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We are almost exactly one month away from our big day. Basically I am in a perpetual state of panic. I wish that I was not working and instead spending every day at thrift stores buying adorable wedding- related things. Unfortunately I am instead working from 8:30-5:30 and spending my evenings making lists of things I don’t have time to do and resisting the urge to drink until I pass out. As much as I would love to spend this post making every reader vastly uncomfortable or typing “everyone elope!” 500 times — instead, let’s focus on vows.

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Vows are hard. You know why you love your almost spouse, but saying it meaningfully in front of everyone you know is a lot of pressure! Not to mention that you have to choose if you’re doing the traditional vows or if you’re writing your own.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted us to write our own vows — they’re more meaningful that way, right? As I looked for inspiration for my vows I started to get scared about Michael’s vows.

What if I put a ton of time and effort into mine and he was just, “Jess –I love you, you’re my best friend. The end”?! Or didn’t write anything at all and then it was just this unrehearsed ramble? Or our vows just didn’t go together?

That said, I decided to give Michael (and myself) a fill-in-the-blank. Now, I know that as a generality Mad Libs are not very romantic, but this seemed like the best option. This way I can make sure that our vow structure is similar, but I’m not telling Michael exactly what to say. He’s still free to tell me (and everyone), in his own words, why he loves me.

Now I know you’re at least a little bit curious what this Mad Lib vow structure looks like so here it is:

– I fell in love with you …

– [Something about you] makes me want to be a better man/ person

– So today I promise that I will be yours in sunshine and in rain

– In times of plenty and times of want

– In sickness and in health.

– And that you will be mine in times of war and in times of peace

– In old age and in youth

– Always

– You are [description] and I want to spend the rest of my life [blank]

(Somewhere in there a quote about love)

And then my vows will be the same (minus the “better man” part).

So ladies — what have you done or decided to do about your vows?

  • 6/23

    Hello fellow BABs! Michael and I are down to the last 50 days before the wedding and I can’t believe it. Time has gone by SO fast –I’m in full-on panic mode basically all the time.


    That tiny girl in the hourglass is me. Source

    My thoughts look like this:

    “I need to build 10000 things and paint wood into adorable signs!”

    “Are there any cute thrift stores where I can get vintage frames to put everywhere?”

    “Blackboard paint.”

    “I need a massage.”

    “What are people eating at the cocktail hour?!”

    “I need adorable programs. Can I make those?”

    “Why is everything in this world not free?!”


    Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited too, but everything you have to do for a wedding makes me glad I only have to do it once. (Any thoughts of being a wedding planner have also turned to dust during this planning process.)

    When I start to feel overwhelmed I remember how far we’ve come in the few (9) months since we got engaged. When we got engaged:

    — We had both recently graduated from college.

    — Michael just got hired at his first big boy job out of school.

    — I was waiting tables slash for my life to begin.

    — We were both living in San Diego.


    — I got a job in L.A. and moved.

    — Michael is about to transfer up to L.A.

    — We rented our first apartment: I’ll be living in it solo up until the wedding (my first and last time ever living alone).

    I figure that if that much could happen, all while planning the wedding, without anything going disastrously wrong then I can get through these next 50 days.

    How about you ladies –How are dealing with your countdown?

  • 6/17

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