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Dudes, let’s face it. When it comes to saving money for your wedding, every single penny counts. One of the easiest ways to trim down your budget is to cut down the costs of small things, like fashion accessories. Our friends over at The Tie Bar have an immense assortment of pieces for guys, in a wide range of options. Here’s a list of items you can find under $25, but not all of them. We encourage you to venture through their site and check out all the styles they have—and check out their blog for a bevy of great inspirations.

Items to Feature:
The Tie Bar Brewhouse Herringbone wool tie

Brewhouse Herringbone wool tie, $19
The Tie Bar Carpenter Checks cotton tie

Carpenter Checks cotton tie, $19
The Tie Bar Bulletin Dot linen tie

Bulletin Dot linen tie, $19

Clearly, they are going to have a HUGE selection of ties. Even better, they come out with new styles every season alongside their tried-and-true staples.

The Tie Bar Bowties
The Tie Bar Checkmates BowtieCheckmates, $19

SO. MANY. BOWTIES. They have a very wide selection of styles, colors & fabrics—and they’ll all under $25!

The Tie Bar Tie Bars
Tie Bars, $15 Each

Tie Bars are a great way to polish your look and get that Mad Men style.

The Tie Bar Gingham Pin

Petite Gingham lapel pin, $8
The Tie Bar Knit Flower

Lapel Flower, $5
The Tie Bar Danbury Plaid Pin

Danbury Plaid lapel pin, $8

Don’t want to go with a froofy boutonniere? Opt for a lapel pin! The Tie Bar’s are super affordable, so you can have the entire groom party wear ‘em.

The Tie Bar Deep Blue Square Cufflinks

Deep Blue Square cufflinks, $20
The Tie Bar Silk Knots Cufflinks
Silk Knots cufflinks, $20 for 3

If your shirt has French cuffs, you’ll need cuff links. Many retailers charge serious dough for them, but The Tie Bar has an affordable selection.

Socks, $8 Each, $20 for 3-Pack

Socks are a VERY inexpensive way to personalize your look, especially for the quirky groom. We love when the groom party has coordinated socks — they make for some great photography.

The Tie Bar Dotted Dots pocket square

Dotted Dots pocket square, $10
The Tie Bar Solid Knit pocket square

Solid Knit pocket square, $10

These give a nice pop to a suit and elevate a look. Don’t be intimidated if you don’t know how to style pocket squares, we have a post to help you out!

Now put those pennies back in your pocket and go out and be stylish.

Any accessories you’ve got your eye on? Let us know in the comments, or share it with #brokeassbride on Instagram!

  • 8/12

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewHey there, dudes! It’s time to talk about rings. We’ve covered the baubles for the ladies, and now it’s time to focus on you. I won’t go into a long diatribe about their significance, the symbolism of eternal love and blah, blah, blah. Instead, I’ve done a bit of shopping and I’m gonna share the loot I’ve found. The list is separated into three categories: narrow, regular and wide. This is important: in the case of rings, size matters. The general rule is the more slender the hands, the narrower the band. However, I think it’s more about comfort. For someone who doesn’t wear jewelry often, a wide band might feel cumbersome and awkward (note that this can be remedied by the type of metal as well).

    All the rings below retail under $300, but remember that doesn’t include any sort of extra custom work you might want. Also, I’ve indicated if it’s available in other metals, though the price may vary.
    Let’s get to shopping.

    Narrow Bands

    White Gold Wedding Band from jared14K White Gold Band, $229.99 from Jared

    Mens Tungsten Wedding Band 3mm from Jared
    Triton Slender Tungsten Carbide Band, $139.99 from Jared

    Mens Titanum and Wood Wedding Band from Robbins Brothers Hawaii Titanium and Pink Ivory Wood, $200 from Robbins Brothers

    Mens Gold Wedding Band from Kay JEwelers10K Yellow Gold Comfort Fit Band, $149.99 from Kay Jewelers

    Mens Gold Thin Wedding Band from Blue Nile18K Gold 2mm Band, $170 from Blue Nile

    Mens Brushed Gold Wedding Band from Blue Nile
    Matte Mid-Weight Comfort Fit White Gold Band, $300 from Blue Nile

    Hand Cut Filigree Mens Wedding Band from Etsy seller tinahdee Hand-Cut 14K Gold Fill Filigree Ring, $40 from Etsy seller tinahdee

    Unisex Love Knot Wedding Band from Etsy seller AroshaMode18K Plated Yellow, White or Rose Gold Band, $160 from Etsy seller AroshaMode

    Mens Gold Flake Wedding Band from Etsy seller AnnaReiJewellery
    Gold Chaos 4mm Wide Band, $173.03 from Etsy seller AnnaReiJewellery

    Mens Narrow Palladium Wedding Band from Etsy seller AnnaReiJewellery
    1.5mm Dainty Palladium Band, $181 from Etsy seller AnnaReiJewellery

    Regular Bands

    Mens Titanium Wedding Band from Etsy seller RobandLean
    Titanium Elder Wood Meteorite Band, $200 from Etsy seller RobandLean
    Mens Cobalt Wedding Band from Robbins Brothers7mm Cobalt Band, $250 from Robbins Brothers

    Mens Titanium Wedding Band from Robbins Brothers
    Titanium Comfort Fit Band, $95 from Robbins Brothers

    Mens Multi-tone Stainless Steel Wedding Band from Kay Jewelers
    8mm Multicolor Wedding Band, $109 from Kay Jewelers

    Mens Black Cobalt Wedding Band from Kay Jewelers
    Cobalt 8mm Band, $295 from Kay Jewelers

    Mens Engravable Silver Wedding Band from Kay Jewelers
    Stainless Steel Engravable Band, starting at $107 from Kay Jewelers, $107
    *Neat Feature: The middle piece spins so you can read the full message!

    Mens Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band from Jared
    Tungsten Carbide Band, $229.99 from Jared

    Mens Gold Wedding Band from Jared
    14K Yellow or White Gold Band, $279.99 from Jared

    Mens Etched Black Tungsten Wedding Band from Jared
    Florentine Etched Black Tungsten Band, $279.99 from Jared

    Mens Cobalt and Black Diamonds Wedding Band from Blue NileCobalt and Black Diamond Band, $240 from Blue Nile

    Wide Bands

    Mens Wide Cobalt Wedding Band from JaredCobalt 8mm Band, $149.99 from Jared

    Mens Stainless Steel Wedding Band from Kay JewelersStainless Steel Band, $149 from Kay JewelersMens Copper Stainless Steel Wedding Band from Jared
    Copper and Stainless Steel Band, $99.99 from Jared

    Mens Mother of Pearl Wedding Band from JaredMother of Pearl Inlay Stainless Steel Band, $129 from Jared

    Mens Distressed Silver Wedding Band from Etsy seller TinahdeeSterling Silver Distressed Band, $50 from Etsy seller Tinahdee

    Mens Whiskey Barrel Wood Wedding Band from Etsy seller HawkinsHandicrafts Whiskey Barrel Wood Band, $50 from Etsy seller HawkinsHandicrafts

    Mens Brushed Titanium and Wood Wedding Band from Etsy seller GrandJunctionGuyBrushed Titanium Bubinga Ring, $285 from Etsy seller GrandJunctionGuy

    Mens Wood and Meteorite Wedding Band from Etsy seller GrandJunctionguy
    Bentwood Meteorite Band, $215 from Etsy seller GrandJunctionGuy

    Mens Carbon Fiber Squared Ring from Etsy seller ElementringsWave Squared Carbon Fiber Ring, $179 from Etsy seller Elementrings

    Etsy Rings Paradise Meteorite Inlay Wedding BandMeteorite Inlay Rose Tungsten Band, $196 from Etsy seller RingsParadise

    That’s all chaps! Hopefully I’ve made ring shopping a little less stressful for you.

    Any catch your eye? Let me know in the comments!

  • 4/13

    You should buy it, price be damned. Not a statement I would normally ever utter, and I am guessing most Broke-Ass Brides would agree. When you're on a tight budget, price always matters -- even for something as small as a necktie. But, after searching for months and months and months (eight of them to be exact) for a tie for Russel to wear on…

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    Photo: Persimmon Images It's no wonder these distant islands are a popular trip destination; it's always beautiful, the climate is fairly temperate year round, and there's TONS to do! When you're packing for your Hawaii honeymoon, be sure to consider all the activities you'll be doing. Bring appropriate footwear, outerwear, and swimwear. And as always, I recommend bringing at least one outfit that's dressy enough…

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    Alright guys, let’s be honest, dressing up kinda sucks. There's all the fussy jackets and ties, not to mention the stiff shoes. Have you ever been to a wedding where the groom and groomsmen looked like kids in their dad’s suits? Yeah, not fun. That’s why it’s important to make sure you dress not only to fit the occasion -- whether it’s formal or otherwise…

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    Alright guys, I'm gonna be honest, I never thought I'd be a pocket square kinda guy. They always seemed too fancy and fussy. One day, just for shits and giggles, I thought I'd try one out for a wedding I was going to. Wouldn't you know, I totally dug it. In fact, I favored it over my tie, so I went tieless and open collar.…

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    Credit: Amy Shea for Imaginative Studios The groomsmen, you chose them for a reason. They've helped you through some rough spots and they make sure you're gloriously plastered for every birthday. When it comes to your wedding, they're the ones that are gonna help get you through all the stress and help make it a great day. So, you should properly thank them with an…

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    Photo: Clane Gessel via Bella Signature We at BAB were sooooooooooo excited about the Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage (#LOVEWINS), we decided to do an article especially for the boys (who like boys). It's possible you've been secretly worried about how a wedding looks without a bride. Well, you can thank The High and Heavenly World of Pinterest, because there are so many options you'll…

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    Grooms! Grooms everywhere! By super happy accident, this week has has a bit of a groom-themed style, starting with Ryan's awesome debut and including Liz's tips on planning with your fella. Of course, it's only appropriate to round it out with more guy-geared shopping tips -- this time accessories! Whether it's socks, ties, cufflinks or what have you, just like with a bride's ensemble the accessories…

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