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Affiliate Disclaimer NewValerie's completed save the date

If you caught my last post, life has been a little unpredictable lately, right in the midst of preparing for an industry talk at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and trying to DIY these Save the Dates.

When I decided to make these myself, I knew that the industry talk was coming, but assumed I’d be able to manage both of those simultaneously. Our unexpected circumstances have absolutely diminished any mental energy I have to complete the Save the Dates. Not to mention, I was way too ambitious about manually stamping the addresses and I mis-judged the amount of materials I need so those are currently en route from Amazon.

Another issue I’m having is that the ink on the envelopes also ended up a little wonky — I bought samples of the envelopes and cards, as everyone suggests, however, they magically vanished. I remember them sitting on our dining room table, but after that, I have no clue what happened to them. I needed to get started on them, so I just winged it, and hoped for the best. The return address stamp bleeds, and becomes a little illegible. The address stamp pad take FOR-EVERRR to dry, which is fine, but it drastically slows down the process and I can’t leave 40+ Save the Dates laying all over the house.

addressing save the dates

I’m definitely not going to say the Save the Dates are a disaster, because they by no means are. I love the way the actual cards themselves came out, and that’s what everyone puts on their refrigerator anyway.

Real Bride Valerie's Save the Dates

The envelope is going to get thrown away, so I can get over that. I also found some pretty postage stamps that coordinate well with the elegant/natural/vintage thing we have going on. We hand delivered a Save the Date to both sets of parents, and they seemed to like the way they turned out.

Valerie found vintage rose stamps to use on her save the dates

As someone who has always made their own Christmas cards, I thought this was going to be a breeze. I also thought this was going to be a major money-saver, which I can say that it absolutely has not. I think if I could start again, I would’ve left the card the same, but simplified the addressing on the envelopes. I procrastinated pretty hardcore on my industry talk preparation (which was presented Saturday, btw) and it left me scrambling this past week, pushing back any work on the Save the Dates. If you’re going to DIY, keep it simple!

Any other BABs have DIY struggles?

  • 4/20

    Hey, BABs! Spring has sprung and it’s time for another batch of FREE (!!!) printables from our homies over at Hoopla House. These gorgeous pieces perfectly complement Hoopla House Creative’s Rustic Revival invitation, which are totally perf for a backyard wedding, garden soiree or farm fete. All you need is these PDFs, a printer and your desired card stock and BOOM! Gorgeous little extras that won’t break the bank.


    Click here to download the Rustic Revival Mr. & Mrs. Chair Signs

    Click here to download Rustic Revival Bridal Shower Bingo


    Click here to download Rustic Revival Favor TagsHH-Rustic-Revival-Bridesmaids

    Click here to download Rustic Revival Bridesmaid Card

    Click here to download Rustic Revival Maid of Honor Card
    HH-Rustic-Revival-Name-Banner HH-Rustic_Revival-TV-Banner

    Click here to download Rustic Revival banner

    (customizable with Thank You or your names!)


    Rustic Revival Invitation and Save the Date, available on Hoopla House Creative’s Website and customizable with colors and card stock. Starts at around $1.30 per invitation.

    Rustic Revival not your style? Check out our other free printables from Hoopla House Creative!

  • 4/25

    A few weeks ago, we rolled out the very first of our BAB-exclusive wedding printables, provided by Felicia from Acrassy Marketing - these chalkboard style thank you cards!  Now we're super pleased to present these matching Save-The-Dates! To get the printing party started, you'll first need to download the front of the postcard, and then back of the postcard (don't forget the back!!!), from our Dropbox…

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    Because everyone loves a freebie, the fabulous Felicia from Acrassy Marketing will be providing us with a matching suite of no-cost, BAB exclusive wedding printables! First up, we have these foldable, chalkboard style Thank You notes! To print and enjoy, download the this file from our Dropbox (don't resize!), and be sure to read these three tips from Felicia for premium printing success: The final…

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    You might've noticed that matting and framing your photos isn't cheap - and it's definitely not always within a broke-ass budget. If you ponied up the cash for snazzy engagement photos, and you need a simple yet elegant way to display them at your wedding, or forever after, check out The Perfect Card Box! Your favorite photos can double as fabulous wedding centerpieces or bridal…

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    This week's wedding inspiration is a little bit different. We recently received an inspiration request from a bride who wants a rustic country wedding and wants centerpieces that don't use living florals, but also won't break the bank. Time to get creative! Think that faux silk flowers are the only alternative to real ones? Wrong. Silk florals are pricey and if you find ones that…

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    So you wanna save some skrilla on the decor, but the thought of "Doing-it-yourself" scares the crap out of you? Well, you're screwed. Go take it out on Martha. Ok, no. I'm kidding. Come on back.  I didn't mean it. I am here to tell you NOT to be afraid of DIY. I am by no means a hands-on artistic person. I can slap some…

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