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Y’all, I love helping people out. That’s part of the reason why I love working at BAB. So when my girl Becca sent out a Facebook plea for help in finding shoes to go with this dress in Ocean Blue that she’s wearing as a bridesmaid for a wedding, I was all over it. Because: Duh. I could help her and I had a great mission for my Five for Friday! The Rules: Must be able to walk on both grass and pavement (though if needed, Solemates are the perfect accompaniment for heels in grass), under $40, open-toed and low-heeled. Challenge: Accepted!

Memoir Readings Flat – $29.99
 from ModCloth

City Classified Ashley Black Strappy Peep Toe Wedge Sandals – $26.00

New Look Quota Black Mid-Heeled Sandals by Asos

New Look Quota Black Mid-Heeled Sandals – $38.09 from Asos

Anywhere You Rome Sandal in Black – $14.99
 from ModCloth
Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.18.23 PMFrench Connection “Neola” Pump, On sale – $42.97 (original price: $109.95) at Nordstrom

Now these are veeery slightly out of budget, but considering the non-sale price, a great get. A classic shape and style, but with a slight twist and one that translates well for most outfits/occasions, so the ROI is awesome.


I just love these, and I can’t keep it to myself:

A Day in Your Shoes Flat in Noir – $34.99 from ModCloth

Girl, I hope I helped. Regardless I wanna know what you picked, mmmkay?

Which would you choose, BABs?

  • 3/27

    I’m squealing with excitement over this week’s Can’t Afford It/Get Over It!  We are delving into the wide and wonderful world of shoes!  And I have to admit, here and now, that I have a shoe addiction!  I am a SHOE-A-Holic and I have no desire to change any time soon!  And it looks like BAB reader, Jenn, will be in attendance of my Shoe Worship meetings!  Here’s what Jenn wrote in to tell us:


    I love your website! I’m dying to know if you have seen any shoes that compare to these Louboutin Shoes, but on a broke-ass bride budget. I believe the regular price for these is almost $2000!!


    Ok, Jenn!  Here’s the skinny on these beauties!  I don’t believe they were ever on the market for us poor shoe-a-holics. The one, and only, time I have ever seen them is on Christina Aguilera’s feet!  I’m certain that they were custom made for the movie set of “Burlesque” and the lucky lady, Christina, got to keep ’em!

    You did write in to the correct place!  Being a Broke-Ass Bride and a shoe addict myself, I am in the same boat!  In over my head, head over HEELS, total, stupid, gross, adoration & awe of Christian Louboutin! You love the Burlesque shoe and I love the Gino T-Bar Beige!

    So I set out to find my shoes, even knock offs would do!  As long as I got the look, I would be happy.  So I found this website that claimed to be an outlet for Louboutin.  I found my shoes and I dished out $135.00 for them.  I waited a month with no shoes.  I e-mailed them requesting the status of my order and informing them that they were my wedding shoes, only to find that they had lost my order!

    So, I forwarded them my order confirmation.  They e-mailed me back to tell me that they had found my order and it was in the mail.  I got the shoes on my Birthday!  I was so excited!  I tore them open only to be hit with the horribly offending odor of paint & plastic! They were so wrong!  So, so, so very wrong!  They didn’t fit correctly, the souls were scuffed, the patented leather (if it was leather) was damaged at the heel and toe.  The inner-soul wasn’t cut down to the size of the shoe and there were frayed ends where the stitches were.  I was so incredibly disappointed!

    But, hey, you get what you pay for.  Right?  Wait a minute….

    I payed freakin’ $135.00 for those knock offs!  The least they could do was make them wearable!  So here I am re-canting my tale in poor Jenn’s CAI/GOI.  Ladies and fellow shoe addicts, please don’t buy from the !  If you have to have those red soles, scrimp and save your pennies and please go to the Official Christian Louboutin website.   You can search the web for used red souls  but please, Buyer, be ware! Or you can make your very own Faux-Boutins!

    Now that I’ve said my peace, let’s get on with the show!  Jenn can’t get over her Burlesque Louboutin Dream Shoes!  I have some solutions that don’t involve any outlets claiming to be Christian Louboutin!  So….

    Can’t Afford It?

    Christian Louboutin Burlesque $2,000.00

    They don’t list them on the web site

    Get Over It!   $250.00

    seller: EclecticOrnaments $129.00

    seller: emma999

    Nina Sadi Ivory $129.00

    Madden Girl Oyzter Glitter Pump $29.94

    Lulu Townsend Ivy Pump $54.95

    Chinese Laundry $69.95

    Badgley Mischka “Stella” $66.99

    G by GUESS Krizzie Pump $39.95

    Joan & David Cutie 2 $197.99

    Touch Ups “Bobbie” $55.99

    rsvp “Lovely” $32.70

    Nina “Evadne” Ivory $31.99

    Ok, I know that a bunch of these look-a-likes don’t quite look like the Burlesque Pump but I have a few tricks up my sleeve!  I’m a B.A.B. Certified Savings Ninja, remember?!  So, here’s what you do, Jenn.  You purchase your shoe of choice from those listed above or from your own find and you CUSTOMIZE them to your Louboutin prefrences! You can paint the soles  You can add a pouf-tacular shoe clip! And/or you can have them be-dazzled, Be-jeweled, and totally blinged out!

     Being your trusty Certified Savings Ninja, I’m gonna tell you how to do it!  If you wanna faux red sole, you need to buy a sample gloss paint from a hardware store or paint store.  They are usually no more than 5 or 6 bucks, sometimes less depending on the quality of the paint. You’ll have to tape off and seal your new, soon to be, Faux-boutins so that the upper of the shoe doesn’t get damaged or stained in the painting process.  Once, you have protected your bridal shoes, paint on at least 2 or 3 layers to get the right coverage and hue.  A can of spray gloss sealant would be wise.  When they are dry, unwrap and un-tape ’em.

    So you have your red souls on your new shoes but you opted for one of the peep toes above that doesn’t have any poof. Don’t fret! is your saving grace!  Choose any of the shoe clips below to enhance any of the shoes above!

    Get Over It!

    Shoe Clips

    Lace Peacock Ivory $ 42.00

    Seller: misunbridal

    BIG Organza Flower Shoe Clips $38.00

    seller: finkshop

    Light Gold Leather Flower Cluster Shoe Clip $26.00

    Seller: finkshop

    Haley Shoe Clip $35.00

    Seller: hunlovegee

    3 Piece set $ 25.99

    Seller: angelina28

    Pink Champagne Flower $17.00

    Seller: FlyingPigCreations

    French Fashion Inspired $38.00

    Seller: sofisticata

    Ivory, White, or Champagne Flower with Feather $55.00

    Seller: ClarkandDiversey

    I hope against hope that this post helped you, Jenn!  It’s been a long journey through Louboutin Land but I hope this GAI/GOI helped you in your search for your “Burlesque” look-a-likes!  Best wishes, Jenn!  All this excitement and shoe adoration has me feeling faint!  I’m gonna go lie down and dream of gorgeous shoes…..

  • 11/12

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