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Yay! Wedding season is coming! You’ve gotten a stack of Save the Dates all stuck on your fridge, your calendar is filled out and you’re looking forward to it. It’s so full of love, fun, friends, reunions, Champagne …

And wardrobe worries.

With all these weddings, ranging from black tie to destination to cocktail dress codes, what’s a broke-ass to do? The same getup surely won’t suffice for this range of occasions.

Luckily, the Gilt Wedding Event is going on RIGHT NOW, which means you can score a plethora of designer duds for a fraction of the retail price. Add a little bauble here, a strappy sandal there and mix in a new LBD … and voila! You’re stylin’ and high-profilin’ without breaking the bank!

With the Gilt Wedding Event offerings, you can easily find super affordable pieces to update your current wardrobe, or if you sleuth hard enough, you could emerge with a whole new range of options just for this season’s events!

Black Tie

The wedding budget might be high, but that doesn’t mean you need to bust your own budget finding the right outfit! Here are 11 pieces we love under $150:

Lotus Threads Floral Brocade Dress, $123.99 | Kenneth Jay Lane Triple Wire Ball Statement Earrings, $25| ABS by Allen Schwartz Lace Scalloped Inset Gown, $129.99 | Halston Heritage Jersey Twist Keyhole Dress, $114.99 | Lucca Couture Off Shoulder Maxi Dress, $65 | Kenneth Jay Lane Pearl Textured Oval Statement Ring, $25 | Ava & Aiden Bow Back High Heel Sandal, $79 | Amarita Singh Karina Drop Earrings, $14.99 | Ava & Aiden Cutout Leather Sandal $119 | Cara Couture Jewelry Black Line Drop Earrings, $39

Daytime / Destination

There’s nothing quite like a light, airy dress, fun pops of accessories and generally looking amazeballs in broad daylight. Here are some of our favorite items for under $150:

Walter Baker Derdra Floral Dress, $99 | Shoshanna One Side Seam Fit and Flare Dress, $89.99 | Likely Avalon Pleated Midi Dress, $99 | Adrianna Papell Embellished Pleated A-Line Dress, $125 | Gorjana Mae Shimmer CZ Pendant Necklace, $35 | Ava & Aiden Gathered Flare Dress, $65 | Seychelles Thyme Wedge Sandal, $75 | Amrita Singh Sonia Cuff, $25 | Jules Smith Gemma Drop Earrings, $35 | Paper Crown Mesa Dress, $119 | Paper Crown Maricopa Dress, $109 | Elorie High Heel Two Piece Sandal, $69 | DVF Soiree Small Leather Crossbody, $109 | C/meo Collective Hold Tight Slip Dress, $65

Cocktail Hour / All Dolled Up

Somewhere between the more relaxed daytime event and the swanky black-tie soiree is the uber glam yet still fun cocktail hour wedding. We dug up 14 pieces perfect for one of these fun affairs for under $150:

Rachel Rachel Roy Ombre Sequin Sheath Dress, $85 | Pure Navy V-Neck Choker Sheath Dress, $99 | Ava & Aiden Bow Back High Heel Sandal, $89 | Pure Navy Off the Shoulder Dress, $125 | Amrita Singh Cleo Drop Earrings, $25 | Rachel Rachel Roy Striped Sequin Shift Dress, $99 | Amrita Singh Ayla Drop Earrings, $29 | Schutz Glassy Strappy Leather Sandal, $89 | Cara Couture Jewelry Blue White Crystal Drop Earrings, $29 | Renvy Sequin Sheath Dress, $99.99 | Pure Navy Halter Fit ‘n’ Flare Dress, $49.99 | Kenneth Jay Lane Faceted Emerald Crystal Teardrop Earrings, $49.99

Of course, these picks are only a small smattering of the options available, and if you have a little more to splurge, there are plenty of haute pieces available. Gilt is also a great destination for those wedding gifts, whether you’re building your own registry or buying for friends. But hurry! The Gilt Wedding Event ends in 2 days!

Click here to shop the Gilt Wedding Event today!

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    Affiliate Disclaimer New13659077_941714765974703_8080958179188328923_n

    Ladies, let’s talk accessories and all those little glitters that add to your look. If you are a tomboy like me, you may be completely out of your league when it comes to this. I know I felt like I was. I think the thing I had the absolute hardest time finding was shoes and a veil.

    When you’re in the bridal shop trying on a billion dresses, and you think you’ve found the dress, magical bridal shop fairies descend from upon high and begin tossing accessories at you to go with it. Oh, well let’s try on this veil, see how you feel. You want a belt, sure, bling or no bling dear? Tiara, we’ve got 20! That’s actually how I landed on my hair sparkly. I went to Low’s Bridal in Arkansas to buy my wedding dress (yes that is 1200 miles from my house … long story). I’d finally found the dress and the shop fairies had descended with every single veil in the entire store. I had at least 20 pinned, clipped or draped over my head. Conclusion? I apparently CANNOT make a veil look attractive. You know it’s bad when your grandmother cocks her head and says, “are you sure you like that one?” No hurt feelings grandma, I know I look like a dork, thanks for at least telling me though.


    At Lows there are also apprentice shop fairies who haven’t earned their wings yet. I had two apprentice shop fairies to go with my shop fairy. One of the apprentices had been quietly watching the proceedings and was hit with inspiration. She came over, pulled my hair back into a twist, and stuck in her hair sparkly. I looked into the mirror and knew that we were done, it was lovely. There is a rushing of wind and bells when you find the perfect accessory … or perhaps that is the sound of a fairy getting her wings.20161228_135239

    So boom, I landed the dress and hair stuff all in one trip. Now for shoes.

    Confession time: I bought my dress in July.

    I just now have been able to find my shoes, the perfect shoes. I am a tomboy and lack the ability to walk in heels without looking like a newborn giraffe. So, I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of Mary Jane style shoes for months now. The strap makes me feel less like I’m going to tip out of them and onto my nose and Mary Janes generally have a shorter heel. I did fall in love with these heels by Ruby Shoo on Modcloth, but the heel was surprisingly high. I’m also a solid 7.5, and the European sizes just do not get me close to that.


    Feature Presentable Mary Jane Heel, $79.99 from ModCloth

    Amazon was good to me and recommended the ones I will be going down the aisle in. These Chase & Chloe Kimmy-21s are adorable. I plan on adding glitter around the edge stitching to give them a little more flash. I may also glitter the heel. At $27 they are crazy cheap and comfy. Be careful if you go the super cheap shoe route. The first pair I ordered came wrapped in all the paper that shoes no one has ever worn them, but there was a gash on the side of one of them. Inspect your cheap shoes thoroughly before your return window closes.


    Chase & Chloe Kimmy-21 Mary Janes, $26.45 from Amazon

    No I just need to find a necklace and earrings.

    How did you find your accessories? Did you have to hunt them down or was it super easy? Share your story in the comments!

  • 11/28

    Happy Monday, darlings! I hope you all had a great, restful Turkey weekend. As per usual, the holiday shopping has been kicked into high gear, and since finding a killer bargain is essential to any Broke-Ass wedding, I'd be remiss if I neglected to share these awesome Cyber Monday deals with you. Since Black Friday was a mashup of all the things, Cyber Monday's deals are concentrated…

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    While our Black Friday post was a hodge-podge in the truest sense, we try to focus our Cyber Monday efforts specifically on wedding-y deals, so you can get the most bang for your buck while planning your badass wedding. Being that we are The Broke-Ass Bride, we understand the too legit value of getting the v. best deal possible, and what better way to do so…

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    Suit shopping is hard — take it from someone who shops A LOT. Let's just get rid of the suits for work and wear T-shirts and jeans forever, #amirite? Well, certain occasions call for a fancy suit and a wedding is one of them. Whether your a groom, a groomsman or just need an inexpensive suit, the list below is just for you. Pick your…

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    It’s so easy to get caught up in our own Quest for the Dress, that sometimes we overlook the other people who want to look smashing for our big day. My bridesmaids were mostly helpful and each chose different dresses that made them feel their best, but finding a fantastic frock for my mother was quite an undertaking. Recently, I shared the story of why…

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    Image courtesy of Photo Pink Dear Heather, I have no idea where to start for my bridesmaids' dress shopping. Help! Apanda Dear Apanda, I have a confession to make: I hate shopping for clothing. Therefore, I am probably not the best person to be answering this. Hopefully, though, some of our readers will chime in and leave some comments! I'm not sure if you're struggling…

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    The weekend is upon us, so before you bust out your shopping shoes and grease up that debit card, take a gander at the 10 rockin' deals I found for this week's Ten for the Weekend! Whether you're aching for some killer Cole Haan pumps or scheming ways to share your wedding photos, there's surely something her to strike your fancy! 1. Make sure your…

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    Oh JCrew,What's up with you? How is it possible that with such a gorgeous, playful and rich color line of bridesmaids dresses, you don't offer ties to match for the groomsmen? Srsly. How hard could it be.... just take a bit of that leftover girly fabric, fold it over and sew it.... right? With such a beautifully unique line of bridal options, can we just…

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