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#GownHunter Wanted

It’s wedding planning season, and the team at The Broke-Ass Bride has been inundated with Can’t Afford It? Get Over It! requests, and we need a fashion-savvy contributor with an eye for detail and spend-thriftiness to help divvy out the broke-ass friendly versions of fabulous designer gowns.

Does that sound like something you’d be super good at doing? Awesome! Here are the things we need from you, intrepid #GownHunter:

– Be willing to commit to posting 2x a month. This is every other week, darling, and the deadline is real.

– Know how to string a few words together

– Be super stoked about helping brides find a good broke-ass friendly dress of their dreams, and a general love of weddings

– Understand that we’re a baby biz, and for right now we can only compensate in high-fives, possible freebies, discounts and the potential for moving into a paid position, as well as stellar recommendations and a chance to enhance your writing/blogging skillz

Sound like something you’d dig? Here’s how to apply:

Put together a Pinterest board of Hayley Paige’s “Mona” lookalikes with a top budget of $800. Include 10-15 gowns. Email with an introduction, short writing sample and a link to your Pinterest board. Subject: #CAIGOI

  • 12/23

    Happy Holidays from Team Broke-Ass

    Hey BABs! Whew, what a year! We had some great times, some hard times and some just flat out rad times. Huge things happened near and far — from the very scary to the very wonderful (hello, marriage equality!) in 2016. There were amazing Real Weddings; some seriously rad DIYs; riveting, overwhelming and always relatable Real Bride Stories; and sage, on-point advice from our stellar wedding pros. Behind the scenes, Christen got married and had a baby and our book is still climbing the charts.

    Because it’s been such a good (and insane) year, we’re giving ourselves a little break over the holidays (because we earned it, damnit). Though we won’t be posting any new content to the site until after the new year, we will continue sharing some of our favorite stories, inspirations, how-tos and real weddings on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. But don’t worry, we’ll still be around, prettifying things on the back end, collecting perfect nuggets of wisdom and adding your Can’t Afford It? Get Over It! requests and Broke-Ass Advice pleas to the calendar.

    We’re also searching for some new Real Brides and Can’t Afford It? Get Over It! shopping gurus! If you’re interested in either, email with a little info about yourself and for Real Weddings, about your wedding. If you’re interested in CAI/GOI, send us a link to a Pinterest board with one designer gown and your get over it offerings! Put #TeamBrokeAss and either Real Bride or CAI/GOI in the subject line!

    Thank you all for helping to make this year as un-freaking-believable as it was! We hope your holidays are filled with love, wonder, glitter, unicorns and general badassery.


  • 5/29

    Hey you! Yeah, you: If you're at least 6 months away from your wedding day and have a way with words, then we want you to come play with Team Broke-Ass and blog about your planning process! So if you dig the wedding blogging world and want to dive on in, c'mon! The water's great! We're looking for a few good newbies to join the fun…

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    #RuinAWeddingIn5Words is pretty much the greatest hashtag since #duh. Guys, the Game of Thrones author made my life with this. Tidewater and Tulle has been killing it with the DIYs lately, and these little Queen of Hearts favors are no exception. Are you an introvert? Budget Savvy Bride has some great tips on weddings for wallflowers. If supermarket flowers are kinda your only option due to…

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    BABs, we're knocking off a bit early today, but before we do, we wanted to be sure to wish you a happy, wonderful and safe holiday. We're going to take a little break from regular posting until the New Year, but we'll be revisiting some of our top posts of 2014. In the meantime, though, we'll hard at work getting some shiny new DIYs together,…

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    Hey you! Yeah, you! Do you spend your days thinking about weddings, dreaming up different themes, schemes and gorgeous details? Can you easily get lost in the pages of gorgeous bridal magazines or scrolling through wedding blogs? Do you have a Pinterest board(s) dedicated to various ideas and styles for the big day? Fantastic! We need that head-in-the-clouds kinda gal as The Broke-Ass Bride's new…

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    HI! I'm Emily. An Athens, GA-based freelance writer, blogger, and vintage lover. Some of you have met me before - I do a lot of work for the Broke-Ass Bride "behind-the-scenes" - gathering deals for the newsletter, sourcing giveaway items, writing the odd sponsored blog post - you know, doing a lot of that Broke-Ass BRAND-Y stuff. But today, I'm stepping into the blog spotlight…

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