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One of the things I notice about wedding planning is the amazing accrual of stuff — from planners to printouts to swatches, you have stuff that you’re toting around to various meetings, fittings and brunch with the ladies. It would certainly be nice to have a place designated just for wedding stuff, because everything should have a place, right?

Etsy seller Digital Printsess makes sturdy, tough (go on, put it in the wash) and super cute tote bags that can get the job done. And she designed one for a little show you might have heard of … “The Bachelorette.” Digital Printsess‘ bags appeared in Ashley Herbert and JP Rosenbaum’s wedding special.



Aside from making these super awesome and customizable totes — I can totally see carrying this one while honeymooning on the beach — Digital Printsess also creates beautiful save the dates and invitations. Oh, and she’s totally Broke-Ass friendly: the totes start at $20 (bridesmaid gift, anyone?) and her save the dates and invites start at $15 for the digital file.

digital printsess.jpg

And now to the good stuff: You can score a Digital Printsess tote of your own which can be customized with your own info!

As per usual, completing each task below earns you one entry — you must click on the green box saying “I completed.” Open to US residents only (sorry darling!) Good luck!

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  • 6/5

    And so it is time. Time to stop avoiding the inevitable and start putting people’s names into a spreadsheet.

    *dum dum DUUUUM*

    I had been dreading this from the moment that ring slipped onto my freezing finger (see first post), and valiantly tried to ignore it for as long as possible. But now we are looking at caterers, and the thing that caterers need is numbers and for that we needed to decide just who is coming to this thing.

    guest list

    Wader via Flickr Creative Commons

    Naïve as it sounds, I honestly hadn’t considered how random my parents’ interjections to this process would be. Take my dad, who told me over a glass of wine that “you can invite whoever you want … but I would request you invite my best man.”

    I haven’t seen his best man in 25 years, and we wouldn’t be able to pick each other out of a lineup. But we *think* he’s my godfather (which just goes to show how important that turned out to be for all of us) and so he needs an invite.

    Next mum …

    “Oh yes, it’s your day and it’s entirely up to you. Except for my Aunty Glad. She has to come to the service, which means that you’ll need another spot for my cousin Caroline who’ll be driving her.”


    Don’t get me wrong, these are all lovely people, but when you’re thinking of spending £50+ per guest you want them to be close to you in some way shape or form.

    At first I was indignant, a most unflattering colour on me. I ranted to Mike”

    “Who ARE these people, and why do they deserve a seat at MY wedding?”

    I briefly became, heaven forfend, a bridezilla.

    But after a while, once the surprise subsided, I realised that a huge part of this day for my parents is showing off their daughter to the world. Proudly saying “we raised her” in front of people that have mattered to them. So it is only decent to grant them some say on who will be there, since ultimately they were the ones who got me this far.

    The same undoubtably goes for Mike’s family, and so we will be showing them both a first draft of The List before anything is finalised. And we may need to bite our tongues at times because family is tricky, but ultimately it’ll be worth it. A big part of getting married is the fact that we will be joining each others’ families permanently, which is probably more important than me having gotten hammered (translation: drunk) with everyone in the room at some point before. Although not nearly as fun 😉

    Amdrambride – out

    Emma Watkins
  • 5/19

    I am admittedly not the craftiest beaver on the block; and it's true, many a craft has beaten my ass to the ground and screamed in my face "Martha Schmartha, yo!" But that doesn't, for some reason probably linked to estrogen and my passion for all things glittered, squelch my lofty craft ambitions and attempts at greatness. Or, more accurately, attempts at not-complete-failure. I used to be…

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    People are so darn busy lately that save the dates are becoming necessary to remind them that yes, they do have plans the third week of August, and not only do they have plans, but they have GREAT plans. A beautiful, vibrant save the date makes people excited about your wedding every time they see it, and there's no better place to get custom save…

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    If you've rolled with me long enough, you know that around here, the true spirit of Broke-Ass is not just about spending smarter, but also stepping outside the box to and let your light shine in ways that are creatively and uniquely you (and maybe even be greener in the process). Who doesn't love a unique wedding? Well, this video, submitted by readers Juliana and…

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