Broke-Ass Tag: Honeymoon Packing List


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It’s no wonder these distant islands are a popular trip destination; it’s always beautiful, the climate is fairly temperate year round, and there’s TONS to do! When you’re packing for your Hawaii honeymoon, be sure to consider all the activities you’ll be doing. Bring appropriate footwear, outerwear, and swimwear. And as always, I recommend bringing at least one outfit that’s dressy enough for a nice dinner. Here’s what I’d put in my suitcase:

Swim Trunks
Swim Trunks, $25 from Old Navy

Swim trunks, of course, are a necessity in Hawaii. Whether stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling or just lounging on the beach, they’re a near-daily must-have.

L L Bean Hiking Shoes
Hiking shoes, $65 from L.L. Bean

Regardless of the island you jet off to, some solid, ventilated hiking shoes are a must — some of the very best views of the Emerald Isle can only be glimpsed after a hearty trek.

Old Navy Flip Flops
Sandals, $20 from Old Navy

Does this really need to be said? No one likes sand in their shoes and flip-flops are synonymous with island life.

Banana Republic Sunglasses
Sunglasses, $98 from Banana Republic

Don’t burn those peepers! These bad boys are stylish and functional, so a totes win-win.

J Crew Panama Hat
Panama Hat, $58 from J. Crew

Sure, you want to soak up a tan, but be careful! Protect that handsome mug with a dapper Panama hat that can easily transition from the beach during the day to a nice candlelit meal.

Dessy Seersucker Blazer
Casual Blazer, $159 from Dessy

Unless you’re going 100% rugged and off the grid, chances are you’ll find yourself dining at a chic restaurant or two while on your honeymoon. A casual yet smart blazer will help you pull it all together.

Gap Drawstring Shorts
Drawstring Shorts, $40 from GAP

One may have the tendency to over-indulge on their honeymoon. Drawstring shorts still look sharp while providing a little extra wiggle room for that food baby.

Old Navy Backpack
Backpack, $37 from Old Navy

Perfect for day trips and works great as a carry-on.

G Shock Sport Watch
Waterproof Watch, $99 from Nordstrom

Make sure you don’t miss your zip-lining experience or those dinner ressies because you’re too engrossed in snorkeling with turtles. This waterproof watch will keep you punctual while still looking good.

These essentials should help you get through nearly any adventure your Hawaiian honeymoon could throw at you!

Where are you headed for post-nuptial bliss? Need help packing? Holler at us in the comments!