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BAB reader Beth was having a little trouble pulling together all the color elements of her kelly green and charcoal grey with daisy yellow accents, so, of course, like good little bloggers do … we came in and totally took the reins on this biatch. And let me tell you — it’s no easy feat finding a charcoal grey dress that either isn’t a sweater dress or isn’t a BAJILLION dollars. But find it I did, and I’m loving all of these colors together. Yellow and grey complement each other really well, and the green is a little bit of an unexpected twist, in the best way. Everything below, except for the wedding gown, comes in at under $100 … but even the gown is under $500!
Get Inspired Charcoal Grey, Kelly Green and a Pop of Yellow

Top Row, From left: Aquarelle Wedding Invitations, $2.34 each from Minted  || Big Top Circle Garlands, $20 for 12 from Minted || See the Starlight Lamp, $44.99 from ModCloth || Yellow 14-inch Honeycomb Paper Flower, $2.35 from Luna Bazaar || Rustic Charm Wedding Invitations, $2.34 each from Minted

Middle Row, from left: Kate Dress, $50 to rent from Little Borrowed Dress || Amy Dress by Susana Monaco, $77 (50% off) at ShopBop || Peau De Soie Dress, $450 from Dessy || Without Further Ado Green Maxi Dress, $52 from Lulu’s || Yale Fit and Flare Dress by BB Dakota, $93 from ShopBop

Bottom Row, from left: Cotton Voile Table Runner and Chair Sash, $19.95 from Luna Bazaar || Anywhere You Bow Flat, $34.99 from ModCloth || Sizzling Steps Heel, $64,99 from ModCloth || Country Charm Bridal Bouquet, $60 from Bloominous || Chamberlain Check Butterfly Bow Tie, $20 from

  • 3/25

    little borrowed dress

    GUYS. You know that whole “pick a bridesmaid dress that’s affordable and she’ll wear more than once, even though she probs really won’t, and fits in with the vision of your big day” conundrum? It’s a bitch, isn’t it?

    Welp, flip that bitch the bird and say heeellloooooooo to Little Borrowed Dress.

    With 18 dress colors to choose from, 12 rockin’ styles that will suit pretty much any wedding theme/scheme/vision and price tags starting at $50 (!!!!!), there’s no lack of love for this new company. And since the dresses are rentals, your lovely ladies don’t have to worry about having a dress that, while it reminds them of the amazing memories of your big day, takes up space and sucked their wallets dry.

    How’s it work, you ask? Well, darling, pay attention:

    1. Head on over to Little Borrowed Dress.

    2. Scope out the dresses and colors.

    3. Order some swatches (because you want to be sure about the color … and they’re FREEEEEEEE!!!).

    4. Make your pick.

    5. Tell your bridesmaids.

    6. The ladies order their size (and receive a backup size … just in case).

    7. Place your order (three months in advance is ideal).


    9. Return the dresses.

    Are you seeing that this doesn’t even need 10 steps??? Because it’s that good?

    So, get that cute bridal booty on over to LBD and save you and your buds a helluva headache!

  • 2/22

    "I wanted it to be pretty, in my colors, and something you could wear again!" You've heard these words. Maybe you've even said them yourself. And while anyone who has ever said these words has uttered them with the best of intentions, the odds of a bridesmaid finding another occasion upon which to wear a floor length brown chiffon dress with a yellow sash are…

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