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Hiya BABs! What have you accomplished in your planning this week? Now be honest, how much of it involved Pinterest?

Pinterest can be a double-edged sword for couples planning a wedding, both your BFF and worst enemy, the coach in your corner, or your opponent about to take you down for a TKO. Arguably, social media may even be killing weddings. In today’s post, we’ll examine The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of planning a wedding with the help of Pinterest.


The Good: Pinterest is a Warehouse of Wedding Inspiration

I’m sure I don’t need to tell most of you about the advantages of using Pinterest: It’s a gorgeous, centralized place to store your visual inspiration for weddings or any other project or event you’re planning — a veritable digital picture diary, if you will. House redecorating? Pinterest to the rescue! Need tips on cleaning, holiday recipes, or a DIY craft idea for homemade gifts? Pinterest has it all — and if not, you can easily add almost anything you find on the Web with the click of that little Pin It button. You can share secret boards with family, friends, or your hairstylist or wedding planner (if you’re going that route) while hiding surprises from the rest of the world. Or you can share images you find, and tag friends, like, or comment to keep others in the loop.

Pinterest Color Trends

The Bad: Pinterest Enables Indecision

Pinterest has to be one of the top purveyors of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), right behind glossy magazines and “reality” television shows. There’s always more to see, and the sheer quantity of pins and therefore options and ideas can seriously overload the senses. It’s easy to get lost in the “research” (legit!) and never take action, making it a perfectly unproductive distraction from the more challenging and less pleasant wedding planning tasks. (Fess up! How many pins do you have in your Stuff Imma Make Someday board?) And we’ve all seen (or even experienced … ahem!) the Pinterest fails — expectation vs. reality. DIY projects often require a degree of skill that may not be disclosed in inspiration images — especially if you don’t bother to click the link to the source page — and our optimism might overshadow reason. (“I can totally knit 150 mini-sweaters for beer bottles as favors for my wedding that’s a month away!”)

Pinterest Gowns

The Ugly: Pinterest Might Blow Your Budget … And Your Confidence

Worst of all, though, is that Pinterest can fuel neverending consumption, the longing for more, more, MORE!!! And that’s bad news for BABs planning budget weddings. You’ll put together your Wedding Inspiration Board only to see The. Most. Amazing. Wedding. Ever. on Pinterest two months later and want to change the entire thing, right down to the venue you’ve put a deposit on or the fully paid gown sitting in your closet. Guys, I’m here to tell you that this is dangerous, both for your budgets and for your sanity- – as well as the sanity of those around you.

The Solution: Moderation With Inspiration

So what’s a Pinterest-addicted BAB to do? My recommendation is to give yourself a month or three to explore Pinterest (and any other inspiration sources) to your heart’s content, then talk it over with your partner and settle on a loose design concept. With that in mind, going forward pin whatever you like — but pin ideas that don’t work with your current budget and plans to a separate Stuff I Love board. That way, you get to hold onto the idea for future inspiration without clouding your vision for your wedding, or overextending your budget trying to do All The Things. Once decisions have been made as to your main decor and functional elements, PUT DOWN THE PINTEREST AND NO ONE GETS HURT.

Limit your time on inspiration sites like Pinterest, especially once you get past the six-months-to-the-wedding mark. If you’re prone to getting FOMO and feeling badly about yourself or your wedding when you see something amazing, ditch the inspiration sites altogether, at least until after the wedding. (But really, if that stuff makes you feel terrible, I’d suggest skipping it entirely. There’s no reason to subject yourself to unnecessary sources of stress or negativity!)

If you use the safe Pinterest practices outlined above, there are plenty of hidden gems that will help you to save money while planning the next Pinterest-worthy wedding … yours!

PSSST! When you do get images of that gorgeous and creative wedding you’ve planned (and possibly built with your own two hands), we’d love to see ‘em!

  • 9/14

    Affiliate Disclaimer Newpinterest-wedding-card
     Pinterest Wedding Card by Patterson Paper
    Social media is killing weddings. I’m on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter … you name it. I’ve been sucked into the world of wedding planning that is mason jars and chalkboard signs, but I was recently doing makeup for a bridal party and it made me see that perhaps it has gone too far.
    I was four bridesmaids into the gig when the photographer showed up. He came in and immediately rearranged chairs, moved curtains, and started positioning people and things to get their shots. I’m all for getting great lighting, but the problem was all of a sudden nothing was organic; it was all posed and staged. Hold your shoes up. Smile while having lipstick applied. I started to think that before social media, pictures were taken just because they were pretty, not because someone else got the picture and you saw it, pinned it and told your photog to set it up. Photogs caught moments, smiles, hugs, tears, people. Now photographers and couples alike are striving to get a shot that they saw on Pinterest or the Huffington post blog. There are whole posts devoted to the photos you “have to have” of your wedding. When I see wedding photos now, they all look the same. There is very little uniqueness and specificity to the couple. I see the same photos of their ring in their bouquet, the dress with the last name hanger hung by the window, the sign-carrying ring bearer.
    Of course, it starts much before the day-of photos. Many brides these days immerse themselves early on in wedding blogs and Pinterest. I was talking to a planner who was coordinating a wedding with a bride I was doing makeup for and she mentioned her frustration with all the new media. “I hate Pinterest,” she said. “It’s like bride crack,” I responded and she laughed, “Yes!!!!”
    From engagement photos to showers to the big day, the images shared and pinned shape our events. It feels like it creates a competition, like there’s an award for the best chalkboard hand lettering or best use of mason jar. We’re all vying for a coveted spot in a bridal magazine or blog that would crown our event the Pinterest champion, but what happens is it all becomes the same. Don’t get me wrong, you can get some great ideas from these sites. The issue becomes when they take over and become overwhelming. Most of us are not that crafty and shouldn’t try to compete with the DIY queens that create some of these things … but we try. It’s easy to get sucked in and caught up in the details to the point where you walk into Michael’s and are there for hours, leaving with a cart full of random items that you take home and wonder what to do with … or maybe that’s just me.
    It’s especially challenging when you’re trying to work on a budget because going the DIY route is an appealing way to seemingly save money, but more often than not, these projects can get out of hand or you end up spending more — buying things that just aren’t necessary, like pinwheels, pennants and paper straws. I know I already have a box of things I’ve acquired that I thought I would use to make an image I saw come to life, but I’ve realized that’s not going to materialize. If anyone wants some mason jars, denim ribbons or faux lemons, let me know!

    So how do you find the happy medium? How do you save and DIY without getting sucked into the black hole of a failing craft project? Or getting overwhelmed with set up on your wedding day, trying to achieve that Pinterest look?

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