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I am admittedly not the craftiest beaver on the block; and it’s true, many a craft has beaten my ass to the ground and screamed in my face “Martha Schmartha, yo!” But that doesn’t, for some reason probably linked to estrogen and my passion for all things glittered, squelch my lofty craft ambitions and attempts at greatness. Or, more accurately, attempts at not-complete-failure.

I used to be such a pesky perfectionist about my crafting attempts that it would ruin the whole experience, and often, never even attempt them out of fear of failure. But what I learned over time, is that part of the point of DIY is embracing the imperfections in the art. The little hints of humanity in each creation that remind the maker and the recipient that it was made with blood, sweat, tears, and love. And wine. Always wine.

Our Save the Dates were easy. We found an inexpensive style we loved on Etsy, and made a few small design tweaks with the lovely girl who designed them. She arranged for printing, and a couple weeks later, they arrived in the mail. And they’re beautiful! But, I’m such a shameless whore for embellishments — mainly in the form of sparkles — that I couldn’t leave well enough alone. And when I went shopping for some adhesive crystals to add dimension and glitz to our design, I found myself sneaking supplies for glittered envelope liners into my basket, like a sugar addict smuggling cookies in with her produce. I couldn’t help myself! The girl at Paper Source pointed out how simple it was, thanks to their easy peasy trace & trim templates. I had always thought it looked so challenging, but the temptation was just too strong.

And it was SUPER DUPER EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY FOR SHEEZY, kids. Like, foolproof. So, lest any of my fellow brides and grooms shy away from dressing up their STD’s, invitations or thank you cards … I’m here to walk you through it!


Envelope Liner Template Kit

Double-sided Tape Runner

Gold Glitter Wrapping Paper Roll (or solid/printed paper(s) of your choice. Just make sure it’s not cardstock-weight. That would make it too bulky.)

A7 Envelopes (or whatever size fits your inserts. The Paper Source kit comes with templates for 4-bar, A2, A6, A7, A9, 5-3/4″ square and 6-1/2″ square envelopes. Bonus!)


Wine (psa: never craft without wine. trust.)

invitediy copy

Steps to greatness:

1. Lay out your liner paper, face down, and trace the envelope liner template that corresponds to your envelope size, in pencil. You can see from my picture that I maximized space by nesting the “peaks” into one another so I wasted as little paper as necessary, and had to make less cuts overall.

2. Trim along the lines to create individual liners.

3. Slide a liner into your envelope. It will nestle in snugly, and you’ll see it doesn’t overlap with the glue on the lip of the envelope flap.

4. Fold the flap down, and crease across the fold with your finger.

5 & 6. Open the envelope back up, but leave the liner folded down. Run your double-sided glue tape across both top edges of the “peak” of the liner.

7. Fold the envelope flap back down against the liner and press firmly along the edges of the peak.

8. Open your envelope and admire your handiwork!

See? Couldn’t be easier. Just trace, trim, fold, glue and you’re finished!

It’s such a simple, inexpensive project, but it really adds so much personality to the invitation experience. I just might start doing it with every thing I send! It’d sure make paying bills a lot more festive 😛

Go forth, and line your envelopes with wild abandon, friends… and relish in your crafty bad-assery! You won’t be sorry, I swear.

The Broke-Ass Bride
  • 9/15

    This week’s wedding inspiration is a little bit different. We recently received an inspiration request from a bride who wants a rustic country wedding and wants centerpieces that don’t use living florals, but also won’t break the bank. Time to get creative! Think that faux silk flowers are the only alternative to real ones? Wrong. Silk florals are pricey and if you find ones that are cheap, they look cheap. So here are some great alternatives:

    Now, on to some centerpiece options! I put together three ideas for a rustic, country centerpieces:

    Who says you need to keep your shoes off the table? I say, kick your heels up and put your boots on the center of a table. Use them as a vase or have them standing alone. I know, cowboy boots are expensive, but you can pick some up at goodwill and clean them off. If they look to dirty for your taste, pick a color and spray paint them!

    Our second option is a little more romantic. Surround a deer antler with tons of candles for a simple, homespun look. Deer naturally shed their antlers every year (so it’s eco and animal friendly) and you can buy a single antler for around 20-25 dollars, add in the costs of candles and your centerpiece option is under 40 dollars! Score! Also, if you live in a wooded area, you might be able to walk around and find the deer antlers yourself! Just be sure to give them a good cleaning before using them.

    Lastly, we have another simple and easy centerpiece option. Place a cowboy hate in the middle of the table. I think a reception room would look so pretty with a simple table-scape like this and using a different hat on each table would look so fun. Surround the hat with some rope or even a lasso and some candles and use a horse shoe for your table numbers by spray painting stenciled numbers on them!

    I hope these centerpiece options have inspired you to get creative! Have a blast planning your wedding and remember, there are no rules when it comes to just how creative and crazy you can get while decorating for your big day!

     – Maddie