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Need Some Bride-spiration? Check Out These Wedding Shows

Brides planning their own wedding often get inspiration from wedding-related shows and movies. You can check out a number of different wedding shows in order to learn some helpful tips, gain some insight into the industry, and even help decide your own theme, dress style, color scheme, and other wedding choices. There are 5 main wedding shows to watch that will inspire your dream day.

{Eds. Note: We think you’re perfect the way you are, and no one should feel the need to lose weight or get any other extreme work done for their wedding day. However, should you choose to do so, please consult your physician and ensure you take a healthy, happy path toward your goal.}

Shedding for the Wedding

Getting into shape before the big day is a goal of many brides. If you want some inspiration, you can watch Shedding for the Wedding. Real-life couples participate on the show, as it is a reality competition. Nine couples compete to win the wedding of their dreams. The couple who loses the least amount of weight each week is eliminated from the show. While the show was previously canceled, you can watch reruns when they air on Directv in PA and pretty much any other state.

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

TLC is a popular channel for wedding shows. You can catch up on shows like “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” as long as you have TLC in your DirectTV package. Watching On Demand is a popular option for new episodes. This show features brides within the Gypsy community and details how they are going to include their tradition and culture into their weddings.

Say Yes to the Dress

Also on TLC is the show, “Say Yes to the Dress.” This is an excellent show for any bride trying to find the right wedding dress style for them. Women on the show come to the shop with their mothers, grandmothers, sisters and bridesmaids in tow in order to try on some of their dream dresses. Some they love, and some they hate, but it just takes one they can’t live without for them to say yes to the dress. You can find some inspiration for your own wedding dress by watching the show and possibly even find some bridesmaid dress options as well. The show typically ends with a sneak peak of the bride’s wedding, showing them wearing the final dress they chose. It is so popular that there are also now spin-offs of the show, including a Plus-Size addition, and “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta.”


You can find out what not to do by watching “Bridezillas.” This show features some of the worst brides in history. It is a docu-series that follows women through their wedding planning process. Many will stop at nothing to have their day turn out to be exactly what they want. The show sometimes plays reruns on WE tv, which is available through Direct.


The E!Network took a look into brides who wanted to go all out to achieve their dream wedding look. This included them getting plastic surgery in order to reach their goals. You can watch the reality show to see what types of surgeries the brides were wanting most, and which bride won the final prize of earning her dream wedding.

As a bride, you want to do as much research as possible in order to help you decide which things you truly want to include on your special day. You also need to consider which items or traditions are simply not for you. While you can read through magazines or search online, watching these wedding shows on TV where actual couples are featured is a great way to help you better come to some of your own conclusions about your wedding desires.

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    Jane B. Writes Disclaimer

    Real Wedding - rings 50Peach

    Credit: Lee Patterson

    A lot of couples take the traditional vows to love each other “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.” But most couples are so lovesick at the moment they make that promise that they can’t really ever imagine their lives being any worse, either as a result of illness or marital discord.

    Without thinking through that possibility, some people are unprepared for how to handle it and they just run for the exit. If you want to be the couple that beats the odds and makes it in the long run, you will need to prepare yourself for how to handle the worst that can happen.


    The possibility of any kind of addiction — whether it be drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling or something else — might seem like it could never happen. But it can happen to anyone.

    For example, your spouse might become seriously injured and then develop a dependence on the pain medication that was prescribed. Or your spouse might sink into a deep depression and turn to drugs or other substances to numb the pain.

    A shared tragedy could have both of you falling prey to addiction. Couples in recovery face even more challenges. You need to both get proper treatment and have a strong support system to help see you through.


    Chronic illness can turn your lives upside down. The illness might lead to job loss, impaired mobility, chronic pain, or other health problems. You might struggle financially, and your routine together might be turned around.

    How you deal with chronic illness will depend upon the nature of the illness. For example, with chronic pain, you might need to get ongoing physical therapy and the proper medication regime. However, for mobility issues, you might have to completely upfit your home to make it more accessible.

    Whatever the illness, you will want to have a strong support network in place. You will also need to get therapy both individually and as a couple to help you work through your feelings and to develop coping strategies to make it through.

    Financial Troubles

    Financial problems top the list of reasons why couples get divorced. Maybe one of you lost a job and the other had to pick up the slack, or maybe one of you is not good with money and racked up a lot of credit. Financial problems can cause a lot of strain on you as an individual and on you both as a couple.

    The first thing you will need to do is work out a budget with each other and stick to it. You should also meet with a financial adviser to determine a plan for tackling your debt or otherwise getting back on track. If one of you has money management problems, the financial adviser can provide needed education or resources.

    If the problem is that one of you is without work or is underemployed, seek out job counseling or get extra training. You may also want to consider a short-term loan to get you through the hard times.

    Many other unexpected issues might come up that can put a strain on your marriage. The key to making it through is tackling the problem as a couple and getting the help you need. That may mean reaching out to friends and family for support, or it may mean taking advantage of the professional resources that are available to you. Above all, you need to remember that the hard times won’t last and you need to hang on to the love you have for each other.