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Affiliate Disclaimer NewContinuing to work with couples long after my I Dos have been said, it’s easy to get this feeling of, “Ah, damn! I wish I had done something like that!” From impossibly cute to just downright creative, I’m constantly amazed by how inventive and fun the couples I get to work with through Little Wedding Extras can be. Now that we’ve put away three weddings in the past month, I’ve got to share some of the great things that we made happen … but only because there was an amazing couple with the ideas to get it started.

Your Exit Isn’t Limited to Bubbles or Streamers!

Shakin it

Real talk: most venues won’t let you toss anything anymore, and as pretty as sparklers are, most cities have dropped a big ol’ no on them. One musical couple picked up a bunch of mini tambourines so the guests could shake and cheer while they made their big exit. To top it off, they had a trumpet and trombone player follow them out! I was also a huge fan of the wording they chose for the sign letting people know to grab one — “Thanks for shakin’ it with us!”

Centerpieces Don’t Have to be Flowers.

dinosaur centerpieces

These little Jurassic warriors made awesome decorations for the outdoor reception in late June. Since they were easily portable, guests took them home and got to enjoy them after the wedding.

They Don’t Need to be in Traditional Vases if They Are.

Katie and Jordan mini terrariums

Each guest table at Katie and Jordan’s wedding featured a different style centerpiece made from succulents, herbs or greenery. These mini wine glass terrariums were a hit with guests when it was time to take a piece of the decor home!

You Don’t Need a Theme and it’s Fine to Mix it Up!

Ryan Rosie welcome table

Ryan and Rosie had an “Up” themed poster for guests to sign and used the sweet handprint mailbox to collect cards, but the rest of their decor was simple, fun and totally separate from the theme. Adding an element you love here and there without using it to style your entire wedding is always OK! Have fun and let your creativity be your guide!

Religious or Cultural Elements Can Always be Beautiful.

Katy David Chuppah

For Katy and David, a chuppah was an absolute must for their traditional Jewish ceremony. Religiously, it simply needs to be four poles and a canopy (although many couples use specific religious elements to create the symbol of their future home), so we went all out in designing a gorgeous birch and organza canopy with floral accents that complemented her bouquet and other arrangements.

Weddings are all about you as a couple. If it isn’t perfectly uniform and matchy-matchy, it’s still a wedding! Let the things you love in your life and your relationship play a part in the day, and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine, because there is no right and wrong when it comes to celebrating the day they way you want!

  • 6/23

    “Is that too weird?”

    Every time I hear the question I just want to reach over, squeeze the person’s hand and smile.

    In a word, nope.

    Listen closely here, friends: Weddings are all about celebrating who you are as a couple and we all have little things about our relationship that are weird. Some couples hurl insults at each other that just turn out to be their signs of affection. My husband and I refer to each other as “potato” when we’re not functioning at a particularly high level (or *coughcoughhungovercough*). Family traditions might seem weird anywhere outside of your family, but since weddings are literally the start of a new family, it sounds to me like they’re one super appropriate place to show off that weird.

    There’s a good reason the Dr. Seuss quote about mutual weirdness is one of the most re-pinned quotes on Pinterest. It’s heartwarming and it hits home for so many of us. It’s been a great last few years for the nerds and the geeks and the off-center. Weddings don’t have to be all white fluff and a few basic colors. Adding personal touches or inspiration from your favorite fandom is just as natural as all of the quotes on love you can find.

    My own wedding had a few moments of, “Wait, what are they doing?” that fit seamlessly within an overall traditional feel. My wedding band was a twist tie. Since my father was no longer present in my life, my mother walked me down the aisle and because I knew I didn’t want to make that walk alone, but had certain ~feelings~ about the whole being “given away” thing, once we reached the end of the aisle, my husband’s mother stood up, took my other arm and finished the walk to the altar where we met my husband and his father (who was serving as best man) and we exchanged a big group hug to signify the idea of our joining as a family. Just because it was different doesn’t make it weird.


    Photo: Shaina Sheaff Photography

    Just in case you were wondering, here are a few other things that we’ve as a part of Little Wedding Extras that even a few years ago may have been “weird,” but are now special ways to meaningfully celebrate your day.

    Having a woman officiate (Thank goodness the “weird” has worn off that one!)

    Woman as officiant

    Forgoing fresh flowers for paper, fabric or unique items

    Skipping children as flower girls or ring bearers and having grandparents step in

    Potluck meals

    Using personal items in lieu of a bouquet wrap (This was a piece of a baby blanket and the father of the bride’s watch.)

    personal bouquet wrap

    The couple walking down the aisle together

    Wedding couple trivia

    Fun alternatives to guest books

    alternative guest book

    Photo: Shaina Sheaff Photography

    The only things you really have to consider come down to legality. Does it violate a city ordinance and will your venue and other vendors allow it per your contract? As long as there aren’t any conflicts there, you are free to make your own choices. Your wedding doesn’t have to be some crazy source of entertainment for your guests, but if something sounds fun and it’s in your budget, do it! Even if it’s just a tiny detail that doesn’t cost money, do it! The more personality you add to your day, the more memories you’ll take away.

    Are you doing anything weird for your wedding day? Share in the comments!


  • 4/14

    Calling someone by their name is pretty difficult when they aren't even sure what is. I mentioned that we've now been married for six months, and there's that little lingering issue: I still haven't done anything about changing my name. I'm pretty good at procrastinating in the first place, but now I've reached a point where it's either severe laziness, severe indecision or both. It's…

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    So, we had a bit of a milestone pop up this weekend. On March 25, we officially hit six months of marriage and we’re still living the newlywed blissful life! We had talked about going out to celebrate what we dubbed our “Halfiversary” with a nice dinner and maybe some drinks, but when it came around, I spent the evening wrapped in a blanket in…

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    Several Real Brides have been honest about the fact that at some point in the planning process, they start to hate their wedding. It happens often enough that I think it's actually kind of normal. Whether it's a shrinking budget, family complaints or vendor mayhem, plenty of things can cause you stress. I'm not here to tell you not to let them; I'm here to…

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    “Older” is such a funny word.  I’m 31 and that seems young, so, older than what? The average bride, I guess. I got married at 30, nearly 31, which makes me a perfectly reasonable average-aged bride in many parts of the country and the world, but in Texas – particularly coming from small-town Texas – it shrouded me with this strange “older bride” title that…

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    Last time, I shared some of the DIY Details of my elegant, jewel-toned wedding, so now I'm back to give you the low down on how you can make some of those projects work for you. One of the easiest (promise!) and most fun projects I tackled was turning plain, inexpensive wine glasses into gorgeous, favor-worthy works of art with alcohol ink. Actually, I used this…

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    Y’all, we did it. We pulled off a beautiful wedding within budget that was full of love and meaning and all of the everything I had ever hoped for. Since our amazing photographer Shaina has already shared a few dozen pictures from our most special of days, I’m excited to give you a little glimpse into the event and share my very favorite story of…

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    You guys. I’m getting married this weekend. In fact, by the time you’re reading this, I may already be married and suffice it to say, I AM ALL OF THE EXCITE. The DIYs are done. The booze is bought. All I have left to do is zip up that dress and marry the love of my life. In the style of silly tradition, several of…

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