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Affiliate Disclaimer NewHappy Friday, Broke-Asses! How’s your wedding planning going? You know you can always holler at us if you need some advice, right? OK. Good. Just making sure you know we’ve got your backs.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s mention your unmentionables — specifically the sexy little somethings to turn up the heat for your first night as newlyweds or while you’re on your honeymoon. Whether you’ve been thinking about this or putting it off (hey, not all of us are comfortable sporting the lovely and lacy — I certainly wasn’t), I totally recommend ponying up for one or two nice pieces of lingerie to sport for your honey after your nuptials. Even if you don’t get down and dirty on your actual wedding night (guys, being too tired after all the fun is real), you may want to make your official consummation a little extra special when it does happen. And here’s the thing about lingerie: Even though it can be totally intimidating if you’re not used to it, seeing yourself in a well-fitting, flattering ensemble will do crazy good things for your confidence. I remember getting my first matching bra and panty set (because: baby steps) and being like “Holy shit” because it looked so much better than my standard nude-bra-and-patterned-boyshorts combo I usually wore. I highly recommend getting properly fit for a bra by a specialist — and I’m not talking about going to *that* chain store. Head to an independent retailer and have them measure you, then try on a few styles to see what you feel most comfortable in — because you definitely should be comfortable. Our friends over at Hips & Curves have everything from pretty matching sets to racier ensembles, all of which are great for gettin’ it on.

Hips and Curves Edwardian Cotton Chemise

Edwardian Cotton Lace Chemise, $49.95

A little bit vintage, a little bit modest, a whole hell of a lot pretty and you’ll literally be “slipping into something a little more comfortable.”
Hips and Curves Felicia Lace Plunge Bra and Boyshort

Felicia Lace Plunge Bra, $34.95 (or 2 for $52) and Felicia Lace and Mesh Boyshort, $14.95

Treat yo-self to a matching set (or two!) so you always have something pretty to surprise your partner with at the end of the night … whether it’s a special occasion or you’re just feeling a little saucy.
Hips and Curves Lace Trim Satin Teddy

Lace Trim Satin Teddy, $39.95

Let’s chat about the teddy for a sec: I had always been a little hesitant about these things — they’re kind of like rompers, but um, way sexier. And I was convinced they’d look super weird on me and be awkward to wear … until I tried one on and realized how freaking comfortable they are and pretty they look. And, even though I was living by myself and in a long-distance relationship at the time, I started wearing mine to bed every night. It was like heaven. I totally recommend trying it out.
Hips and Curves Molded Cup Lace Chemise

Sweet Romance Molded Cup Chemise, $39.95

Simple, elegant and completely stunning. This chemise will hug your curves in all the right ways while still maintaining a modicum of modesty.Hips and Curves Strappy Lace Bra and Strappy Stretch Panty

Strappy Bra, $39.95 and Strappy Stretch Lace Panty, $24.95

For those daring to be a little more bare and bold, this set is equal parts romantic and racy. The strappy lines are totally on-trend with current sleek lingerie but the lace adds an uber romantic flair.

Would you sport any of these pretty little underthings on your wedding night? Which style is your fave?


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    Adam & Eve

    Ladies, these are the days when anything goes for your bachelorette bash. Want a prim and proper afternoon tea? Go for it. Looking for something a little more … sexy? No need to bring in the male strippers. Why just ask for lingerie when you can ask your favorite ladies to get you something to help spice up your life in the bedroom?

    Adam and Eve sex toys run the gamut from completely discreet to scandalously outrageous and everything in between. From the famed Rabbit to smaller buzzy buddies, your girls have a wide range of options to leave you giggling at the party and blissed out in the bedroom.

    You may be a little shy to go get your own secret pal, but surely you have a gutsy girlfriend who has no qualms about bestowing you with a helpful bedroom aid. And hey, no need to fly solo with your new toys…your partner may want to get in on the action, too!

    Adam and Eve also offers a range of lingerie and other accessories to help keep life interesting between the sheets. Don’t be shy, your sexy spouse-to-be is sure to thank you…over and over again.

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    reposted (with a few minor tweaks) from Dec 2008, due to popular demand. *Note: Dad, you may wanna skip this one. Warning: Potentially Definitely embarrassing female and personal information about to be revealed! Seriously, skip it* I got a request to write about, err, hairstyling for the bathing suit area. You know, trimming the hedges, grooming the hair-apparent, playing truth or nair? Its a delicate…

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    And by "do the nasty," I mean HAVE SEX. Personally, for us, the answer to that question is an absolute YES. Even if we are too drunk and exhausted to stand up, and we have to be carried into our hotel room by our wedding party... and have to hire an exotic in-house fluffer named Esmeralda, wedding night sexual intercourse will most definitely take place. …

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