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Weddings aren’t just about your own budget. Being in a wedding can be costly for everyone involved. It totally makes sense to want to keep costs down for those supporting you on the big day. This week’s request is for for sexy, full length bridesmaid dresses…


This is a submission for can’t afford it, get over it.

I’m looking for my bridesmaids dresses and everything I’ve found that I like so far is a little over their budgets. I love this Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaid dress, but it’s too expensive. I love the grape color, the one shoulder strap and even the slit! Please help if you can to find a dress under $150.

Thank you!

Purple was my wedding color! Personally, I’m OK with dress styles not matching. So I gave ladies a color and basics that I wanted in the dress, and let them pick something within their own budget. Thankfully, finding a variety of long, matching grape-colored dresses for cheap isn’t too difficult.


ML Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaids Pleated One Shoulder Chiffon Gown


Carlos Miele Amazon Rain Gown ($150 rental at Rent The Runway)


Strapless Long Charmeuse Dress with Slit ($129 at David’s Bridal)

One Shoulder Satin Dress ($159 at David’s Bridal)


American Living One-Shoulder Dress ($80 at JC Penney)

Tinley Road Ruffle Front Maxi ($21.97 at Piperlime)


Purple Chiffon Floral Applique Strapless Gown ($126 at Unique Vintage)

Don’t worry, that glaring red David’s Bridal dress also comes in grape! Also,  I realize one option is over $150. But, it’s so close to your inspiration, it would have been criminal not to include it. At least now you have a number of options to offer the girls. Happy shopping.

  • 1/11

    Yo, home-dizzles! Ready for more wedding-liciousness to ogle until your eyeballs pop? Welll … Shannon and Ross had a sweet, purple-infused beach wedding in Brewster, Mass. When I first looked at their photos, I instantly recognized the gloriousness that is Cape Cod. I instantly got uber excited, since the Cape holds a super special place in my heart. I hope y’all enjoy this sweet, fun and DIY-explosion of a wedding! xoxo

    Name: Shannon and Ross

    Occupation: Orthodontic Assistant

    Wedding location: Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster, Mass.

    Wedding Date: July 03, 2011

    Budget: $12,000 – $15,000

    How would you describe your wedding: Our wedding with traditional with a bit of spice!! We had the wedding party as well as my dad and I, dance down the aisle to Chris Brown’s “Forever.” We also decided to go with cupcakes instead of the traditional cake.

    What was your favorite part of your wedding? One of my favorite parts of the wedding was getting a photo booth to use as part of our guest favors. All of our guests had soo much fun in the booth. We had it set up so two strips would print. The guest keeps one copy and the second copy was glued into a scrapbook and the guests signed next to their pictures. It will be a great book to look back on.

    What did you splurge on? We splurged on our location. We really wanted a destination wedding, but knew that a lot of our family wouldn’t be able to attend and we didn’t want that. So we picked a location that was close enough to drive, but still had the destination wedding feel. Our wedding was a beach theme and we were able to have our ceremony right on the water.

    What did you save on? We saved on so many different parts of the wedding. By spending the bulk of our money on the resort, we had to be creative with everything else. One of my favorite things I saved money on was my wedding dress. I had gone dress shopping and found so many gorgeous dresses, but couldn’t see myself spending $1,000 or more on something I’m going to only wear for a few hours. I went on eBay and found a lady that had some really cute designs and that makes dresses custom fit. I decided to take the risk, and was more than glad I did. Including shipping, I only spent $200.

    We decided to go with artificial flowers for our centerpieces. I Googled pictures of what other people have done with a beach theme and then went to Michaels and got everything to do myself. We saved thousands!! I had met with a florist prior to get an estimate and was told it would cost around $2,000. Our biggest savings yet, was definitely our photographer, Amanda Borozinski. I met her at a bridal show at Hidden Hills in Rindge, N.H. A two-minute conversation and I knew right away she was going to be our photographer!! Her personality and style of photography was everything we wanted. I showed my husband her website and he agreed! We met her for our engagement pictures and her and I began to talk about my love for photography. She mentioned that she was looking for someone to help edit and that it would be a great opportunity for me to learn more about the field. I was more than excited. I started working for Amanda and we came to an agreement that I would work to pay her work instead of writing her a check. This was amazing!! I loved the job and didn’t even consider it work!!

    Was there anything you would have done differently, in retrospect? We would have planned the dance down the aisle better for the ceremony instead of just winging it.

    What was your biggest challenge in planning? Staying within our budget.

    What lessons did you learn from planning or from the wedding itself? No matter how prepared you think you are … there’s always going to be one little thing that was missed. You can’t stress and you just have to roll with the punches!!

    What were your top 5 favorite things about your wedding?
    1.) The photo booth
    2.) The party bus that brought us all back to the hotel
    3.) The location
    4.) The food
    5.) Being able to spend the night with all of our friends and family!!!

    Least favorite?
    We did open bar for everyone one the guest list for the first hour and it wasn’t announced, so not many people knew.

    What was the worst piece of wedding advice you received?
    The worst piece of advice we received was to elope.

    The best? The best advice we received was to not settle. You only get married once, enjoy it!!!

    Any other bits of wisdom? Search the Internet for everything. There are discounts and coupons on just about everything made!! Why pay full price if you don’t have too?

    Budget breakdown?

    Reception Site: Ocean Edge Resort, $15,016.02
    Ceremony Site: Beach, $750.00
    Photographer: Amanda Borozinski, $0.00
    Dress: eBay
    Tux: Express, $300.00
    Hair: $0.00
    Officiant: JP Marie, Sherman $140.00
    Flowers, centerpieces: Michaels, $300.00
    Flowers Boutques: Colls Farm Stand, Jaffrey N.H., $206.00
    Cake: Family friend, Donna Clark, $150.00
    DJ: Jim Bean, $800.00
    Invitations $30.00
    Save the Dates: Save the Date Magnet $140.00
    Paper/Ribbo:n $20.00
    Postage: $110.00
    Favors: Candy, $200.00
    Gifts: $600.00
    Misc.: $200.00
    Cake Topper: Etsy
    Party Bus: Access Express, $1,024.00
    Photo Booth: Red Eye Phtototh, $871.25

    Total $20,857.27

    Bride Parents Helped $5,000.00

    Our Total $15,857.27

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