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Affiliate Disclaimer NewGuys, I can’t even tell you how stoked I am to share this wedding with you. I’ve known Marcus and Myndi for, like, ever. We all grew up together in Jackson, Wyo., and I have so much love for these two. There are few things more fun than watching old friends cultivate an amazingly strong relationship and grow a family later in life. Myndi and Marcus decided to stick totally true to themselves for their wedding ceremony — avid river rafters (as one does, in the Tetons), they opted to incorporate a day float into their nuptials. Priorities took a front seat for these two — a small budget, family, friends and fun were the name of the game and they pulled it off splendidly, as evidenced in photographs by Jeff Buydos of Teton Creative Visual.

TetonCreativeVisualMarcusMyndiWedding1642Name or how you would like it to appear: Myndi Franklin Albitre and Marcus Albitre

Occupation: Energy Bar Slinger

Wedding location: Middle of the Snake River, Swan Valley, Idaho

Wedding Date: 9/19/15

Budget: $5700

Number of Guests: 40



How would you describe your wedding:

Our wedding was very intimate and heartfelt. We chose to write our own vows as we wanted deeply personal vows that we can look back on throughout our marriage to help us through whatever obstacles may arise. One of our dear friends, our daughter’s Godfather, officiated using an outline that we came up with, but he added some very touching personal details. Our small guest list made it easy for us to really express our love for one another without feeling nervous or exposed. Our guests were all asked to participate in the ceremony by promising to help us keep our vows to each other over the years and to encourage our love. They all responded with a resounding “WE DO!”


We didn’t have flowers or a fancy scene set. We got married on an island in the middle of the river with a driftwood arch that Marcus constructed and allowed mother nature to provide the remaining décor. We didn’t miss those extras either, with our heartfelt words and the natural beauty of our location.

Marcus’s older brother and my older sister with our Pomeranian and our 1-year-old daughter made up our wedding party. Immediately following the ceremony we busted out the cooler full of bubbly and our siblings each gave loving toasts.


Six rafts and two drift boats carried us and our guests down a calm and scenic portion of the Snake River to our ceremony site and then further down to South Fork Lodge where we took out to enjoy a fabulous dinner.


What was your favorite part of your wedding?

Everything was awesome, but the best thing would have to be the ceremony. Getting choked up saying my vows and Marcus taking my hand and encouraging me to go on with them was a really special moment. The fact that our ceremony and vows were written for us by us meant a lot to me. It was so personal and lovely I get a little choked up just thinking about it. There weren’t many dry eyes on the river that day!




What did you splurge on? Food and Photography

What did you save on?

Attire: My dress, shoes, hair accessories and jewelry all came out to $107.00

Flowers: We went without a bouquet and boutonnieres. I made centerpieces using pumpkins and succulents, but other than that we relied on the beauty the location to provide decoration.

Wedding Venue: The island on the river didn’t cost us a dime.

Reception: Floating on the river with our nearest and dearest, drinking beer and Champagne and laughing up a storm served as a substitute for a traditional reception. We opted to have an elegant feast and tremendous cake after the float and that was the extent.




Was there anything you would have done differently, in retrospect?

I feel like most everything about the day was perfect! If I had the privilege of doing it again, I would have freshened up my makeup after the river trip when we got to the lodge. I also would have forgone the corset I wore and just went with shapeware.

What was your biggest challenge in planning?

Figuring out how to get all those people down the river and coming up with a Plan B in case of bad weather.




What lessons did you learn from planning or from the wedding itself?

Nothing is worth worrying about. If you are surrounded by people that love you and you get to marry your one and only, you win!


What were your top 5 favorite things about your wedding?

5. The wedding favors, I had custom reusable canvas bags printed for each individual or couple. Inside were goodies for the river trip — Kate’s Real Food Bars, mini sunscreen, custom printed cozies, leis, silly sunglasses and colorful reusable goblets for toasting Champagne. I wanted to give sustainable items that wouldn’t go directly to the landfill — thus reusable bags and cups.




4. South Fork Lodge was such a gorgeous setting for the end of our journey that day. The staff was so sweet and the food was fabulous.

3. The cake! It was 3 tiers of amazing. Two tiers of huckleberry buttermilk with huckleberry mousse filling and one tier of pumpkin spice with chocolate ganache filling. I will dream of that cake for years to come … No we didn’t save the top tier. I ate it all!

2. Floating down the river on a beautiful day!

1. Our vows and ceremony





Top 5 least favorite?

2.) My undergarments were uncomfortable

1.) The day had to end

What was the worst piece of wedding advice you received?

Don’t go to bed angry. In my opinion sometimes you need to sleep it off!

The best?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Never say something you’ll regret later.





Any other bits of wisdom?

Kids change things! I’ve heard people say that introducing a child can put a huge strain on a relationship. While it presented new challenges for sure, having our daughter bonded us for life. Seeing Marcus as a father made me fall ever more in love with him. It proved to me that we make an incredible team and that he is a person that I can spend the rest of my life with.




Budget breakdown?

Food/Cake/Booze -58% ~$3300

Photography – 26% ~ $1480

Attire Bride and Groom: 4% ~ $228

Raft Rental: 3% ~ $170

Favors and Centerpieces: 9% ~ $513

Venue: South Fork Lodge

Photography: Teton Creative Visual Photography

Cake: Jackson Hole Cake Company

Myndi’s Dress: Prana

Centerpieces: MD Nursery

Favors: Kate’s Real Food


Congratulations, you two! Many happy adventures!



  • 6/17

    You guys, ever since one of the brides, then the photographer, made contact with me about featuring this wedding, I was dying for the whole thing to land in my inbox. I knew it was a story full of love, but I didn’t know all the deets nor had I seen any photos yet … but I just knew it was one that would tug at my heart strings. And oh man … You can actually feel the love emanating from the words and pics. The wedding was held at 11 a.m. in the loft of the barn where one of the brides had ridden horses prior to their move to South Africa. Their sweet pup, Kobane, even joined Courtney and Carli — bedecked in a bow tie and all — for the reception. As conservationists, the brides had their wedding bands made from recycled silver and formed to resemble budding twigs. All of the decor was reminiscent of their relationship through the years, or was an actual piece of their history! So sit back, relax and enjoy all the love from this gorgeous Canadian wedding!


    Names: Courtney & Carli le Roux

    Occupation: Conservationists

    Wedding location: Rockwood Park Stables, New Brunswick, Canada

    Wedding Date: 24 May 2014

    Budget: $2500 CAD (~$2,305 USD)

    How would you describe your wedding: A very intimate, quiet and special day full of small touches that are “us”; from the suitcase of letters we’ve sent each other, to books bound in twine that we’ve shared, hand written menu cards and an “our story” board.



    What was your favorite part of your wedding? We loved how intimate it was, and how every tiny element held meaning. Exchanging vows was the favourite part, because we wrote them in the same room at midnight the night before we were married, but didn’t get to read each other’s.


    What did you splurge on? Our photographer. Photos of the day are absolutely beautiful and we are a bit panicked even at the thought that we nearly didn’t have them.


    What did you save on? Food, venue, dresses, decor and rings. We self-catered everything in a brunch-style buffet. Our venue was the hay loft of the barn where one of the brides rides and was loaned to us for free, so long as we cleaned it out and set it up. We managed to find an off-the-rack dress that was not only 50% off, but fit one of us perfectly, and the other was handmade by Courtney’s mother. The décor was all handmade and items that we already owned — from old suitcases and books tied in twine, to an old typewriter and vintage camera with case, and we made our archway out of branches that had been broken in a recent winter ice storm. We used old tables that were already in the barn and covered them with inexpensive linen, and used items and dishes that we already had to decorate them. Our rings were handmade and found on Etsy, and were given to us as a gift by Courtney’s sister, Alishia-Marie.


    Was there anything you would have done differently, in retrospect? We are really happy with how everything went together, but we really shouldn’t have spent so much time and energy worrying about the food. We stressed ourselves out about it and on the day, there was no need — we had far more than enough, and everyone who attended would have been fine even if there hadn’t been. The day was about us, not the food, the decorations, the dresses.



    What was your biggest challenge in planning? We planned everything in less than two months, and initially we hadn’t intended to use the hay loft and so trying to find a venue in such short notice was a bit stressful, until we were offered the loft. If you can, use a location that doesn’t require much decorating, and something that family or friends own — a nice, big yard, a cottage, a beach — it will save so much time and money.



    What lessons did you learn from planning or from the wedding itself? Whatever happens doesn’t matter — the day is about you as a couple, and nothing else. Anyone at your wedding will understand that. Relax. It isn’t actually as serious as it’s made out to be — the commitment you are making is, but the day itself isn’t. And have fun! The things that go “wrong” make wonderful stories.


    What were your top 5 favorite things about your wedding?

    1 – How intimate and personal it was.
    2 – That everything in the room had some kind of meaning to us.
    3 – That the place we got married at had so much meaning for us.
    4 – I had a surprise FaceTime call from one of my closest friends, who was unable to attend because she is living in Korea.
    5 – The ceremony itself. We rewrote the template ceremony given to us by our officiant, and it made it so much more special.


    Top 5 least favorite? We can honestly say that we have nothing to fill in here, other than we wish certain people had been able to make it.

    What was the worst piece of wedding advice you received? Have favours! Print programs! You need this … You need that …
    Basically, people forgetting that the wedding was ours and ours alone, and that we were free to do whatever we pleased.


    The best? Just enjoy it, and it’s about you. When we would get stressed out or worked up about something that really didn’t matter on the day, we were reminded of that fact. That all that mattered was us, and that we were happy.


    Any other bits of wisdom? We know that so many people say it, but it really is not worth the stress. All that matters is that that paper gets signed – everything else is just for fun.


    Budget breakdown?
    $1000 Photogtapher Alicia Robichaud of
    $350 Dress for Carli, that needed no alterations
    $75 Fabric for Courtney’s dress, handmade by my mother
    $250 Food, self-catered (and delicious!)
    $275 Officiant
    $100 Marriage License
    $100 Hair for both of us
    $100 misc DIY decoration supplies, linen, dish and chair rentals, etc.
    $250 Wedding shoes, which were riding boots that are still being worn by both of us
    $225 for both recycled silver wedding bands, given to us as a wedding gift.
    $2500 Total

    Congratulations, ladies!

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