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Reba and Andy Wedding

Credit: Alison Yin

Dear Liz,

I am planning an outdoor wedding in April. What do I need to have lined up for a plan B in case of rain?



Dear Bowed,

I’ve had to deal with this more than a couple of times, and tents usually are the best thing, if there is no indoor space to retreat to. You can also get a bunch of umbrellas for people, and hand them out at the beginning of the ceremony. It will look like this pic to the left, but you know, in your colors.

I made a Rainy Day Wedding Pinterest board, which also has a couple of articles in there about how to plan for, and get through the day, and still have fun. Keep the ceremony short, scoop out the area beforehand to see if there are any outdoor shelters you can set the ceremony near or around, and interestingly, place chairs under trees, which will help if the rainfall is light. Hmm.

Dear Liz,

I am asking for some advice with inspiration. My fiance and I are getting married in September 2013. Ours  is a cross-genre theme, I’m favoring old Hollywood, and he likes the Mobster appeal. We have most of our ideas down-pat, but our venue is going to be outdoors at my dad and step-mom’s home in the country. What ideas could I incorporate to bring that glitzy, glam, but fun side into the reception venue? I really like the idea of using feathers as centerpieces, but I haven’t found any that are affordable. BAB doesn’t even begin to cover how small our budget is. Right now, we’ve only been able to spare about $5000 for everything since my parents are giving us the venue and food.


Bling dreams

Dear Bling,

You know, since you’ve already have your venue and your food, you’re not doing too bad! So, say you’ve got 100 guests, so that’s 10 tables, right? I also put together a Pinterest board for this, too (because I’m obsessed), Hollywood Glitz on a Budget. You could do something as simple as round bowls with fake pearls and diamonds in them, and surround the tables with candles. Lots and lots of candles. Feathers aren’t as expensive as you think, especially if you don’t use too many of them. Keep the decorations to less than $50 a table, and you should be fine. Once you’ve got the tables figured out, see how much string lights across the lawn will run you. Make it a treasure hunt and have fun with it. If you can keep the whole thing around $1,000, you’ll have room for stuff like rentals, a DJ, your wedding dress, stuff like that.

So, how are you planning on bling-ing it up on a budget?And is a potentially rainy day getting you down? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

See you at the end of the aisle,

  • 4/19

    Melissa wrote in to The Broke-Ass Bride for some help with her Hollywood Glam Wedding.  Here’s what’s up with Ms. Mel…

    ‘I just got engaged ! I’m new to your site, but your CAI/GOI is a freakin’ godsend!  I am usually pretty budget savvy  and I’m coming in under budget for everything… Except the dress! I fell in LOVE with a Reem Acra dress and it’s WAY more than I’d ever dream of spending. 

    Whilst perusing the internet for a different dress, at a better price, I found another one I liked (Angel Sanchez) but it too was almost $5k!!!! UGH!! I can’t seem to find a dress that isn’t literally half of my intended budget.

    I’d like my overall budget for the dress to be $1000 with alterations etc.  I’m guessing sticker price, from reading your blog, should be about $800 or less?  The overall feeling I want is beautiful/sexy/classy like an old Hollywood red carpet event.  The kind of dress that, with a veil and some flowers, looks bridal but without, looks like something you might see at the Oscars.  Chapel length train or less and I love sparkle!  In the buildin’ and I’m stunning myself,


    Alrighty, Ms. Melissa, here’s the skinny on your {Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} request….you gotta look for Evening, Prom & Pageant dresses!  I went on the hunt and I gotta say, you really are gonna be stunned when you see all the sparkly old Hollywood glam I got!  So, as they say in show business, “Let’s get this show on the road!”

    Can’t Afford It

    Reem Acra 


    Get Over It

    Open Back Beaded White Gown

    Cache $238.00

    Faviana style 6711

    edressme $398.00

    Aidan Mattox Beaded Gown

    Bloomingdale’s $475.00

    Aidan Mattox Gown- Illusion Tulle

    Bloomingdale’s $420.00

    Nicole Miller- Stretch Sequin Halter Gown

    Bloomingdale’s $650.00

    GiGi by La Femm #17428

    edressme $490.00

    Aidan Mattox- Mermaid Sequin

    edressme $495.00

    Aidan Mattox- Deep V Beaded Gown

    edressme $495.00

    Adrianna Pappell- Sequin Evening Dress

    edressme $278.00

    Unique Vintage

    Champagne Beaded Deep V Low Back $798.00

    There you go, Ms. Melissa!  The shutter bugs will be swarming!  You’ll be the picture of old Hollywood glamour in your wedding gown!  I surely hope some of these gowns meet your starlet expectations.  If so, don’t just sit on the casting couch – snag your dream dress ASAP.

    Ciao, bella!