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I decided to collaborate with my Groom for this post because why not?! He’s involved in this process too. So here are the top 10 things we’re most looking forward to on our wedding day:

Megan’s List:

  1.  Being married.

    It kinda already feels like we ARE married. We live together, we plan finances together … but I’ve heard that there is a shift. Also, there will be a huge weight off my shoulders/brain because we won’t be planning a huge event. A little less #MEGANZILLA? Time will tell.

  2. Hearing Timo’s vows and saying my own.

    … those vows that I haven’t yet written …

  3. Our first dance.

    We’ve been going to dance lessons and everyone better be super impressed with us. I really love the song we’ve picked out and I’ve only told a few people what it is.

  4. Having our families together.

    Timo’s family is coming from Germany and my family is coming from North Carolina and despite potential language barriers, I think it will fun getting to hang out with everyone.

  5. Wearing my dress.

    My dress is the one surprise for most people, but most importantly, to Timo. I’ve shown a few people photos of my dress, but it looks most awesome in person.


Timo’s List:

  1. Seeing my wife in her dress for the first time.

    No explanation needed here. 🙂

  2. Taking beautiful pictures to keep the memories on that day alive.

  3. Having a good time with family and friends.

    I haven’t seen many of them since our last visit to Germany in June 2016.

  4. Not having to think about the wedding anymore and all the planning involved.

  5. Finally, fully being the [MegMo] family, because I love our family. <3

    (Timo actually wrote his last name, but internet security is a thing, so I took some editing liberties … #sorrynotsorry)


When I was drafting this post, I didn’t discuss my list with Timo and he didn’t discuss his list with me. He just emailed me his five  things.
I’ll admit that I giggled several times reading his list because 1) we had very similar answers, 2) He called me the “w” word, 3) Timo had such good answers!


  • 6/17

    Love Heart Made With Hands At Sunset_

    Hey brides!

    I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks with everything BUT wedding planning. So, instead I’m gonna hit you up with a terrible listicle. Mmm’Kay?

    Five reasons why planning a wedding is awesome/terrible:

    1. You get to go through all your lists of friends and family and choose which ones you like the most! THEN halve that number and play the game I affectionately call “trying not to upset people by not inviting them to your wedding, even though you’d like to, because it’s so freakin’ expensive.” It’s not catchy, but it works.

    2. You get to go dress shopping, with loads of awesome women and THEN when you find dresses you like, they get to judge you! Amazing.

    3. You get to eat and drink loads of good food and wine, all in the name of ensuring your guests are well fed and watered. This is seriously awesome, and seriously dangerous for your waistline. Nibble and sip, my friends, nibble and sip. Not to mention the possibility that as a couple, we might be so busy saying hi to everyone that we might not even get to eat that food we’re paying for.

    4. You are allowed to become totally obsessed with Pinterest. Enjoy it. It’ll soon be over, and staring at photo after photo of gowns and hairstyles will suddenly be seen for the truly anti-social behaviour that it is.

    5. You get to buy new jewellery — including a fabulous new ring that you can definitely splash out on because, like, you are totally gonna wear it for the rest of your life. Jewellery (*ahem*) rocks.

    That’s all folks!

    Am Dram Bride out.

    Emma Watkins