose? First off, I felt massively stereotyped. Hey man, I thought, you assume that because I’m female and getting married I automatically hate my body and want to lose weight? Further, your plan is to exploit that in order to make bank? He insisted the only way I was going to see “drastic changes” in my body was to come at least twice a week, with the price tag of approximately $480 a month. Sorry, dude, I didn’t (and never said that I did) want to make any drastic changes to my body. I walked out feeling uncomfortable as hell, and by the time I got home, I was pissed.

Ladies, the pressure to look perfect on your big day is real, prevalent and damn expensive. Being female in the first place is expensive, mind you; being a bride increases it 20-fold. Aside from the makeup, hair, dress, jewelry, shoes, you’ve got to have to have “the body” too.  Not to mention the boot camp-style classes that will allegedly give you the perfect body also result in super calloused hands and feet, plus shin bruises from box-jumps and dead-lifts gone awry. Add the cost of manicures, pedicures, and spray-on body concealer. Remember, you want to look fit, but you don’t want to in any way advertise you actually worked hard to get there!

Needless to say, it’s a losing game. If you are trying to plan this “perfect event,” managing a million expectations and budgeting while at the same time are spending hours in the gym and being hangry, well, that sounds like a terrible recipe for disaster. I’m not doing it. I will keep exercising because I love how it makes me feel, but I might be going someplace else.

Don’t buy into the BS, ladies. Be whoever you want to be on your wedding day.

  • 12/30

    You guys, I gained like a lot of weight over the holidays. I wasn’t able to work out for about a month, and let my hormones take over my hunger, and the holidays hit, and my parents were here for two weeks, which consisted of taking them to all our favorite restaurants and always ordering dessert… and, well… you can imagine the implications. The puffy, flabby, droopy implications. The lethargic, lazy, sloppy fallout. It ain’t pretty. And it don’t feel good.

    Honestly, I feel like poop. I had been doing so well earlier this year – working out regularly, eating well… and it was paying off! I felt slimmer, straighter, and stronger than ever. It was great. But now it feels like I’m back to square one, and I hate it. ESPECIALLY with my wedding coming up! So I’m taking back the reigns with a vengeance, and I’d love for you to join me!

    Remember last fall when we ran our first DietBet? It was a huge success! Over 4 weeks, our team of 512 players lost a total of 3,000lbs! THREE THOUSAND! That’s like, a whole elephant, you guys. And it was incredibly fun! We had an awesome community vibe of encouragement and accountability. And I gave away awesome prizes. AND I’M GIVING AWAY EVEN MORE AWESOME PRIZES THIS TIME!

    If you’re not familiar with the concept: It’s the hip new online social dieting game that has far more exciting stakes than just losing weight, or being healthier… if you reach your (very sensible, healthy) goal, you win money! And seriously, what’s better incentive than a healthier you AND free money? I sure do love me some free moneys…

    Both times I’ve done a Dietbet, I’m just blown away by what a fantastic system it is. It seems like such a no-brainer for brides and grooms-to-be, because while I’m sure you’re beautiful just the way you are, what better prep for your wedding day than the glow that only a regular exercise regime and healthy diet can impart? I mean, I’m going for the glow, fo sho!

    My next DietBet game for anyone who wants to join, starts Monday, January 6th.

    Join The Broke-Ass Bride's DietBet: lose weight, and make money!

    I love that they set a goal of 4% weight loss. It’s such a healthy, achievable goal. No more than 2lbs per week for most people, it’s definitely attainable. In my last bet, I had to lose 7lbs over the course of the 28 days. It wasn’t too intimidating, and that gave me confidence going in. The buy-in was $25, and we had a lot of successful participants in that bet, so everyone won $40 at the end – making a $15 profit! But I have friends who’ve done Bets where they won over $100 each. It all depends on how many people achieve their goal. But the best part is, as long as you meet your goal, you get at minimum, your initial bet back. So, it’s more like a deposit toward your health, rather than an expense.

    Join the Broke-Ass Bride's DietBet!

    I also love the community aspect. There’s a cheerboard, where we can log workouts, food choice successes and slip-ups, and cheer each other on. It has such a positive, supportive vibe around it, and it kept me engaged – checking in frequently – which kept me on task with my progress and consistently motivated toward my goal. There is no set diet or exercise plan. How you do it is up to you!

    Want more information on how it works? Check out this cute video explaining the system:

    To sweeten the deal, I’m giving away one fun, health-or-fitness related prize per week to random participants, as added motivation to keep powering through to the finish line. And at the end of the bet, I’ll be giving $100 gift card from Amazon to one of the “winners” who successfully lost 4% of their weight! During the last Bet, some of our prizes included a FitBit One, the Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred DVD, or an OXO good grips food scale, for example.

    Speaking of Fitbit, if any of you use one to track your activity, please add me so we can be FitBit friends and encourage eachother there as well! Paul and I are always competing for steps and achievements. It’s so easy, we just clip them on in the morning, and go about our day!

    I’ll also be sharing daily health, diet, and fitness tips on the DietBet cheerboard, and will do a weekly round-up post here celebrating our achievements. I hope to make it as informative and educational as well as inspirational and fun!

    Remember the DietBet starts a week from today – on Monday January 6th. The buy-in is $25, and remember, if you lose a mere 4% of your weight, you’ll win it back and probably more! The more who play, the bigger the pot, so come play and invest in your health before holiday season hits! Click here to join in the fun, and spread the word to all your friends!

    The Broke-Ass Bride
  • 11/22

    Stressed out thinking about the holiday stuff you have to do in addition to your wedding planning? Take a little time for yourself with Yoga Download! Whether you want something slow and meditative, heart-pumping action, or a quick stretch at your desk, Yoga Download has the program to suit your needs and abilities. Want yoga classes here and there as you have time? You can…

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    This is a friendly reminder that you can still join our Dietbet, which started today! The pot is up to a whopping $10,525 and we have TWO awesome Fitbit giveaways planned. The first one happens Wednesday of this week, so you best join up! If we get to 500 participants, we'll throw in an awesome kitchen scale giveaway too - so invite your friends! We'll…

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    As I think about what kind of dress I want for my third little stroll down the aisle, there's a little consideration that I can't deny - my big arm pit fat! You know what I'm talking about, that pookie roll (or rolls!) between your boob and your arm. The one that becomes all too obvious when wearing a strapless dress (which is what I'd…

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    I've been working with my local studio, the Pilates Bodyshop for several months now and its one of my favorite workouts EVER! The Fletcher Pilates method of low-impact, high-results training is amazing, but the fabulous ladies running the studio make it downright fun. I am so lucky to have such a great place so close to home! So when the girls at TPB were thinking…

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    If you're like me, and endure a constant nagging craving for salty, crunchy delights but can't bear the calorie counts on potato chips - meet my newest Flab to Fab secret weapon, and prepare to be satisfied!sourceI discovered Seas Gift Roasted Seaweed Snack treats thanks to my daily Hungry Girl emails, and haven't looked back since. They make my mouth so happy!Don't be scared off…

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    Every once in a while (or, if you're like me lately, every few days) a time comes in a person's life when splurging is simply the requirement of the day. Your day's splurge might be thanks to the blues, a celebration, hormones, boredom, entertaining, or any number of worthy (or unworthy) reasons.... but if you're going to do it, you wanna do it up RIGHT.Periodically,…

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