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Wedding planning and preparation can be stressful. It has it’s ups and downs, twists and turns. There’s drama with friends, family and vendors. Decisions upon decisions. Money. Money. More money. It can be a lot for a person or a couple to handle.

Throughout my planning process, I’ve certainly experienced some stress!  There’s been changes with my venue, my coordinator and disagreements with good friends. As I’m searching through pages of cake vendors and florists, scanning Pinterest for inspiration, there are times when I ask myself if it’s really all worth it.

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We went into our planning with a vision: We wanted our friends and family to come and join us for a weekend away. The over-and-done nature of weddings has always frustrated me. So much goes into planning them and they are over in just a few hours. Everyone goes home and the wedding hangover begins. We found a spot where everyone could gather and spend time for more than just a few hours, more than just one day. Fast forward a few months as we are putting the details together, and we start talking to our guests about our plans. Our enthusiasm has quickly turned to reservation as some of our guests have started to express theirs. We haven’t sent out official invites yet, so we don’t have RSVPs, but it sounds like not everyone else is buying into our weekend festivities idea.

It’s been hard to think that some our loved ones may not show. I realize we chose the venue, but the whole point of all this planning is to share the day, and celebrate with others. Otherwise, we would have just eloped. It would have been a whole lot easier and a heck of a lot less stressful! I’m telling myself that it doesn’t matter if only 20 people show up, that it’s really just about us, but sometimes I really just want to call the whole thing off, fly to a little island, say “I Do” and watch the sunset.

Have you hit this point in wedding planning? How did you move past it? Any advice to share?