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I’m about to tell you something you might find shocking.  But hold onto your hats, because our wedding is going to be a….MEAT FREE ZONE!

That’s right folks!  I am a longtime vegetarian and Zach rarely eats meat nowadays.  So we won’t be serving anything that used to breathe and have eyeballs at our wedding.  I think a lot of our non-vegetarian friends and family members are surprised we’re doing this.  But really, even if we were hiring a caterer, I wouldn’t want to pay for people to eat in a way I don’t believe in.  Because we’re cooking all the food ourselves, of course we’re not going to serve meat.  I don’t even know how to cook it!

I hope that people aren’t upset about not eating meat and I really hope they enjoy our food.  If it forces them to try something new, then good!  Maybe some will realize that it is possible to eat a satisfying and delicious meal without meat.  Maybe some will freak out and slam burgers before they come.  I don’t really care.  At least we’ll be showing off our values (and our mad cooking skills, hopefully) on our wedding day!As a side note, I have been to several weddings at which vegetarian options were not even offered!  Both times the couple knew that a few guests were veggie, but I don’t know if it slipped their minds or they just didn’t care.  Last time my friend and I (the only two vegetarians) couldn’t even eat the salad or pasta salad because both had bacon in them!  We ate only bread and potatoes and thus got extra drunk and rowdy with no food in our stomachs.

Vegetarian taco bar! (Photo source:

Maybe I have a slight vendetta, but after not being able to eat at weddings I’ve been invited to, I am super pumped to turn the tables on everyone and not serve any meat!  I promise that the food will be delicious and that there will still be lots of protein (beans, guacamole) and cheese (we’re not vegan).

Is it crazy to have a totally-veggie reception?  Do you think people will freak out or enjoy the food?  Have you ever been invited to a wedding you couldn’t eat at?

  • 11/15

    Put down that meat – its Monday, yo!

    We here at Broke-Ass HQ like to keep lunches light, easy, cheap, and palate-pleasing… so the BLT has become a common default for our mid-day meal. But we’ve put our own special spin on this oldie but goodie, taking it from a porky classic to VEGGIETASTIC. It’s quickly become Hunter’s favorite sandwich – he begs for it on a near daily basis!

    By subbing out healthier alternatives for the bread, bacon and mayo, and by adding the creamy goodness of avocado – this sammich brings the decadently creamy, crunchy and salty flavor party to your mouth, without all the narsty saturated fat!


    • 2 slices of your favorite bread. (We love Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Breads. The sprouting process activates beneficial enzymes which cause the grains to sprout and become living and nutrient-rich. Plus, they’re the YUM.)
    • 3 slices veggie bacon (Vegan Alert! MorningStar has egg in it, but there are vegan alternatives like Lightlife Smart Bacon)
    • 1/4 ripe avocado
    • 1/2-1 Tbsp. Mayonnaise (We LOVE Vegenaise – a non-dairy mayo alternative that beats out mayo in taste tests among all our friends)
    • 1-2 leaves romaine lettuce (has more nutrients than iceberg)
    • 1 fresh tomato, sliced
    • Salt/Pepper to taste

    First, toss your bread into the toaster to get it nice and warm and toasty just the way you like it. While that’s running, saute your bacon slices over low-medium heat in a nonstick pan until it just slightly begins to brown on both sides. A squirt of oil in the pan will help it crispify. (Hint: the lower and slower it cooks, the better it is!)

    When the toast is ready, slather one slice of bread with your 1/4 avocado, mashed. Spread the other slice with your mayo (or mayo alternative). Stack up your lettuce, tomato and bacon slices… sprinkle with a little salt and pepper… slice it up, and VOILA! A no-fuss, no-muss, healthy twist on an old favorite.

    Admiring that professional construction? Using the avocado as glue for the tomatoes, and mayo as glue for the bacon, helps to hold the sammich together like a happy, tasty family.  And just look at how happy it can make a hubby! Who could resist?

    Got a Meatless Monday recipe to share? Want to see me de-meat-ify your favorite? Hit me up in the comments, and happy cooking!

    {Missed last week’s meatless wonder? Check out our vegan pumpkin harvest alfredo too!}

    The Broke-Ass Bride