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I decided to collaborate with my Groom for this post because why not?! He’s involved in this process too. So here are the top 10 things we’re most looking forward to on our wedding day:

Megan’s List:

  1.  Being married.

    It kinda already feels like we ARE married. We live together, we plan finances together … but I’ve heard that there is a shift. Also, there will be a huge weight off my shoulders/brain because we won’t be planning a huge event. A little less #MEGANZILLA? Time will tell.

  2. Hearing Timo’s vows and saying my own.

    … those vows that I haven’t yet written …

  3. Our first dance.

    We’ve been going to dance lessons and everyone better be super impressed with us. I really love the song we’ve picked out and I’ve only told a few people what it is.

  4. Having our families together.

    Timo’s family is coming from Germany and my family is coming from North Carolina and despite potential language barriers, I think it will fun getting to hang out with everyone.

  5. Wearing my dress.

    My dress is the one surprise for most people, but most importantly, to Timo. I’ve shown a few people photos of my dress, but it looks most awesome in person.


Timo’s List:

  1. Seeing my wife in her dress for the first time.

    No explanation needed here. 🙂

  2. Taking beautiful pictures to keep the memories on that day alive.

  3. Having a good time with family and friends.

    I haven’t seen many of them since our last visit to Germany in June 2016.

  4. Not having to think about the wedding anymore and all the planning involved.

  5. Finally, fully being the [MegMo] family, because I love our family. <3

    (Timo actually wrote his last name, but internet security is a thing, so I took some editing liberties … #sorrynotsorry)


When I was drafting this post, I didn’t discuss my list with Timo and he didn’t discuss his list with me. He just emailed me his five  things.
I’ll admit that I giggled several times reading his list because 1) we had very similar answers, 2) He called me the “w” word, 3) Timo had such good answers!


  • 7/12

    I have hit my planning plateau.

    I was told by many vendors that I was waaayyy ahead of the game when I was looking for our essentials in January with a wedding in November. That didn’t bother me one bit. There were days when I felt like all I thought about was Wedding. I won’t lie, it was annoying. I felt like other things in my life were falling to the wayside because I needed to get all the wedding things done right then! Turns out, I probably had some time. Yet, I knew that 95% if our guests would be traveling at least 3+ hours, at a minimum, to come to our wedding, so I wanted to get everything planned ASAP so they could have ample opportunity to plan to come. In addition, I might have been feeling some pressure from Papa G because Germans need to plan trips no less than six months in advance and we were eight months out and OMGWTF?!?!

    What this meant for me was getting shit done efficiently and with plenty of lead time. It meant putting down deposits by the end of January. It meant ordering our invitations by the end of March and having them arrive in Germany by early May (a commitment I made to Papa G to give the Germans six months to plan their US adventures). Next, I’ve got a meeting with our wedding coordinator and decoration lady scheduled in July and it feels like I’m obsessively checking our wedding spreadsheets every day to see if anyone else has RSVPed.

    Spoiler alert: NO, they have not.

    I’m starting to see the benefit of RSVP cards since we got two of the eight we sent out to the elders within a few weeks of their arrival to the recipient. Otherwise, I have zero wedding things going on.

    And ya know what, Dwight? I’m enjoying the plateau.

    I’m enjoying not having to think about Wedding 24/7. I’m enjoying sitting down and watching Modern Family with Timo for an hour in the evening without having to harass him about details that he probably isn’t overly interested in, but he said he wanted to be involved with so I have to ask him about. I’m enjoying being able to focus on work and not feel like I’m neglecting house things because my brain is so over-tasked with all things Wedding.

    Because the reality is, this plateau will not last.

    I know it. I know that the details will start to matter and more people. My Mom and Dad and Besties are going to start asking me how wedding planning is going and Timo will not have picked out a suit by September and I will start to have meltdowns because: “Why doesn’t he care about this? We’ve been planning for over half a year! He’s had soooo much time to make this decision! I’ve done all these things and made all these decisions and he can’t even pick out something to wear! My dress was ordered in FEBRUARY!” 

    I know that I will have to pick someone to do my hair. I know that I will need to do test runs. I know that my wedding coordinator will finally say, “No, Megan, YOU need to make this decision.”

    But during this plateau, I’m taking care of me.

    I’ll keep it super real with the BAB’s. I actually had hip surgery on June 1st, during the plateau. An unfortunate gym squat led to torn cartilage in my hip in January and after months of rest and physical therapy and a cortisone shot, our last option was surgery. I won’t lie, I’m a runner, so this was a very serious decision I had to make.

    It’s super scary knowing that my orthopedic doctor and my physical therapist have a goal for me not to limp down the aisle on my wedding day. That’s a thing. So while I have enjoyed episodes of Modern Family and not discussing the Wedding, it’s still at the back of my mind as I sit in my CPM machine wondering when I will get full function back. I will also spend the month of June teleworking because I’m not allowed to drive (it’s my right hip and controlled substance pain killers). I get to spend my plateau on the couch teleworking and doing physical therapy to get my hip back to 100% so that way I might be able to walk the 10k we have already paid for the weekend before the wedding.

    So that’s a little scary.

    Anyone else have a plateau during their wedding planning?  Did anyone else have surgery before the wedding?


  • 3/30

    I teamed up with For the Chef, who provided me with a few good tools, to work to create healthy meals that fit into tight schedules. When you're knee-deep in wedding planning, running from this appointment to that, testing out different vendors, planning various parties and generally trying to keep your shit together, one of the first things that tends to fall by the wayside…

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    Remember when I found the perfect venue, knew it was a wicked awesome deal, but I was scared to pull the trigger and sign the contract? I was terrified to sign up for spending about $7,500 bucks in fear that something would happen and we would need that money for other things. Well, if there's one thing that I have learned in life, trust your gut!…

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    I am a planner. I was not by nature this way. I was not born with the inherent ability to organize or plan at all. I think I sort of evolved into being one of those beings that were so foreign to me. When I was younger, in my early 20s, I could not be bound by any sort of plan. I was impulsive and…

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    Today, while doing some retail therapy on Amazon, I found myself looking back over my wedding registry. Occasionally, I’ll toy with the idea of grabbing an item or two we had wanted off of it that we didn’t receive at our wedding or at our shower. I think the only time I’ve actually bought anything from it since we got married was last Christmas, but…

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    Pillow available from Etsy seller NanaNewHandmade I have been wondering lately how to balance a demanding career, part-time small business, a child, a fiance, cohabitation, all the hectic chaos of basic adulting and still remain excited about planning a broke-ass wedding. Honestly, for me, its been easier said than done. I find myself so exhausted by the end of the work day, and even more…

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    Credit: Carole Cohen Photography I often hear people referring to their spouses as their "best friend." As nice as this sentiment is, every time I hear it, I can't help, but think "Really?!" My fiance is not my best friend. We weren't friends at all before we started dating, and wouldn't be if we broke up. Some of my friends have known me since childhood. We can…

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