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So we are exactly a week away from our wedding date and just like when I got engaged, everyone keeps asking me the same questions.

Are you getting excited?

Are you nervous?

I nearly dropped kicked my poor father in the throat yesterday for being the 634876506 person to ask me that.

Cutting out monograms for dad handkerchiefs

No, I am not excited. I am on the brink of having an anxiety melt down honestly. No I’m not worried about getting married or spending my life with Michael or anything that dramatic. I’m more just pacing back and forth anxiously with my clipboard backstage, triple-checking with my stage hands to make sure everything is in place before the curtain rises.

Completed Dad Handkerchiefs (and grandpa and best man)

My mother is not doing a single thing to assist in calming my anxiety explosions. She insisted that she wanted to get the officiant for the wedding as she did not like my first choice person. Fine, whatever, not worth a battle. Fast forward to now, a week before the wedding and she STILL DOES NOT HAVE A PERSON. Yep, did you just hear the record scratch and audience gasp of horror too? Mom and I both work in financial aid in colleges. I get that it is her busiest time of year, but it wasn’t a few months ago. She has had a very long time to do this and simply has not. *grinds teeth*

Gift boxes I made for all 12 of the handkerchiefs

Mom and I went to Sam’s Club yesterday to get a ton of supplies we’ll need for the wedding like coffee cups, bowls for the ice cream, soda, etc. As we are standing in the aisle that has the disposable chafing dishes and I’m getting ready to put more pans in the cart, she clears her throat and declares she has changed her mind and wants to rent them instead. *pinches bridge of nose*

This was a Saturday.

Most rental places are closed on the weekend. I am getting married in seven days. You decide now you want to try to rent something for Labor Day Weekend? *begins counting as high as I can in Japanese and then German*

Applying Vinyl to Bridesmaid Cups

It’s the tiny little bits of chaos like this that are causing me to eat TUMS like candy. I overcame one of my giant hurdles last night and tried on my dress again. It fits, mostly. I’ve been much more active in the past few months as the new job requires walking about three miles a day. I’ve lost 26lbs since April. My last dress fitting was in maybe May or June. The dress is a tiny bit loose on top in the boob area but my mom and sister insist that it doesn’t look bad and it’s all in my head how very loose it is. On some level I know they are just trying to have me calm down and get me to embrace something that I couldn’t change even if I wanted to. Hopefully they are right. As I look out at the barren field where I sow all my fucks, I realize I have had no more to give for quite some time.

Finished Bridesmaid Cup

I’ve been working like mad the past few days finishing up the last of the wedding projects. I finished making all the handkerchiefs for the dads, made gift boxes for all the boys pocket handkerchiefs, finished the cups for the girls, and several other projects. Getting things done and being able to check them off the list is incredibly calming. I know that by Wednesday, whatever is still not done is simply not getting done. It helps calm the inner freak out. These tiny moments of zen are what will get me to the wedding day. I’ve started making a point of telling people in the office to warn others off asking me if I’m excited. The next person to ask very well may find my foot lodged in their throat.

Have you reached this point in planning your wedding yet?

  • 8/22

    My wedding is two weeks away and I have never felt such a flurry of emotions! Despite some stresses, however, the excitement is definitely in the forefront as we near the final countdown.

    In the spirit of lists, here are a couple related to my big day.

    10 things I am most looking forward to:

    10. My university friend group, which has been scattered across the country, finally reuniting in one place after a long time.

    9. Introducing my old friends to my new friends and hopefully seeing them hit it off.

    8. Looking like a freaking beauty queen in my dress.

    7. Getting to seeing my family, and my fiance’s family, who live in another part of the country.

    6. Getting dressed up with my bridesmaids.

    5. Seeing my brother, who lives in dirty jeans and T-shirts, in a suit for the first time in my life.

    4. Dancing the night away. I haven’t been to a club in years, as I’ve lost my patience for extremely crowded places with overly-friendly strangers. I can’t wait to shake it to my heart’s content with people who I actually want close to me! Also, I got to pick the music.

    3. My bachelorette party with all of the amazing ladies that I call my friends.

    2. Dancing with my husband to our first dance song. We sneakily even learned a touch of choreography for it and are going to surprise everyone when we bust out some sick moves. I’m otherwise known for having two left feet.

    1. Marrying the love of my life.

    4 of my favorite personal touches:

    4. Since we get to supply our own alcohol, Ev and I are going to have an insane hand-picked collection of our favorite local craft beers for our guests to sample.

    3. I made all of the signage myself: Seating charts, guestbook signs, etcetera. I created a simple watercolor paintings on canvas and then wrote over top in gold acrylic paint and gold sharpie.

    real bride holly signs

    2. My “first dance” with my dad isn’t actually a dance. He’s not a dancer, and one of my best memories with him is singing along to the radio in the car.  So, instead we are going to do karaoke and so air guitar to Queen.

    1. My homemade wedding cake!

    What are you looking forward to? What are your favorite personal touches? Share in the comments!

  • 6/12

    Wedding countdown chalkboard available from Etsy seller LavishLilLuxuries Earlier this month, it was the one-year anniversary of the day he proposed. Not to sound cliche, but I cant believe how much time has flown since then. We've also hit the three-month countdown until the wedding and that is an incredibly exciting and yet terrifying feeling. While we have all of our gotten our vendors booked, deposits…

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    One thing is for sure -- the last month before our wedding has flown by. It's crazy to think that we used to we have to specify the year of our wedding date when people asked when the big day was, since it was so far away. And now it's three days away!! Surprisingly, things have been pretty calm around here except for the few last-minute ideas…

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    Time is closing in on me guys! Four days to go and the day will be here. If there is one thing I’ve heard from people over and over again, it’s that the wedding itself will come and go like a flash and there’s a good chance you won’t remember most of it. That’s kind of how these last few days have been going too.…

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    A little daily caffeine-filled reminder never hurt. From Etsy seller MagicCityDesigns Big revelation this week for me: I'm not the only person getting married! After all the stress of the last few weeks, I finally managed to download all my pondering, worries, and tasks to El Fiance. BABs: Top Tip for a stress-free wedding is INVOLVE YOUR PARTNER! I know it can be tempting to…

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    Hey BABs! I've gotta level with ya. I'm struggling to pen something today, and it's not because I'm filled with ennui. Source It's because my brain is whirling around with too much stuff to concentrate on one topic for more than five seconds! So today's post will be a reflection of the mayhem in my brain, and will simply be a random assortment of musings…

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    Photo: Persimmon Images  It’s not always the first meeting. Sometimes it’s the second meeting where it comes up: “The wedding timeline I found online says that I should have started planning this seven months ago. I’m supposed to have my engagement photos and my lingerie by now!” Or something to that effect. Basically, whatever  you’ve done so far, whenever you are, the clock on the wall…

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    While Real Bride Peach has already been a married lady for a few weeks now, she kindly saved some of her pre-wedding posts to keep us going until she gets all of her pro photos back. Here's the final one before she delves into deets of her big day! Photo Credit: Lee Patterson Photography Looking back on this last year, it's been surreal. There were…

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