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As my moniker suggests, I am a full-on musical-theatre-loving, jazz-handing, amateur dramatist. For those unfamiliar with my post code (zip code for you American readers), Bristol is a hot-bed of creative people. So I am incredibly fortunate that two key parts of the wedding will be deftly handled by talented people we both know and love.

First up: Photography. All the blogs I have read on wedding planning have said the same thing — don’t skimp on the photographer. The one thing you will have to remember your day by will be the photographs, and it’s worth investing in someone who will ensure they deliver beautiful memories for you.

That being said, I am still a Broke-Ass Bride through and through, and was therefore delighted when a dear friend of ours got in touch and said he would be able to work something out with us. Music to my broke-ass ears.

What is even better is that he is exactly the sort of photographer we both want. Mike was particularly delighted by his examples of candid photographs. We both felt that what we wanted was a minimal amount of “set up” shots, and mostly just someone there to capture what was happening organically. Joyfully, the discussion of what sort of photos we want, and looking at lots of other couples on their special days, rejuvenated our excitement about getting married. It was great to have a moment where we remembered what all the planning and negotiating and stress was going to be for!

Stewart shoots live theatre as well as weddings, and in fact all the previous pictures on the blog of me doing theatre have been his. Here’s a few more for good measure:



That’s my fiancé in the middle of both pics as well — we always seem to be hugging with other people on stage …

We also get a pre-wedding shoot, where we will likely head off to one of our usual haunts (although I have occasional flights of fancy where I think we could go to the Old Vic or Hippodrome, two beautiful theatres in our city, for the shoot).

I know not everyone is lucky enough to have a buddy who can help with this stuff, but my advice would be to go to your extended networks via the good ole social media. If you hunt around you’re likely to find someone who knows someone, and any personal connection will help!

Tune in to my next post for where else my friends are coming in proper handy … with music!

Do you have any friends that are helping out in a big way? Tell us below!

Emma Watkins