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Affiliate Disclaimer NewIt’s that time of year again! Gift guides are back! From now until the holidays, we’ll be rounding up some of our favorite gift ideas, mostly in broke-ass budget range (but with one or two splurges thrown in). Whether you’re shopping for your best gal, your favorite dude, your family or yourself, you’re going to find some stellar ideas for everyone on your shopping list. This week Ryan’s bringing you a little something for the guys.

‘Tis the season for list-making and gift-giving. We’re dashing through our lists with some of our top favorites of the year. Stumped on what to add to your list? Check out this Ultimate Gentleman’s Gift Guide for some serious inspirations.

The Broke-Ass Bride's 2016 Gift Guide The Ultimate Gentleman

Top row, left to right:

Drink up, in a delightfully macabre way.
Skull Decanter, $33.08 from Etsy seller JayEngrave

Pineapples are still having a moment.
Pineapple Jam Pocket Square, $15 from The Tie Bar

Art + Science = Perfect home decor.
Atmosphere Print by We Are Brainstorm, $45 from Upstate MN

Middle row, l to r:

It’s a knife! It’s a corkscrew! It’s a lifesaver for all situations!
No. 10 Knife and Corkscrew by Opinel, $32 from Upstate MN

There’s no better way to start your day with a classy AF cup of French Press coffee.
White Ceramic French Press, $75 from J. Crew

Bottom row, l to r:

A burgundy tie for each holiday party!
Basic Burgundy Gift Set, $39 from The Tie Bar

For the artiste, the doodling game just leveled up with a 3D doodler.
3D Doodler, $69.99 from Michaels

For the music lover and collector of vinyl who has a knack for tech.
EP-33 Bluetooth Turntable with Speakers, $169 from Urban Outfitters

Anything you think we need to our lists this year? Let us know in the comments below or on Instagram @thebrokeassbride.

  • 9/11

    Affiliate Disclaimer New

    Happy Friday, BABs! You know how much we love a solid wedding dress around here, and while we’re still on the fence about rompers (though they look super cute on some) we are definitely on board with wedding pants options. After digging through the archives and realizing we, um, haven’t really covered wedding pants, I figured it was high time we had a Five for Friday dedicated to the sophisticated, sleek and super chic option for your nuptials. Not everyone is a dress person — hell, I’m barely a dress person, but man do I love wedding dresses — and there are some amazingly stunning pants options out there for those ladies.

    Black Halo Jackie Jumpsuit

    Black Halo Jackie Jumpsuit, $390 from ShopBop
    J Crew Lace Pants
    Floral Lace Pant, $450 from J. Crewbhldn-aurore-jumpsuit
    Aurore Jumpsuit, $300 from BHLDNdessy-marlowe-tuxedo
    Marlowe Tuxedo Jacket, $275 and Marlowe Tuxedo Pant, $125 from DessyBHLDN Lola JumpsuiteLola Jumpsit, $220 from BHLDN

    Would you opt for pants on your wedding day? Or are you a die-hard dress person? Tell us in the comments below!

  • 9/1

    Suit shopping is hard — take it from someone who shops A LOT. Let's just get rid of the suits for work and wear T-shirts and jeans forever, #amirite? Well, certain occasions call for a fancy suit and a wedding is one of them. Whether your a groom, a groomsman or just need an inexpensive suit, the list below is just for you. Pick your…

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    Hello my lovely BABs! Are there any Bostonians out there? I don't know whether to be thankful the midwest hasn't seen THAT much snow, or jelly because of how much fun yous guys are having. I mean, snow tunnels to get to work?! Sledding off roofs? C'mon, can it be that bad? OK, I know snow sucks but at least you're having fun with it,…

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    Hello my BAB's! BHLDN strikes for a 3rd time since I started writing this column. Don't worry, though, in this case 3 strikes doesn't mean you're out. We love you too much here! I am not surprised one bit either. They always have a super stunning collection of gowns from some totally amazing designers. This week we're helping Katie get over a WTOO by Watters…

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    What up, BABs?! This week we are helping yet another lovely, bride-to-be, Lauren find the perfect dress. Yay! Something about Amsale's "Harbor" dress spoke to her and she has fallen in love. The almost $5,000 price tag, however, is NOT so lovable. I fell in love with Amsale myself a few years ago when I watched an episode of "Brothers & Sisters" where Rachel Griffiths'…

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    Hello, BAB's! How y'all doin'? This week we're helping KAYlin get over BHLDN's KAYleigh (I had to).  When I first saw the dress I was like, "Grecian Goddess." I know it's been a while with all the amazing requests coming in, so I hope you're out there, girl. Kayleigh wrote in saying:  "Help me BABs, you're my only hope! I fell in love with the…

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    I asked, you answered and here you go! I put out a Facebook call the other day to see which deal categories would get you stoked on this Fourth of July Ten for the Weekend, and home decor was the answer! So I found a nice balance between home and fashion, so both you and your abode can look like your hottest selves without breaking the bank!…

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    It's that time again, dolls! I've scoured the far reaches of the Interwebz for deals and discounts to help you shop a little easier this weekend. Me? Oh, I'm going to relax with some watermelon juice and hopefully a pool. xoxo! I don't know about you, but having fancy stationery always makes me want to actually want to send letters so I can show it off. Paper…

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