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So, one thing I wanted to wrap my head around before I got into the nitty-gritty of wedding planning was my list of DIY projects. I wanted to give myself plenty of time to do a test run for each project so that I could determine if:

  1. I had the skills or could learn the skills needed to create the item. I consider myself a crafting veteran, but I haven’t done EVERYTHING.
  2. I had the time needed to create all of the items before the wedding without pulling out my hair from the stress.
  3. I will actually save money by doing it myself, or if the money and time would be better spent on buying it ready made.

I’m lucky in that I have a lot of family and friends who have offered to help with my various projects. But of course, I don’t want to take advantage of their generosity. So, while I have the option of outsourcing various projects to my loved ones, I want to use that option sparingly. My wedding isn’t the center of their life, and I don’t want to stress them out with a million projects.

I don’t have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills.

So, with that said, I sat down with my wedding binder and wrote down everything that I could possibly DIY. I’m not going to do all of them, but I wanted to see what my options were. Once I wrote everything down, I started moving items into two buckets:

  1. DIY Projects – these are projects that I felt my fiancé or I could take on ourselves.
  2. Outsource To Family & Friends – these are projects that I have asked people to take charge of because it involves a skill set that they already possess.

I love making lists, it’s a sickness.

Putting my inner crafting goddess to work.

I’ve always loved decorating for parties, from my mom’s 50th birthday to my daughter’s 1st birthday and everything in between. I love, love, LOVE it! Therefore, decorating for my wedding was a no-brainer. Immediately, I placed ceremony décor and centerpieces into the DIY projects bucket. Next, I added stationery to include: Save-The-Dates, Invitations, RSVP cards and Thank You cards. I made the invitations for my daughter’s baptism, and I felt with enough time, they wouldn’t be a problem. Then, I added the backdrop for the sweetheart table. I’ve made backdrops before, for personal use and work events, and I felt that making one for the wedding was doable. 

Lastly, I stuck the selfie-station and the paper flowers in this bucket as well. I’m a little worried about making all of the paper flowers I need to decorate the ceremony and reception space. So, I might end up making some and buying some, or swap them for something else. We’ll see how the test run goes. As for the selfie-station, I haven’t decided what that will look like yet, so I have more work to do. However, I know I want to make it myself.

Next at bat: my fiancé.

I chose two projects that I had my heart set on, but doubted I could do them by myself. Since my fiancé is a whiz at building things, I asked him to build the ceremony aisle arches and door-frame ceremony entrance. I know you are probably asking yourself, what the hell are those? I wanted to give my ceremony aisle that wow factor, by adding some arches draped in fabric. Something you don’t see often. Since we plan on the ceremony being outside, I wanted to create the illusion of “entering” the ceremony space. Hence the doorframe.

My blueprint for the ceremony aisle arch that my fiance is going to build.

Outsourcing: No need for references.

The first project I added to this bucket was the wedding cupcakes. At first, I was going to do them myself. I used to work in a grocery store bakery as a cake decorator so I knew I could make them. But, I was worried about the timing and being stressed on my wedding day. One of my bridesmaids was also a cake decorator, so when she offered to make them I said, hell yeah! She’s going to do a tasting and everything, just like going to a bakery. I can’t wait. 

Next, I added the wedding signage to this bucket. My sister/ bridesmaid got a Cricut last year for Christmas, and it has upped her crafting game significantly. She doesn’t want to be “in charge” of the signage, but she can take the lead. Then, when she is busy, she can pull me in, which is just as good. If I had to do all of the signs by myself, I probably wouldn’t do half of them.  

Finally, I added the ceremony canopy where we will stand while we say our vows. My future sister-in-law/ grooms-maid is going to knock out this project for us. She is also handy, like her brother, and I thought she would do a great job with it. We are going to tag team it, she’s going to make the frame, and I am going to make the drapes.

My plan for the centerpieces, this is an early draft.

Don’t rush me, I’m still thinking about it!

Now, there are three projects I’m still mulling over, and I go back and forth on them:

  1. Flowers – I don’t want to make my bouquet, but I am unsure about doing the flower arrangements. If I can get some reasonable quotes, I would prefer to hire someone to take care of them, and not have that hanging over me. If I had more experience with flowers, I wouldn’t worry so much, but I seriously lack a green thumb.
  2. Favors – I want to have some type of edible favor, but I don’t want the stress of baking something in the days leading up to the wedding. That’s why I outsourced the cupcakes. I am mulling over the idea of using candy, and have to hit up Pinterest for some more ideas.
  3. Bridesmaid tank tops – I like the idea of my bridesmaids having matching tank tops on while we get ready the day of. I love those pictures and think it would be fun. However, I don’t know much about making them, and I haven’t researched ordering them, so they are still an unknown at this point.

Commence with the crafting parties!

Now that I have my list, I can start testing projects. My plan is to do a few each month so that I have time to come up with alternative ideas if needed. I would like to have a game plan in place by the New Year, so I can create a crafting timeline. I will make an offering to the crafting gods, in the hopes that they will bless this massive endevor. Luckily, nothing is set in stone and if some projects have to go, then they have to go.

Wish me luck!

  • 8/30

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewGuys, I’m so in love with / super proud of this DIY. Part of it is because I’m so DIY-dumb that I’m actually amazed I pulled this off and part of it is because I know you guys are going to totally love it. I mean, anything that can help keep you on top of your game while planning your badass, broke-ass wedding is gonna be something you dig, right?
    DIY or DIE Make a Broke-Ass Wedding Planner with Cricut Explore Air
    We’ve been asked time and time again to come up with some sort of planner / checklist for you guys and when Cricut approached me about creating an amazing DIY using their Cricut Explore Air machine I jumped at the chance to do just that. As part of Cricut’s Wedding Campaign, “It’s Your Story, Make It Personal,” I saw this as the perfect opportunity to create something gorgeous, useful and doable for even the DIY-incapable. Having looked at a bajillion wedding planners and notebooks over the years, I realize that most of them don’t really work for the kinds of weddings Broke-Ass couples have — mostly because they aren’t customizable enough, or are too rigid in the to-do and budget areas, which can get super overwhelming. Broke-Ass couples do weddings their way, and y’all should have a tool that helps you do just that. So with the help of Cricut and Canon, I set out to make a totally personalized, super flexible and still adorably useful wedding planner to help you stay organized and on top of your shizz.

    If you’re not familiar with Cricut and their cutting machines here’s the rundown: You know all those cool vinyl decals, precision-cut paper goods and unique lettered signs you’ve seen on Pinterest and moped over not being able to pull off yourself? Well, with one of these bad boys, you can. The Cricut Explore Air can cut over 60 materials, making it a veritable wanna-be DIYer’s dream come true (click here for a list of all the shizz the Cricut can cut). I was more than a little overwhelmed when I first got my machine, because, again: DIY-dumb. But after playing around with it (and feeling the overwhelming need to label my silverware holders), I got super giddy about all the stuff I could do with the machine. There are easy tutorials and instructions available on Cricut‘s site and YouTube, and there is pretty much no limit to the amount of creative awesomeness you can bring to life. Not to mention, Cricut is going to have some baller-ass giveaways and prizes every week this month — we’re talking wedding dresses, craft goodies, wholesale wedding flowers and even a honeymoon (OMG). Stay tuned at the bottom of the post for more deets.

    DIY or DIE:

    Make a Broke-Ass Wedding Planner with Cricut Explore Air

    Supplies for The Broke-Ass Bride Wedding PlannerSupplies:

    Cricut Explore Air

    Printer (Canon MG7720)

    Free BAB Downloads

    White 12×12 Cardstock  (x 11)

    8.5×11 Paper (lined or unlined)

    Washi Sheets

    Standard Grip Cutting Mat

    Transfer Tape

    Pearl Paper 

    Double-sided Tape

    Hole Punch

    Paper Fasteners

    Paper Trimmer

    How To:

    Step 1:

    Download and Print Free Broke-Ass Printables:

    Wedding Planning Checklist

    Budget Worksheet

    Guest List Worksheet (print 2 copies — one for you, one for your partner)

    Planner Cover Design (make sure it saves as .png)

    Canon PIXMA M7720 Wireless All-In-One PrinterStep 2:

    Head over to Cricut Design Space and upload the Planner Cover Design and insert into project. I stretched the dimensions of the design so that the top left corner began where the 1 and 1 intersect and the top right corner was at 8. The design will stay proportional when you stretch the image. Add whatever text you’d like. To replicate our design, use the following fonts and sizes:

    To Do: Straight & Simple, 172.8

    Before: Penmanship, 56.41

    I Do: Yours Truly, 186.3

    Tip: If you can’t see the text, click under the Layers tab on the righthand side, click the text layer and make sure it’s white. Because this is a cut-only project, the actual color doesn’t matter. It may also help to right-click on the background design and click “Send backward.”

    Ensure all layers have a little scissors icon next to them so the Cricut knows to cut them. Click on each of the text layers and hit “attach.”

    Planner Cover in Cricut Design SpaceStep 3:

    Choose Washi Sheet pattern. Attach to Standard Grip Mat. Power on Cricut, turn dial to Vinyl and load mat. Click “Go” in Design Space and follow the instructions. Watch the magic happen.

    Cricut Cutting Washi SheetStep 4:

    Washi Sheets tend to be a bit fragile, so carefully peel the mat from the sheet and using the weeding tool peel the outline and letters from the backing. Cut enough transfer tape to cover the design, remove backing and place transfer tape over design. Use the scraper to ensure tape is air bubble-free. Using spatula if necessary, carefully peel transfer tape + Washi sheet from back and place on white cardstock. Use scraper and spatula to press Washi design onto cardstock and clear air bubbles and carefully peel off transfer tape.

    Using a paper trimmer, trim cardstock with design to 8.5″ x 11″.

    Planner Cover Design with Transfer TapeStep 5:

    Trim two pieces of card stock and one piece of Pearl card stock to 9.25″ x 12″. Using double-sided tape, affix Pearl cardstock to one piece of white cardstock to make it sturdier. Center cardstock with design on Pearl cardstock and affix with double-sided tape.

    Step 6:

    Trim 8 pieces of white cardstock to 8.5″ x 11″. Print one of each of these graphics on the cardstock (click to embiggen).

    Step 7:

    Arrange papers into piles:

    From top: The Broke-Ass Bride Wedding Planning Checklist, Yay! You’re Engaged Cardstock, The Broke-Ass Bride Budget Worksheet, a few sheets of blank paper.

    9 Months To Go Checklist, Guest list Worksheet, a few sheets of blank paper.

    6 Months To Go Checklist, a few sheets of blank paper.

    3 Months To Go Checklist, a few sheets of blank paper.

    1 Month To Go Checklist, a few sheets of blank paper.

    2 Weeks To Go Checklist, a few sheets of blank paper.

    1 Week To Go Checklist, a few sheets of blank paper.

    1 Day To Go Checklist.

    Collating Planner PapersStep 8:

    Using hole punch (I highly recommend not being a dummy like me and using a three-hole punch instead of a single-punch), align piles and punch holes.

    Arrange piles so 1 Day To Go Checklist is on the bottom and working upward so The Broke-Ass Bride Wedding Planning Checklist is on top.

    Center paper on cover and blank cardstock. Punch holes in cover pieces. “Bind” planner with fasteners (optional: Use twine, ribbon or other material to tie together binding.”

    Step 9:

    Marvel at your mad DIY skillz, go forth and plan!

    For this project, I used the Canon PIXMA MG7720 Wireless All-In-One Printer, which was generously provided to me by Canon. If you’re considering DIYing your invitations or any part of your wedding day paper goods, I can’t recommend this printer enough — it can print on a huge variety of materials, does a quick, quiet and precise job and … you can do it all without leaving your couch, even if the printer’s across the room (wireless, yo!).

    This Week’s Cricut Contest:

    Win $1500 toward a Celia Grace Wedding Dress! *Swoon*

    We love a gorgeous gown, but we really really love a gorgeous gown that is also eco, ethical and fair trade. Made with both beauty and integrity in mind, Celia Grace gowns focus on the women who will wear them down the aisle and the women who bring the gowns to life. Unlike many wedding gowns, which are made with gnarly petroleum-based fabrics that do nothing but muck up Mother Nature, Celia Grace gowns are crafted with natural fibers or small-batch textiles to decrease their carbon footprint while increasing their true beauty. Whenever possible, the gowns are made with silk woven on traditional wooden looms, which helps preserve tradition and keeps the profits where they belong — in the hands of the poor rural women who put the work into the fabrics.

    Cricut-BadgeHead on over to Cricut to enter to win $1500 toward your own Celia Grace Wedding Dress!

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    OMG, just over 60 days to go?? Things are getting a little project crazy up in here, ya'll. With my invitations finally, Finally, FINALLY out the door, I've started working on some small projects. I have a couple big ones left to go (centerpieces and table numbers and escort cards, oh my!), but I need a little recovery time with projects that come in small,…

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    We've talked about my DIY skillz before (read: they don't exist). If I were set out into the wild of crafting land (Michael's), I'd have no freaking clue where to start, what kind of goodies to get, etc. I mean, it's very likely I'd get caught in a vortex of "Oooh! Shiny!" and "Lookit all the pretty coooolllloooorrrrsssss!!!" and I'd walk out with paint and…

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    I must admit, I'm not much of a crafter. Sure, I dabbled in cross-stitching, rug hooking, and sewing back in my middle and high school days.  This mostly led to a bunch of abandoned, half-finished projects.  My creative talents mainly revolve around cameras, not quilts or paints.  Basically, Martha Stewart, I am not. However, a budget backyard wedding definitely calls for some crafting, whether I like…

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    So, there you are, DemiGoddess of DIY! You are sitting there, glossy-eyed with excitement at the pile of crafting stuff you just acquired from Michael's Arts & Crafts. You ... you are a magnificent creature. And I have a project for you. Today, we're making Delicate Paper Flowers and celebrating how amazingly crafty we are! But first, I have a DIY or DIE tip: Start Small.…

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